textures...never used them

Ok, I’m doing a comic page right now but I REALLY liked how this came out so I’m showing it before finishing XD. I mean, somehow I don’t wanna color it cuz I think it’s good ??!?!?!?!!! So yeah, lol, have this Maid Blueberry,  haha


Quiero decirte que
Nunca te olvidaré
Aunque no puedas volver
No es facíl para mí
Vivir sin ti


The Wicked + The Divine challenge [4 + 5/30] - Favorite cover A + favorite cover B

Rising Action trade (which totally counts) + Issue 21

To be honest I know every game has those special items that you hold on to and you save and you only use them when the situation really really really calls for it.

But nothing beats the Master Ball. 

Because you never fucking use the Master Ball. Not even for the Legendaries its meant for. 

You just fucking chuck like 20 Ultra Balls, and 10 Timer Balls at the thing and if that fails you soft reset until you catch it anD YOUR MASTER BALL JUST SITS THERE UNUSED FOR YET ANOTHER GAME.

we just met some of my cousins from my dad’s side and i’ve known of them for a long time because of facebook but we never officially met until now and that’s so strange to me considering how close we are to everyone from my mom’s side and how we barely know anyone from my dad’s