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Sooo I completely strongly headcanon suga being someone who is super fucking dominant (pun intended lol) in the bedroom. So can I get a scenario where the reader is basically being tied up and there's a lot of kinks in play LOL like light choking, denial, stuff like that to make it extra extra saucy 😬

Daaaaa-um. Lol, I am one hundred percent with you, Anon. Suga has a side to him that is in total control at all times.

Hope that you enjoy!

The smile that tugged at Sugawara’s lips pressed against the skin of their neck, his body looming over their own. He could feel the way they twisted and squirmed beneath him, searching for any part of him to touch. He knew their reactions, knew how their need to feel contact grew with each passing second. And it made his smile grow wider as he pulled away to witness their arms tugging at the restraints at their wrists.

“Oh, and what do you want, baby?” Suga cooed, his fingers rising to trail lightly over their neck, eyes intently watching the tendons work around a swallow. He fought the urge to enter them in that very instant, cock aching for the friction they offered.

“Ring… rings,” they breathed, their eyes closed tightly as they dropped their head back, exposing more of their neck.

“Ah,” he couldn’t help the small huff of a laugh. It didn’t take long to pull on the cock ring they requested, the rubber textured band squeezing tight at his hardened length. There was no stopping the groan that pulled from his throat, mouth finding their nipple, tongue lapping over it.

“Koushi, Koushi, please–ah!”

Warmth filled his entire being as he pressed inside them, hips thrusting forward without pause and hand circling around their throat, giving the faintest of pressure. The string of noises that came from them sent wave after wave of pleasure crashing over Suga, his breath coming quickly as his face pressed into their shoulder.

“I need– I–”

His teeth captured the lobe of their ear a small growl coming forth, his hips pressing harder against their own. “You cum when you’re told.”

Their body tightened instantly, their breath catching in their throat and they tugged at their restraints. Suga groaned, his hand moving away from their neck to dip into their hair and pull. His head buzzed and he tried to stay in control as the pattern of his hips feel out of rhythm.

“With me, baby, cum with me.”


Download (file size: 2.82MBs)

I had to put my other projects on pause for the night to put this together. It’s DeeDee’s 3t2 conversion of Anubis’ ‘Dawn Allure’ made full-body with Doc Martens, converted to TF + EF (texture referenced as always), & recolored 8 times.

Credit & Info:
@deedee-sims, @sunnyanubis, & gothplague for the meshes
@serabiet for the boots texture, ea/maxis for the tights texture
@poppet-sims for the colors
please inform me of any errors
this download is for TS2 only


let’s go with the black, textured, shiny, tight, look at me aesthetic, I had way too many pics in my look book folder that could classify as his closet. I could only narrow it down to these.. 

Hux of course would think his style is way too gaudy, but denies that he thinks it’s appealing in anyway. 

as you can see G-dragon’s vogue/elle photoshoot is a big inspiration. 

What makes my style unique? I think having a “trademark” style is very difficult these days because so many artists come before us and so much has been done before we ever picked up a tool to create for ourselves. So, I just try to stay true to myself and my put my own spin on things. I’d like to think my personality and point of view come through in the images I create. Sometimes playful, sometimes serious and sometimes somewhere in-between. I think putting your whole self into something is the only way to truly make it your own.

- Emily Blincoe

Amber was your typical rich girl. Well…almost typical. Her parents paid her no attention, so she made a game out of being the worst child she could possibly be. So far, her biggest accomplishment was getting kicked out of Shemale Academy.

Raping someone there usually isn’t that big of a deal, but when that person happens to be the dean herself, it’s considered quite the big deal. Amber resented that school anyway, so she was happy to learn that she was being sent to a Shemale School for delinquents. She figured the school would be filled with people like her.

People who didn’t care about the rules or what anyone else thought about them. People who went out of their way to piss off their superior. People who would fuck anytime, anywhere. Amber’s kind of people.

She wasn’t 100% wrong about the students. Some of them loved to do the same things she did. She could’ve been good friends with a lot of them. If it weren’t for the teachers.

The teachers prevented anyone or anything on campus from having even the slightest bit of fun. You weren’t aloud to do so much as breath unless you had permission. Worst of all, you couldn’t even have sex on campus unless you had a pass! What kind of awful school doesn’t allow their students to have sex?! Amber was good at sneaking into the bathroom and having a quick fuck between classes, but it wasn’t the same as riding someone on your teacher’s desk as the class watched. The whole place seemed like a prison. It wasn’t fair. Her parents paid her even less attention now that she was a failure. She had to make this place bearable somehow, or else she might just lose it. She had just finished her Masturbation Theory class, and was headed to Anal 101. Ms. Fiona, the teacher for Anal 101, was the worst in the school. She didn’t allow any talking, and could give you a detention just for looking at her the wrong way. Amber stopped by the bathroom on the way to get a quick blowjob. Hopefully that would take some stress off. She walked to the 2nd to last stall, took of her cock sock, and didn’t hesitate sticking her fat shaft through the hole in the wall. About three seconds after doing so, she felt the waiting lips of the stranger in the next stall touch her dick. They lingered on Amber’s head, until the stranger’s tongue slowly circled the tip, gently massaging it. “Come on!” Amber yelled while slamming her fist against the stall’s door. “I don’t have all day!” The stranger remained wordless, but picked up their pace. They took the whole cock in a quick gulp, then slid they’re lips up the shaft and then back down again. The stranger gagged on Amber’s massive dick, but didn’t slow down one bit. “Holy shit!” Amber blurted in disbelief. She’d never met someone who was so aggressive and so skilled. However, just as Amber started to feel an orgasm brewing, the bell rang. “God dammit I can’t be late!” She shouted. Amber quickly yanked her cock out of the stranger’s mouth and pulled her tiny panties up. She burst through the door, running down the hall while simultaneously putting her cock sock back on. She sprang into Ms. Fiona’s class. By some stroke of unbelievable luck, Ms. Fiona was late as well. Amber plopped down in her seat and sighed. That could have been ugly. Moments later, Ms. Fiona entered and the buzz of chatter amongst the students turned to a dead silence. Not even the worst of the worst dared to disobey her. “I apologize for my tardiness,” Ms. Fiona began. “Turn to page 238 in your textbooks, today we will be blah blah blah blah…” Amber didn’t bother listening to what Ms. Fiona had to say. She was still fantasizing about the blowjob she had just received, and how much of a shame it was that she wasn’t able to finish. Amber wished she’d had all the time in the world, so she could’ve experienced the entirety of the stranger’s incredible oral magic. She rubbed her cock in between her legs, thinking about the unfamiliar mouth stuffed with Amber’s hearty dick. She dreamt of having those lips all to herself once more, being about to do anything she wanted to do with that experienced stranger. Would that girl ever be back? What if she- “AMBER!” hollered Ms. Fiona. Amber’s eyes widened into terrified orbs. Her heart raced. “What’s the answer?” Ms. Fiona demanded. Amber stared blankly back at Ms. Fiona. “Um…what was the question again?” Ms. Fiona put her hands on her hips. “You’re pathetic, Amber. I want you to stay after class for lunch.” Amber’s heart sunk. She’d rather have lunch with Satan than have lunch with Ms. Fiona. After this painfully boring class, she had to spend 30 more agonizing minutes with Ms. Fiona! She stayed for lunch almost every week. It was always awful. Despite having just been in trouble for not paying attention, Amber tuned Ms. Fiona out for the rest of class. She sat at her desk, noticeably fuming, for the next 45 minutes. The bell rung and the rest of the class shuffled out the door, leaving Amber alone with the most feared teacher in the school. Ms. Fiona walked over the the door and shut it. Every click of her heels on the tile floor sent chills through Amber’s spine. Slowly, Ms. Fiona approached Amber, keeping deadly eye contact along the way. “Do you know why I had you stay during lunch?” “Uhm. N-no.” Amber muttered. However, she knew exactly why she was there. Once again, Ms. Fiona had caught her dazing off. “I’ve told you a thousand times.” Said Ms. Fiona, cracking a meter stick against her palm. The predatory glare she used against Amber was enough to make someone wet themselves. “Stand up.” Amber didn’t dare disobey the cold orders of her teacher, yet it still took every once of her will to stand up before Ms. Fiona. Amber was a good five inches shorter than her, which made her superior all the more threatening. “I’m sick of you daydreaming in my class.” Snapped Ms. Fiona, getting awfully close to Amber. “I feel like every class I have to wake you out of fantasyland back into the real world. You’re not a toddler. I shouldn’t have to do that sort of thing.” “I-I’m sorry, ma'am.” Amber spoke, looking at her feet. She hated this. She hated not being the rebellious, free spirited person she usually was. She felt like an idiot in front of Ms. Fiona. “Nonetheless, that isn’t why I made you stay late.” Amber looked up at Ms. Fiona, confused. “What? It’s not?” Ms. Fiona shook her head. “No, Amber I’ve made you stay for something different.” Amber was petrified. Absolutely positively stunned. Had Ms. Fiona seen her get a blowjob in the bathroom? Will she be kicked out again? She wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. “It’s about your little trip to the bathroom before class.” Amber’s stomach felt like it turned upside down and then exploded. She was done for. Amber didn’t know what to think. “You were in the bathroom? I could have sworn I was alone!” “No, you don’t understand.” Ms. Fiona looked at Amber intently, her gaze becoming less murderous and more intimate. “I was the person behind the stall door.” Amber’s jaw dropped. “That was……..the person in the………you sucked my cock?!” “Indeed.” Ms. Fiona replied. “I made you stay because I’ve never tasted a cock so sweet.” The compliment meant nothing to Amber, who was still marveling over the fact that she had gotten a blowjob from Ms. Fiona. “How did you know it was me?” Amber asked. “Don’t you remember? You screamed at me to go faster, and cursed before leaving to go to this class.” “Oh…yeah.” “Now back to what I was saying. I want your cock again. I want it for more than the three measly minutes between class. I want to take my time and do it right.” Amber was shocked before. Now she couldn’t actually fathom what was going on. Ms. Fiona. Sex. Amber. It didn’t add up. Her thought was interrupted by Ms. Fiona’s now soft voice. “You come to my class everyday, dressed like a total slut. Your shirt doesn’t even cover the bottom half of your boobs. Your panties are absolutely useless and your cock sock might as well be see-through. Why do you think I make you stay after class so much? Once I learned you were getting blowjobs in that bathroom everyday before my class, I made sure I was there to finally taste your glorious cock. And it didn’t disappoint.” Ms. Fiona knelt down in front of Amber. She placed her hands on Amber’s thighs and ran her fingers along the soft fabric of her stockings. She slid her hands around to Amber’s backside and groped the weight of her ass. She then released her right hand and grabbed Amber’s dick. Her left hand lingered on Amber’s ass as she pointed the meaty cock to her face. With the cock sock still on, slightly wet from pre-cum, Ms. Fiona ran her long, textured tongue from Amber’s tight balls to her protruding tip. She then elegantly slipped the cock sock off, and put Amber’s solid shaft in her mouth. Once again, she started off slow. She teased Amber with her tongue expertise. She licked in small circles on the very top of Amber’s head, and then gently kissed it. She sucked on Amber’s clean shaven balls, popping them in her mouth like candy and slobbering on them like she was a dog. She ran her tongue from the base to the tip again, and then started to swallow the entire thing. Amber’s toes curled as Ms. Fiona inched her lips sluggishly down her cock. Ms. Fiona’s eyes closed while she relished in the blissful feeling of having her student’s dick in her mouth. She reached the bottom of the cock -which made Ms. Fiona’s throat widen- and then worked her way up as slowly as she had gone down. She did this again, sending waves of sensational pleasure to Amber, who through her head back in ecstasy. Ms. Fiona went faster, still able to go all the way down to the base and back up. She gagged like she had before, but didn’t slow. Drool oozed out of the corners of Ms. Fiona’s mouth. She sucked Amber’s dick over and over, covering it on saliva and jamming it down her own throat. She was loud and sloppy while doing it, but it felt unlike anything Amber had ever experienced. Ms. Fiona went increasingly fast, jerking her head back and forth, adoring the feeling of the cock destroying her mouth. Amber was feeling just as good, as her dick started to twitch as she approached an orgasm. Ms. Fiona buried her face in Amber’s lap, and Amber squirted her thick cum deep into Ms. Fiona’s stomach. Amber put her hand on the back of Ms. Fiona’s head, holding it there while her cum poured out of her cock. The hot creamy semen poured into Ms. Fiona. It tasted phenomenal. Amber’s cock went limp and dry, and Ms. Fiona retracted her head from Amber’s pelvis. “I’m not ready to quit just yet, Amber.” “Neither am I.” They were both out of breath, but their lust for each other was stronger than their fatigue. Ms. Fiona stood back up, threw her belt off, and dropped her tight pants. She turned around and looked back at Amber, who was gazing at Ms. Fiona’s gorgeous ass. It was flawless, not a single blemish or bruise. It glistened under the classroom’s artificial light. Ms. Fiona unbuttoned her shirt as well, letting her massive breasts fall against her toned body. They were just as flawless as her behind. She reached towards Amber. Her hands grabbed the neck of Amber’s tiny shirt. “You won’t be needing this.” She ripped the shirt straight down the middle in one magnificent motion. Amber’s breasts were even bigger than Ms. Fiona’s and her nipples were puffy and juicy. “Look at these things!” Ms. Fiona exclaimed. She leaned towards Amber and put her skilled mouth around one of Amber’s plump tits. She sucked on Amber’s pillow like boobs and touched Amber’s leg. Ms. Fiona slowly ran her hand down from Amber’s thigh to the wet pussy that waited anxiously below Amber’s cock. She rubbed Amber’s dripping clit and toyed with Amber’s breast. Amber moaned loudly, not caring if anyone heard her. A tingling sensation echoed through her body as she quivered in response to every slight movement of Ms. Fiona’s hand. Amber had finally had enough. It was impossible for her to wait any longer. She pushed Ms. Fiona away from her and turned her around, bending her over the desk. Amber violently slapped Ms. Fiona’s ass once, watching in awe as it rippled. Amber spread Ms. Fiona’s cheeks open, reveling as she grabbed the fatty masses. She slid her bulging cock into Ms. Fiona’s tight ass. Amber didn’t start off slow, she was far too horny for that. All Ms. Fiona could do was grip the front of the desk and holler in pleasure as Amber burrowed her 14 inch cock deep inside. Ms. Fiona’s tits hung down under her and wobbled frantically while Amber pummeled Ms. Fiona from behind. Ms. Fiona’s hard cock shot thick cum down onto the floor below. The sight of this drove Amber nuts, and she went much faster before ramming her dick into Ms. Fiona and -for the second time today- filling her stomach with warm semen. Just as Amber shot her cum into Ms. Fiona, the bell rang. Ms. Fiona looked back at Amber, who was nervous of getting caught. But Ms. Fiona just grinned at Amber, and faced her incoming students proudly and confidently.

[Based off of the comic “Flurty” by Doxy]


Cyber Monday! Best time to start planning for the party season because DISCOUNTS. Here are some of my top picks for the holidays this year, and there’s a 30% discount code on ASOS to go with it! The code is ILOVEMONDAYS and it’s valid on the US ASOS site. I rarely shop these days unless there’s a sale or I have a discount code, so I hope you can snag yourself some really good bargains with this!  

L-R from top 

Modcloth My Fair LadyLike Dress  //  The Whitepepper Organza Embroidered Polka Smock Dress  

Joanna Hope Embellished Mesh Dress  //  Starry Night Headband 

Toast Adelina Coat  //  ASOS Faux Fur Capelet Collar  

Glitter Chelsea Booties  //  Joe Browns Funky Reindeer Knit  

 Alice & You Painted Rose Tea Dress  //  Tabbisocks Flower Lane Textured Tights 

To clarify, I’d NEVER wear box braids or cornrows, which are an example of cultural appropriation. Similarly, I’d not wear a native headdress or a bindi or anything specific and meaningful to a particular culture.

If I wash my hair, twist up sections and wait a week, my hair will have begun to form dreadlocks. And when my hair becomes too long to handle with its particular texture [very course, tight waves with some ringlets] I’ll most likely do that. The vast majority of hair types will form dreads if left alone. Right now I have synthetic noodley things in my hair, which honestly I wouldn’t even refer to as dreadlocks because they’re formed in a totally different way. 


Seeing as I made these earlier today I might as well share them! These are all of the tights/leggings enabled for males.

DOWNLOAD <- they’re all named so if you don’t want the Get to Work ones just remove the ones named EP01.

UPDATE: I just figured out how to make these a lot smaller in (file) size but these aren’t BG compatible so if you want the GTW ones and you don’t have it download them from the above link.

DOWNLOAD <- These take the textures from the tights in game so they are tiny little files! You will need GTW for the GTW ones to show up in game though. :)