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How You Save The Earth
How You Save The Earth

HOW YOU SAVE THE EARTH - a Steven Universe fan song

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(@jasper-jen I forgot to ask you, but would you like to hear this? Sorry)

A cheesy song I wrote and recorded about the Crystal Gems (some parts Rose in particular, but there are allusions to all of them) and their mission.

It’s not a perfect recording - there’s a lot of fuzz for one thing because my mic is cheap, and some parts are out-of-time - but I had fun playing with texture and not really caring about scansion. And look out for a familiar tune in the violin part! It didn’t really fit the chords without a bit of adjustment, but I couldn’t resist :)

Reblogs are appreciated (because this took a lot of false starts and growling at the microphone, as well as reviving my violin from a coma)

(If you like it, check out my other SU fan song, Dissonance!)

Lyrics under the cut.

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only a tiny gift because i’m all busy with studying, but i wanted to make a small something for reaching just over 50 followers!

newsea’s viking is one of my favourite hairs and evanesco’s shorter alpha edit is even cuter, so i thought i’d retexture it to be maxis match and add a few neons. the textures are zeusar’s pearl v3 textures, the naturals are poppet’s naturals and the unnaturals are select colours from kiinuu’s seishun actions.

files are compressed, binned and the mesh & swatch are included. naturals and unnaturals are labelled and in seperate folders so you can choose what you put in game



newsea for the mesh; evanesco for the alpha edit; zeusar for the textures; poppet-sims and kiinuu for the colour actions

- on a sidenote, i had to take my first eyeset down because i messed up big time and packaged up the wrong files, and then proceeded to delete the files that i should’ve put up for download, so they don’t show up in game :<) chances are i’ll redo them in the near future, probably better as well

Supporting your favorite fandom artists! - (&a guided review through Redbubble)

Addiction of the day: thy name is art prints.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an insatiable need to own art. Anything that visually appealed to me, I innately wanted to have it in some form or fashion. It started with comic books, then manga, then art books, to lithographs & by the time I stepped into my first artist alley: I was beyond doomed. A chronic (1st world) problem I have is figuring out where to hang stuff & what to rotate out.

My first real job was even a photolab where I sat & color corrected photos & then printed them on everything from standard glossy 4x6 prints to huge vinyl billboards. Later I stumbled into my photographing hobby & found I still loved working with different printing companies to see what they were pressing out.

So today - I’m going to cover some of Red Bubble’s photofinishing, in hopes that you, you lovely fandom art lovers & hoarders, will have a print that you’re 100% happy with & thus begin the downward spiral of your own art addiction while helping out some viciously talented people.

Here is my most recent haul: a variety of 3 different formats that RB offers.

Now when you’ve created the wall space or simply have the desire to treat yourself & would like something bigger then stickers, Red Bubble offers 5 different ways you can own this delicious artwork for yourselves: Here I’ll be going over the most popular 3:

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Working with Cream Shadows: A Few Tips

I don’t often work with cream shadows in my tutorials, because most of the time I want to let the shadows speak for themselves. But there are times as well when you need a cream base to really take the intensity up a notch.

Above is a very quick tutorial for a metallic silvery-minty party look, as well as lots of swatches plus a couple of before-after shots to show you how I like to layer creams and powders.

1.There are 4 types of cream shadows in general

  • Old-school creamy - MAC Cream Color Bases and elf Cream Shadow Duos are the creamy kind that don’t really set. I usually give this a miss on the lids as they will crease in 5 minutes.
  • Solid pots and sticks - Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, Maybelline Color Tattoos, MAC Paint Pots, Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams all belong in this category. They are hard at room temperature but will melt slightly on contact. These are the most common, but also problematic because many of them dry out after awhile and become impossible to use.
  • Bouncy creams - Chanel came out with the first ones in their Illusion d'Ombre range, and then Dior had Fushion Monos which are equally beautiful in texture and color. Lancome came up with limited edition Hypnose Drama Eyes creams but the textures are a little more hit and miss. But overall, these jelly- and mousse-like textures are the latest generation cream shadows and combine smooth intensity, incredibly dimensional multi-pigmented colors AND long-wear. Even when they start to dry out, they don’t go all hard and are still usable for a long time. By far my favorite texture but they tend to only come from more expensive houses.
  • Liquids/Creams - These easy to use creams come in tubes with doe-foot applicators or squeeze tubes and many are available in drugstore ranges. They set and stay on fairly well, but the textures tend to be quite sheer once blended out, although they are also easiest to work with for beginners who want subtlety.

2. Pick complementary tones for a quick win. 

If you’re working with neutral brown toned shades, pick a brown cream shadow. If you are doing a blue-toned look, try a blue toned shadow.There are no rules, but just remember that applying cool toned shades over clashing warm toned bases and vice versa and neutralize colors and make everything look muddy or just sludgy and grey. (On the other hand, if you have a shadow that is too brassy and orange or yellow for your taste, a silvery base can help to cut the yellow-ness.)

Beige and black goes with anything so it depends whether you want a smoky look or a soft look. 

3. There are different textures/finishes. 

  • Matte and Satin - and I include beige eye primers along with this group cos they work the same way; these allow shadows to stay true to their original textures
  • Metallic/Pearl - usually the most popular and commonly available finish; these can help intensify the shine of shimmery shadows and help them look even more metallic.
  • Sparkly - a lot of the bouncy mousse-like shadows tend to be in the sparkly category where you see a ton of little flecks and sparkles when you look close. Often, the little sparkles show up through a layer of shadow, so if you want to jazz up a regular powder shadow, a sparkle shade works.

4. Play with duochrome shadows and pigments.

Often, the same color will look completely different when applied over different bases. (See the last image above; Winter Veld mica from Coastal Scents is a beige pink pigment with an icy blue shift when it hits the light.) This means you can combine different creams and powders and come up with completely different looks. 

A cheap source for duochrome shades is mineral makeup sellers online. Often, these loose pigment shadows aren’t formulated with enough or the right type of binders (it’s easier to get the formulation right with pressed shadows) and don’t stick to the lids very well, so pairing them with cream shadows is perfect. 

Ultimately, you CAN just pop a cream shadow on your lids when you have 2 minutes but I find many colors tend to look patchy and uneven on their own, and they’re really at their best as intensifiers and transformers for powder shadows.

If you’ve never tried interference pigments, go check out elf’s Eyeshadow Transformer palette and pop each of the shades over a dark cream shadow.

My favorite sources for pigments are coastalscents.com and tkbtrading.com. Not every color is great for use directly on the lids (these are almost pure color pigments and supposed to be mixed with fillers and binders), and I’d stick with the shimmers and metallics unless you’re a pro and DIY blending and formulation.

Just make sure you get the sample sizes because you can get a ton of colors for just $20. Invest in the full 1 oz packs/jars only if you’re a makeup artist and need to use truckloads of pigments on a regular basis.

What is the next source of conflict in SU going to be, anyway?

Peridot is allied now, the Cluster is contained in a bubble, Malachite has deformed, the Rubies are floating (presumably helplessly) through space, Bismuth was poofed and bubbled, and Jasper is both corrupted and also bubbled now.

So where does that leave us for plot? What are the Gems’ goals supposed to be now? We might see more time dedicated to Steven’s new Gem fusion abilities, Peridot’s technopathy, or really anyone on the team building powers and skills, like Connie/Stevonnie, or more of the Gems trying out Bismuth’s weapon enhancements. Lapis is probably as in practice as she needs to be, tbh. She has a good mastery of her powers and doesn’t appear to have expanded them or gained any new ones. But I’m just realizing… it could be interesting, if her and Peridot fused, to see if anything comes of their combined powers.

But whenever that buildup of improved abilities is coming to a close (which might be soon), something’s got to give. It’s all well and good to have fun filler episodes, like maybe a future event where Peridot hopefully meets Sardonyx, but who or what exactly is going to come in to be the next issue? Unless we get another Homeworld Gem team sent to investigate the Rubies’ lack of reports, or the Rubies themselves manage to somehow regroup, it’s likely a Diamond could be the next to show her face. Because, honestly, short of the Cluster faltering on its own bubble prematurely, without a trigger, what else? Even if the Rubies do regroup, so what?

The way I see it, there’s a handful of options. Let’s sort them by Diamond.

Yellow Diamond

  • It’s most likely that Yellow Diamond will show up, of course, a la the Condesce ca. end of Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 2, in a massive Gem ship. Shit proceeds to get fucked up and she’s royally pissed about Peridot, the Rubies, the Cluster, and Jasper. Hell, with Peridot failing her mission, it might not have taken her long to already set course. The Rubies not reporting back could’ve been a last straw, and she’ll want to get that Cluster hatched.

Blue Diamond

  • Basically, the same thing. She shows up in a huge Gem ship, except probably less pissed and more to-the-point and mission/results-focused, and gets to work. This may not even involve touching the Cluster, she may simply attempt to get to work on restoring Gem structures and building new ones. Trust me, just check out the Domains of the Diamonds theory video.
  • Alternatively… albeit with the same goals, she may not come from Homeworld. It’s a super out-there idea, because if anything WD’s status as still active is questionable, not Blue’s (I’ll get to that), but it’s possible she’s dormant near the Palanquin somehow… shoved in an object, shattered (probably not), bubbled, what have you. Even if not, we can for sure expect to visit this location. Maybe in Gem Harvest? But hopefully soon. If not Blue Diamond, maybe her Pearl is here. That could be an easy new source of conflict without ramping it up to 100 too fast.
  • Either way, this will be awkward for Sapphire, and what does it mean for Lapis?

White Diamond

  • Again, first possibility is same as before, but I imagine she might not even bother to get involved in things unless her subordinates - Blue, Yellow, and previously Pink - couldn’t handle it themselves. So I actually wouldn’t expect her to come with a ship too immediately, or at least not before Blue or Yellow. However….
  • There’s still the theory that she’s actually the Gem in the Obelisk. There’s good reason to think so (including what looked like a distress signal sent to YD), and if it’s true, she’s already been bubbled. We even got confirmation that the Obelisk Gem was corrupted. I’m not sure why she would ever be released from a bubble, the Gems surely wouldn’t let Steven make that mistake, but… through whatever motivation, bringing out a corrupted Diamond could be… very interesting…

Pink Diamond

  • Probably the last thing I’m expecting. Pink obviously won’t come from Homeworld, it’d be the same as the White Diamond possibility, where her shards are bubbled - either on Earth or the Moonbase, or even the Palanquin (which might instead have her Pearl) - and she’s released for whatever reason. Except in this case, Steven would be experimenting with healing a shattered Gem, putting her back together from shards. Even if we’re not dealing with corruption, I really doubt his powers are there yet. Healing a cracked Gem seems easier… It’s not like we’ve knowingly had all fragments of a single shattered Gem in one place before, but, who knows? And if they did have that you’d think he’d have tried it already. It’s possible this is what’s in Lion’s mane, in the treasure chest, if not swallowed or incorporated into him somehow… (but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion). In any case, hopefully more backstory soon, particularly on PD? Because we still don’t fully know her situation, specifically - what happened to her shards.

And for the record, if I may talk about another important theory very briefly to end this post, I still think Pearl did it, she shattered Pink Diamond. It just fits too well with her reactions, and her never shapeshifting. Neither Garnet nor Amethyst were actually there. Garnet seemed surprised too, and her advice, while wise and well-put, easily sounds as though it’s her newly-thought input on a situation she wasn’t informed of, her guesses at Rose’s motivations in a new theoretical. It doesn’t sound like something she knew. Let’s not forget, the one thing Eyeball remembered wasn’t Rose’s unique, summoned shield. It was her physical sword (which can only poof, not shatter - how the shattering took place is actually another question), and anyone can wield that.

So hopefully, we get more info on the other three Diamonds soon, especially Pearl’s possible relations to two of them specifically. I really think YD’s tantrum can wait.

The Ortega Bundle || 2 Sims and 3 hair retextures

The retextures are in a matte-er version of my pearls textures. Stealthic Summerhaze and 3t2EP09 flybangs (not pictured) have 5 unnaturals as well. The third hairstyle is Raon MH47, which only has naturals. All of them are binned, and meshes are included. Credits to eirsims, trapping and martini.

The sims are packaged with and without CC. Please use sims2pack clean installer as I have all EPs/SPs.

Download (37.6 MB - SFS)