textured manicure

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Tina loved being picked up and spun around by her husband. So, as he did so, her grin grew bigger and she let out a happy giggle, huging him tightly. “Aw, amore, anche sei tu, bellissimo e carino come sempre!!” She kissed his lips deeply, grinning at him. “How is my amore?”


The cloudless azure of Pavi’s eyes darted over the feminine contours of her body, taking in each and every luscious, alluring aspect, almost as if to make sure nothing had changed since her departure. ❝I’m as well as-a your tits are perky, amore!❞ lewdly grinned the madman, the smooth, manicured texture of his palms gliding over the silky goodness of her forearms. ❝How was-a your trip? Did-a you miss me…? Hm? La mia bella signorina mi ha mancato…?❞

Hello, friends!

I apologize for the MAJOR lack of posts. I’m doing my best to share some nail art as much as possible. This week I have a freehand floral mani (YES, another one)!

This matches my bedding! Blue and florals - two of my favorite things. Three, if you count a fresh mani/some nail art.

Colors used:
Moon Baby by Floss Gloss (base)
Megan by Zoya (take a guess why I own this bottle. Ha!)
Secret Peri-winkle by China Glaze
Blue Persuasion by SinfulColors (it’s a texture!)
Black acrylic paint

Have a great weekend, everyone! xx