textured gown

My own idea of what Seraphi Abrasax may have looked like when she was still alive. I used the headdress which I created in 3D, put it on a realistic 3D figure, created a texture for a 3D gown which I still had - patterned with the pattern that the gown’s statue has - and, well, rendered it.

That texture creation for the gown along with my 3D re-creation of the headdress, plus the way Kalique presents her mother’s statue as well as Jupiter being Seraphi’s reincarnation gave me a weird idea.

We know that Kalique’s sigil is the dragonfly; Titus’ is the dragon, and Balem has a weird abstract symbol.
From the movie, we never got to know what Seraphi’s sigil is, but:

From all of the above - winged headdress, statue in a room full of candles while holding a candle, ‘flames’ and ‘wings’ on the gown and the reincarnation thingie (”rising from the ashes”) - I figured that Seraphi’s sigil must be a phoenix.

Think about it; it seems to be correct.

That’s also why my “living Seraphi” has flame red hair and the coloring of her gown somewhat resembles “flames and ash”. Actually, from what the rendered image looks like, I THINK I can actually SEE an abstract phoenix on her chest.

I hope it goes without saying, but since I created that image, copyright is entirely mine. I’m currently rendering and refining a larger version so I can offer this image as a print as part of the licensed Jupiter Ascending merchandise on Cafepress.