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Thranduil’s Talented Tongue - Thranduil x Reader

This Thranduil x Reader fanfic is based on the above imagine by @elven-nicknacks.

And believe me, the king takes his obligations very seriously. So better be prepared for some steamy action with Thranduil’s talented tongue.

I decided to take this one-shot towards a teasing side and include some very light bondage. But admit it, dominant and in control Thrandy is just absolutely irresistible. So I hope you enjoy your time with the King of Smirkwood ;). And I am definitely not sorry for the smut, the queen deserves a loving treatment from her king.

You can also find this one-shot on AO3.

Length: 3.986 words

I do not own Thranduil (unfortunately), nor any of the other characters from Tolkien’s Middle-earth. I do not make any money with this, this is purely for entertainment.

Thranduil’s Talented Tongue

With an exasperated sigh you slammed the door shut behind you, the wood creaking dangerously on its hinges. You were fuming and in a bad temper. „Ah! Those endless meetings!“ you grumbled to yourself, cursing under your breath as you fought to unfasten your cloak. „They drag on forever. Can they not spare the king for one evening?“

You stomped towards the bed and kicked off your slippers seeing with satisfaction as they bounced off the bedpost. „Why do I need to do without him and go to bed alone? They are all just boring officials with boring reports about boring things.“ 

You flung your cloak into the furthermost corner of the room and threw yourself onto the soft bed, enjoying the springy feeling as you bounced up and down softly with the momentum of your body’s motions. A naughty smile dawned on your face as you were reminded of all the other times the bed had bounced and shaken vigorously those countless times when Thranduil had made love to you there. He was such a passionate lover, tireless and ever striving to please you, his queen. You loved his playfulness and the fact that you could instil in him such desire that he would eventually cast away his self-restraint and do all those unspeakable things to you, his kisses burning on your skin, their imprint remaining on your body as a delicious memory. Just thinking about what he did to you sent flashes of heat through your body and you could feel your core begging to be caressed by his hands as they wandered all over your body just to find the spot that longed to be touched the most.

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Author: @vixleonard Ships: Jon/Sansa, Robb/Myrcella Summary: Robb is getting married and wants to help Jon get laid. Little does he know his best man is sleeping with the maid of honor aka Robb’s little sister

Robb presses the key card into his palm during the rehearsal dinner when they’re both on the back patio, Robb smoking a contraband cigarette, Jon playing lookout like they’re back in high school behind the Stark garage.  His best friend promised Myrcella he’d quit before the wedding, but the stress of the wedding, the weird passive-aggressive fighting between Mrs. Stark and Mrs. Baratheon, and Robb’s upcoming deployment have pushed him right back into the arms of the Marlboro Man.

“What’s this?”

Robb shrugs, taking another heavy pull from his cigarette.  Jon’s surprised he isn’t smoking them two at a time.  “It’s the key to the honeymoon suite.  It came with the wedding package.  But we’re leaving straight for the airport after the reception so I figured someone should get some use out of it.”

“I didn’t bring a date.”

Robb smirks.  “There’s, like, ten bridesmaids.  Well, eight if you don’t count Sansa and Arya.  I’m sure you can convince one of them to join you upstairs.”

Jon looks away, suddenly itching for a cigarette of his own.  “Right.”

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My own idea of what Seraphi Abrasax may have looked like when she was still alive. I used the headdress which I created in 3D, put it on a realistic 3D figure, created a texture for a 3D gown which I still had - patterned with the pattern that the gown’s statue has - and, well, rendered it.

That texture creation for the gown along with my 3D re-creation of the headdress, plus the way Kalique presents her mother’s statue as well as Jupiter being Seraphi’s reincarnation gave me a weird idea.

We know that Kalique’s sigil is the dragonfly; Titus’ is the dragon, and Balem has a weird abstract symbol.
From the movie, we never got to know what Seraphi’s sigil is, but:

From all of the above - winged headdress, statue in a room full of candles while holding a candle, ‘flames’ and ‘wings’ on the gown and the reincarnation thingie (”rising from the ashes”) - I figured that Seraphi’s sigil must be a phoenix.

Think about it; it seems to be correct.

That’s also why my “living Seraphi” has flame red hair and the coloring of her gown somewhat resembles “flames and ash”. Actually, from what the rendered image looks like, I THINK I can actually SEE an abstract phoenix on her chest.

I hope it goes without saying, but since I created that image, copyright is entirely mine. I’m currently rendering and refining a larger version so I can offer this image as a print as part of the licensed Jupiter Ascending merchandise on Cafepress.