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Ey there brooooooo. Is there a tutorial or somethin' 'bout how to make brushes fo' Medibangz and FireAlpacs? Sorry, I'm new to the Digital Art World

here ya go:

1)Brushes settings by KittyKittyKittyzz <–|these first four work for both FA & MBP

2)FireAlpaca Tutorial: Custom brushes by TheShadowyBlaze (video)

3)Fire Alpaca texture brush by Hyan-Doodles

4)Custom brush tutorial by CocoBunnie (video)

1)Brush sync in MBP by Obtusity <–|just medibang paint

2)MediBang Paint preset brushes by medibangadmin

3)Downloading cloud brushes tutorial on medibangpaint.com

and i have this tag for useful stuff everyone should learn at some point

And you can find more with searches:

medibangpaint site brush tutorials find one that’s for you

Their brush list that really helps with deciding which brushes to download.

From that one above ^^^^ u can also get to the #MBbrush tag on twitter and give out brush suggestion for the Medibang Paint dev team to consider

google search is really helpful for quick searches of popular tutorials.

for custom brushes you can check out this tag list I’ve tried to gather