texture animation

See the light where the sky meets the sea
It calls me
No one knows how far it goes

If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I’ll know
If I go there’s just no telling how far I’ll go


HEY ! So finally here’s the FX exercise we worked on during 4 weeks with Camille Guillot, Sarah Naciri, James Molle, Benjamin Berrebis et Côme Roy. It was a lot of stress but still it really was a blast to do it with them !:) And yeah it’s a trailer for a feature film, but of course it’s totally fake we won’t do the feature aha:)

And you can watch the other trailers from my awesome classmates there: https://www.youtube.com/user/gobelins/videos

Here’s an animation test from before we began the animation of the film. I had almost no time to figure out the style of the smoke and a way to animate it but yeah it was fun to experiment and I’m very happy with the result !:)

Edit: So you can put 10 images up to 10MB each in one post but it seems like a single gif can’t live here on tumblr if it’s more than 3MB.. So as this stuff is mostly texture work, below 3MB there’s nothing left thank you tumblr I love you so much so much.

This isn’t going to be some huge revelation post but I just want to point out that I’m in love with the texture artists that worked on this scene because creating realistic fluid in 3D that not only moves, but reflects, bubbles, and displaces properly takes an astronomical amount of time and ten years ago this wasn’t possible.

Remember the team behind your favorite things. They worked hard for your enjoyment and put in thousands of hours for something that only takes an hour or two to watch. Go back, watch it again. Look for things. They appreciate it.


Sneak peek of my Gemanimate shot ! Modeling, texturing and animation are finally done for those ladies, lighting still wip. I need more time and attention for Sapphire, she’s on her way. (Next step : background, rendering and compositing !)

With it, the designs I kept for the Homeworld gems. Turning silhouettes from a 2D show into 3D… What was I thinking.



(UPDATE: I found a ripped Super Mario 3D Land character which was 3071 tris, so the rumored 2000 triangle limit is without a doubt false! I’m still glad it prompted me to research topology and polycount optimization, but now I’m at a complete loss as to what resolution to aim for! Please send help!)

It’s study-time!

Since I’m working towards ancient tech restraint limits, I thought I might as well attempt to make game graphics which would fit on the 3DS (now that Unity has 3DS support!).

However, people online seem to claim that the 3DS has a “hard limit” on 2000 triangles rendered at the same time, which is insanely little. For comparison, the PS1 developers usually aimed at 3000 triangle limits, although the machine could probably do a bit more. Some rumors say that the 2000 triangle limit is an artificial restraint, and it’s probable that it’s enforced to make sure that all games in the 3DS library runs at decent framerates, even with post-processing and fancy materials applied (implying that Nintendo doesn’t trust 3rd party devs to optimize their games properly). My graphics won’t be using post-processing at all, and shader materials will be unnecessary because I’m using vertex colours, so I’d love to swap that computing power for more triangles.Now, I’ve thought long and hard about how to solve this problem (and still retain a decent amount of detail and world-size).

First off, I looked at how the old classics did it.

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Kitchen stuff from Sublo & Tangy Mustard episode 4 “Katy’s Birthday.” Of course I had the most fun doing the fisheye one and the wonky ‘drunk’ background.