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—— * | by clicking HERE you will find over two hundred gif icons of the daddy theo james !! i take no credit for the making of the original gifs but i did crop, resize & added the texture psd to all of these myself. please DO NOT repost & like or reblog if you found this useful, thanks !!

~Hello lovelies, it’s Em again. So my trusty laptop was accidentally doused by rain some time ago and ever since the keyboard malfunctions. I’ve been using a usb keyboard but as you can imagine – it is not ideal. Especially since I have to take my laptop with me to college every day. I’m studying to be a webdeveloper so I figure hey, why not try and monetize this to fix my beloved laptop. 

I only have two live examples to show (this and this) because I’ve been keeping my codes to myself until recently – experimenting and trying things that I like and all – actually, until I started feeling happy with them. 

The Rates: 

A PNG background fitted to a theme: €3 - $3 (transparent or not, added texture or not) 
A GIF background fitted to a theme: €5 - $5 (animated background) 

RP icons: €10 - $10 for 200 icons (fc or comics) 
RP icons with psd (borders, transparency, coloring, etc):  €13 - $13 for 200 icons (fc or comics)
RP GIF icons: €10 - $10 for 50 icons (FC only) 

Plain theme: €12 - $12 (container or not, no fancies) 
Theme + 1 fancy: €14 - $14 (container or not, pick one fancy)
Theme + 2 fancies: €15 - $15 (container or not, pick two fancies) 

What is included in the ‘plain’ theme: post formatting per type, container, navigation with custom links, up to 5 font types, sidebar, scrollbar. 

Fancies to pick from: popups, update tabs, tab navigation, animation, borders with image background, titles with image background, scattered links, etc. 

I try not to put too many ‘fancies’ at once in my code since it can make it run slow for your or your followers’ browsers but I will make it to your specs. First fancy is 2$/€, following ones are 1$/€ each. 

But Em, why should I commission you when there’s so many free themes out there? 

Well darling, you’d help me fix my laptop and you’d get a customized, unique, copy-paste-and-go theme that you will be the only one to have, with personalized support if you ever had trouble with it. I also ensure you have all the customizing options you want so you don’t have to go into the code in the future to change background / color scheme / whatever. I will make sure that the theme / background is to your liking before requesting payment and will not divulge the code to anyone else.
I also want to mention that for the RP icons, I do not use psds that desaturize the color of the icons, but ones that I feel enhance it. 

I will accept maximum two requests at a time as to not be overwhelmed. HMU through IM, Discord, Skype

~~ I do not sell any copyrighted material, but my time and skill ~~

~ Dragon of Steel ~

{{ At first, an attempt at a Teo as an Overwatch hero thanks to @shen-gaoren and @ask-a-rathalos’ ideas. Became a luminous cyborg releasing explosive powder out of his hands with a super classy outfit }} 


Okay I know. Waaay late for holiday things, but I started it back in November, and never did anything with it so I slapped on some color and added a texture background and there you go. I’m working on something for V-Day too, and having this means I can post this week! Enjoy! Whatever will Wade do with such a tempting invitation?

Destiny: Ring of Eternity by Joseph Biwald

“For Guardians who have found their perfect match.”

Got the opportunity to create a Vex-inspired wedding band in Destiny. I ended up modeling the band in Maya, rendering it in KeyShot and adding subtle textures in Photoshop. Congratulations to Adriel Wallick and Rami Ismael on your recent wedding engagement!


i’ve been working on this on and off for the past couple weeks! kind of an excuse to try a bunch of different/new things hehheh!


I did another thing that I’ll be releasing today-ish? Either way, I kinda like it :P