texture abuse!!!

The Not-Santa Bag Man of the Hypogean Gaol

I tried to make it look like Santa but I failed. I was trying to parody an Arthur Rackham illustration and it didn’t work out. It still looks nice at least. These are from Bloodborne. They nab you and take you to Hypogean Gaol. I’d like to think they’re Yahar'gul’s version of the church servants.
I went back to my old style. Actually, it’s only been a year since I stopped drawing like this. I’d like to say I’ve improved a bit(*cough* texture abuse). So uh, Happy Holidays from the creepy Sack Man of Yahar'gul.

Fight Me Scrublord, I’m Ripped

i felt like doing idk, this i guess

not pictured is Rhys faceplanting like an idiot and just staying in the dirt where he belongs

Kiss #4 - Kiss on the hand

Yuuri couldn’t even practice his entrance as Maou, he fell, and he wasn’t even using the long and uncomfortable cape right now! It was strange of Wolfram to offer him his hand to stand up again, but since he was being strangely kind he just extended his hand…


I abused of textures and stuff, but it was fun xD I had that picture of king/vassal in mind since a long time.