texture abuse!!!

ahhh okay so I dont art very much but I wanted to do a thing? For @callmearcturus and the fic with the frog boi Jake and this is the first time Ive done a thing based on a fic and posting on tumblr and yeeeee many firsts haha But like! The fic is hella good and just going to keep getting better and if you like extremely well written dirk x jake fics 100% worth going and checking out their AO3 and read the fic! :D 

(okay but did i do this right I have no idea what im doing owo;;)

the thing with vampires is that they literally do not need to cook for anything, so when it comes to ACTUALLY cooking something theyre pretty clueless (she’s starting to believe her bats cook better than she does) (they do)

this started out as a silly doodle but i ended up GETTING WAY TOO INTO IT

“Aah.. aah.. Ok, maybe your dainty hands aren’t so bad after all.”
“Told ya so.”

v quick scribble uuuh I just want theSE TWO to be cute together hhh

Randy probably gets sore often
thus, backrubs from Howard
I like to think that tho Howard grumbles a lot and gets kinda smug he rly rLY cares for Randy and and that when he’s not looking he allows himself a smile becaAUES HE CARES and ok im done

Ancient headcanon I’ve held onto for a while: due to never sleeping ever, Gaara had a lot of free time to kill at night when everyone else was sleeping. When he wasn’t prowling around Suna watching everyone like a giant creeper, he spent his free time reading books and playing ninja video games.

Pictured: Gaara and his Ninjatendo Gameboy.