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Ravenclaws are…

  • The friend that you have who checks out a work of fiction one week before the exams begin because they finally found it after looking for it for half a year.
  • The friend that pulls incredibly detailed pranks on whoever irks them.
  • The friend who knocks over the table in their excitement during a quiz because they know the answer.
  • The friend who scores a perfect grade in one subject and manages to utterly fail in another, because their ‘intellectual abilities had not been stimulated’. They didn’t like the subject.
  • The friend who is the first one to slug whoever that broke your heart, not caring if they get expelled in the process.
  • The friend who is the creepiest amongst everyone, but screams at every horror movie.
  • The friend who stubbornly refuses to listen to anyone, 'shut up, I’m getting that ever if it is horribly expensive, because I fell in love with it when I swear it for the first time’. 'Its a four-pound cake.’ 'Screw it, I’m going in.’
  • The friend who has only two modes while going on a journey, 1) reading books all the way, badgering everyone with random facts that they learnt from the internet, or 2) snoring all the way because they love sleeping in a moving car.
  • That one friend whose biggest dream is to have sex in an abandoned castle. And backpack through Europe, obviously.
  • The friends who has a ton of things to say but zero social sense, so they end up clamping their mouths shut.
  • The friend who can’t even hold a paintbrush properly, but loves painting surrealist portraits.
  • The friends who won’t leave the house even if they are down to the last square of toilet paper, because they are so deep within the internet.
  • The friend who drags you to a performance of Beethoven’s fifth symphony and a heavy metal concert, in the same weekend.
  • The friend who took a year to be properly acquainted with you, but now, you cannot think of a moment without them.

Dedicated to @theletterlessravenclaw @mimiofthemalfoys @bloomearthspirit