Taemin in Wonderful Day

When Taemin was sitting on the train while in Switzerland he was very bored, so he wrote his name on the window and drew a heart next to it.  He also wrote the name of a woman, which drew a happy expression from him. The staff asked if he should be making public the name of his girlfriend on the show, and Taemin said “My mom is my girlfriend”

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[130308 EXO Filming Fanaccount] 1. Everyone but Kris as at the filming site. 2. Luhan is wearing a school uniform, the rest of the members are wearing young and fresh clothing and wearing hats. 3. The female lead is possibly an SM trainee. 4. Luhan and Kai had a bobo scene. 5. There is no music playing at the scene, they're only filming scenes, the atmosphere is very good.

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[130308 EXO Filming] Students at the scene are saying if this is filming for the MV, then it seems a bit too low cost... They aren't doing only closeup shots, there seems to be a story content. K and M members are both there so it doesn't seem to be for Ivy Club. The fans say the girls on the scene wearing uniforms are very pretty.

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Girls, Girls, Girls Lyrics

The contents of the song ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ is of the four hyungs teaching Taemin how to show his love for a girl.  Onew says women are sensitive in hearing, so he should play piano and sing for her.  Key says girls like to shop, so he should pay special attention to what he wears.  Jonghyun says they’re both wrong!  Girls are sensitive creatures, so you have to speak sweet words to them~ Minho says what’s there to think about, as long as you’re handsome and tall it’s all OK!  Taemin doesn’t quite believe his hyungs’ advice…

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[Luhan Birthday Party] When asked about what kind of CF he wanted to film, Luhan said "Soc-...." And Baekhyun said "Soccer!" It would start from tying shoelaces, Luhan went over behind the window and said "I can tie these really fast" then untied his laces and retied them. The whole time Lay kept going off topic and Baekhyun had to keep telling him to get back on track.

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Loving EXO

God said you can only love EXO for 365 days.

Fans reply saying it will be 365 days every year.

God said you can only love EXO for 7 days.

Fans reply saying it will be from Monday to Sunday.

God said you can only love EXO for 4 days.

Fans reply saying it will be spring, summer, autumn, and winter.*

God said you can only love EXO for 3 days.

Fans reply saying yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

God said you can only love EXO for 2 days.

Fans reply saying the day and night.*

God said you can only love EXO for 1 day.

Fans reply saying every day of my life..

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*the chinese words for the seasons and daytime/nighttime all contain the word “day”

SHINee got nee coordis this promotion round, this time their new ones included a guy! They met with the new coordi for the first time on their first Dream Girl comeback stage. Jonghyun asked the coordi his age, and the coordi responded that he was 90line. Key said "Wow~ then you two are friends, friends, you don't have to speak formally~". Jonghyun said "Chingu-yah~" and the male coordi's face turned red.

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Possible Hint for Dream Girl Misconceptions of Me Album

It’s been established that hints for the next album are interspersed throughout this album, thus…

There’s something very interesting in the lyrics.  Jonghyun says that women are sensitive creatures, and need to be sweet-talked, but then Onew interrupts again, saying that playing the piano is the only way for the girl to take interest in a guy.  He obviously already stated that before, but he emphasized it again.  From beginning to end he kept on emphasizing playing the piano.

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…so perhaps there’s a very centred piano song in the next album?