Sometimes Jean hears Mikasa pacing out in the halls in the middle of the night so he’ll go make her some tea and talk her ear off until she falls asleep and he has to carry her back to her room.

Jean tells Mikasa that it’s Eren that carries her back to her room, but she knows it’s him.

based on this headcanon by textsfromtitanfood 

I planned to just sketch it, but I ended up lining and coloring it anyway xD


Prompt: This photoset along with this request from the lovely anorable

Pairing: Armin/Annie - High School!AU 

Rating: T



Annie was lukewarm. Okay. Fine. Nothing too special. She watched with detachment as the plastic prong of her fork speared the clump of congealed matter that passed for fettuccine alfredo. By her side, Sasha Braus –who was relatively popular but none too bright by her accounts– had her head tipped back as her cohort Connie balanced french fries on her face. Pointedly, Annie scooted just a little further away. 

She preferred a little more space and quiet. There was only one reason she tolerated lunch with that group; only one reason she sat quietly as Mikasa Ackerman’s eyes glinted at her like daggers.  

She swallowed hard as that reason walked through the doors to the cafeteria. 

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Well, this is based on http://textsfromtitanfood.tumblr.com/ ‘s AU of mothers/fathers. 

Instead of having children, Reiner, Bert, and Annie holds an orphanage, and Ymir and Historia adopts. (Haha… How I wish.)

I don’t have names for them, so yeah… but I think Jean would name his daughter something similar to Marco’s name, and the Jaeger twins would have Japanese names.

I have chicken scratch writing. Excuse that. 


Based on a prompt from dailyau.

Hope you all enjoy it, guys :)

“We both got in separate bar fights downtown and now we’re waiting in the ER comparing stories” AU

ER on a Friday night looked like something out of a post zombie apocalypse . Sleepy doctors trying to keep awake and tend to the mass of idiots scattered across the reception area, drunk people mumbling, children crying.

Klaus would be lucky if he managed to get out of here by noon.

He was going to bloody murder Kol. Annihilate him, he thought, clutching his bruised swollen hand and then hissed as another jolt of pain shot through him.

A loud vibrant laugh resonated through the hall and put a stop to his savage thoughts. Klaus looked up and saw a radiant blonde leaning on some guy, his expression guilt-ridden. She was exquisite, it crossed his mind as he was shamelessly ogling her long lean legs, figure accentuated in body-hugging dress and flawless skin.

‘Stefan, stop fussing over me, I’m fine! It was just a little tiny blow to the head.’ Klaus heard the girl’s annoyed tone, her speech a little slurry.

‘Yeah, and that’s why you tried to sit on cab driver’s lap and then gave him a lecture on why the Khaleesi is best-suited for Iron Throne. For the whole ride.’

‘Duh, she is!’ The girl exclaimed exasperated, wrinkling her nose cutely. Klaus tried to stop the chuckle coming out of his mouth but was unsuccessful. That attracted this boy’s, Stefan’s, attention and he gave Klaus a careful assessing stare. He must have passed some unnamed test because Stefan approached him and said:

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Hello !!

Here are some drawing highly inspired by the au adoption from textsfromtitanfood !!

But here, they are children !!!

Sorry for the blue color, my scanner don’t know what white is, lol !

Have a great week and a good dinner / lunch / breakfast !!