so bc of textsfromphan i just about pissed myself with everything they made and for some diddly do reason i thought maybe i could try it out and submit it but hm the submit wasnt working on my crap computer…i made a thing basically 

Inspired by didyoumeanphan 


I’d like to think Phil got his revenge. >:)

- Kar

(Pssst… in all seriousness, come on guys, let’s show Dan some support this year! #runwithdan2k15)

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The wedding will be held on April 20th, 2022. You are all invited


“Prompt: Phil tries to propose to Dan through text but Dan thinks he’s lame and won’t say yes until he does it properly” -Anonymous

Huge thanks to  philisliterallynotonfire for telling us about ios8text.com. You are honestly amazing.

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