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name: nikki

nickname: mommy, miss lady, bitch tits, etc.

birthday: august 18

gender: agender

height: a proud 163 cm

sexual  orientation: pansexual

favorite color: it’s a toss up between purple and green

time and date at the moment: 2:01 pm thurseday april 23rd

average hours of sleep: oh god. who knows

lucky number: 4 I guess

last thing I googled: cartoon horse, for a picture

first thing that comes to mind: cat fish

one place that makes me happy: my acnl town

how many blankets I sleep under: 2, 3 if I’m really cold

favorite fictional character: oh dear lord. how much time you got?

favorite book: either the land of elyon series or 13 reasons why

favorite anime: again there’s too many to list here

favorite tv show: deadliest warrior was good but they never show it anymore

last movie I saw in cinema: dear lord I have no idea. Cinderella I think

dream holiday: someplace with ruins and old caves that I can explore

dream wedding: I don’t care as long as the person next to me is super awesome

dream job: writer if I can get off my lazy ass and write

what are you wearing right now: t shirt and jeans

last book you read: the stone child by dan poblocki (I think that’s how you spell his name)

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