textsfromghosts  asked:

*slides over to you* What's your headcanon for Dash and Kwan?

Basically that Dash’s dad is the ultimate douchebag and Kwan is a very loyal friend that helps Dash get around his dad.  I also see Dash as gay and Kwan (not gay, I don’t see them as a couple – I like thought that Dash, more stereotypically masculine other than his collection of plushies and his love of the romance channel and boy bands is the gay one, while Kwan, a little less macho, was the straight one) was one of the very few people Dash came out to while still in high school, and he helped cover for Dash when he was dating someone so no one else, especially Dash’s dad, would find out.  My Dash-centric fic Alibi goes into it in a little more detail.