anonymous asked:

Hey. This isn't a headcannon but more of a request. Can you give a list of good dp blogs? Like ask blogs or fic rec blogs or even photo edits? I'm having a hard time finding them myself.

Here’s a my main where I post mostly Danny Phantom (shameless plug sorry):


And here are a whole bunch that I like and I’m following:

@invisobil @greeneyeswhitehair @dannyphantomrenaissance @dannyelling @dannyphentomedits @dannyphantom-justiceleauge @icyspook @ectopusses @phantom-crossovers @onlyinamitypark @narwhalsarefalling @ask-dani-masters @totallycorrectdannyphantomquotes @mostlikelynothuman @textsfromghosts @currently-lurking @danny-phantastic

Sorry if I didn’t include anyone, i just went through my following and added stuff there. Some are just personal blogs where they post a lot of Danny Phantom and some are strictly DP content.

ventus-shmentus  asked:

Do you have any good DP blogs you recommend? I need more of my child on my dash

Sure I can direct you to some(a lot of) blogs that post all or mainly DP!


@textsfromghosts (this blog is devoted to texts going on between the citizens of Amity Park and it’s super rad)


























And that’s only to name a few. Heck I’m most likely missing quite a bit, but that can at least get you started!