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Masterlist || Part 2 (as requested)

A/N: Okay bIG MOOD

8:30 showed on your phone as you sat at the hotel lobby bar. A pianist played classical music in the corner of the room softly. The piece sounded familiar, but you couldn’t focus on the harmony. Your legs were a little chilly on the metal chair in your olive dress. You pulled down the hem wondering if it was too much for tonight; you told him to dress up, but you wondered if what you had on was too much.

Did it matter anyway? He was now fifteen minutes late at a 30 became a 31 on your clock. The bartender almost passed you until you caught his attention. 

“Dirty martini please,” you told him, tapping your coaster.

He nodded before starting to make your drink. Your patience was wavering. He hadn’t texted you or messaged you about being late or on his way. A simple text just saying, “traffic is horrible. be there in five,” would suffice. 

Your drink was delivered faster than you thought it would, but there was still no one walking into the hotel. You were the only one at the bar. Some had come to get a drink, but they were swept away by others, and that’s all you wanted. You wanted to be swept by someone; you wanted someone that demanded your attention but you always demanded theirs. 

“Scotch, straight,” a man dressed in a suit and tie said as he walked up behind you to order. He laid down some cash next to your drink; you weren’t an expert on the price of a scotch, but you were sure he laid down too much, “and hers as well,” he finished.

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Clingy (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: hello! love your blog! can i have a jughead x reader fic where the reader and jughead are dating and she overheard him telling someone (maybe like archie or betty) that she’s clingy and so she distances herself from him? lol idk if that makes sense but if you could write it that would be amazing! thank you!!!!

A/N: I love this prompt so much. I had so many different storylines come to mind but hopefully you enjoy this one! Requests are Welcome!!


– Clingy (Jughead x Reader) –

You were walking towards your locker when you saw them.

Jughead and Archie talking by Jug’s locker.

Your heart skips a beat when you see that he’s wearing your favorite sweater of his. The soft green one that goes oh so well with his eyes.

Stop at your locker then go say hi to your boyfriend and his best friend. Routine. Like clockwork. Only today is when things change.

Opening your locker, you hear Jug say something sounding like your name. Thinking he saw you, you move your head a little to smile at him only to find him and Archie frowning at each other. That’s weird.

You pull out your English book and shut your locker, shrugging it off.

As you start to get closer, you hear him.

“I don’t know Arch. Is she clingy? Are all girls like that?” He sighs and digs around his locker for his science book.

Were you being clingy? Your heart starts to tighten in your chest. Was it making Jughead uncomfortable?

“Nah. You know (Y/N) is just a touchy person.” Archie offers him a smile. Neither of them saw you standing in the hall by the water fountain.

Archie says something quieter so you couldn’t hear but Jughead responds.

“I know. we spend every day together. We do everything together. Sometimes I feel like she’s always there. I can’t concentrate on anything half the time. She’s a huge distraction.” He shuts his locker and turns to Arch.

Archie nods and pats his back, saying something else but you already turned to leave.

Feeling hurt, you decide not to stop and say hi to them. It would be too clingy.

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Let Daddy Make You Feel Good | Part One

soooo this is the first fic I’ve written in a while and the first one ever that I’ve decided to publish online haha it was also supposed to be a short one-shot but I got carried away and ended up with like 5K words of pure fucking smut. like beginning to end, this is all smut. so I’m splitting it up into two parts.

this is based off an actual dream I had about Tom a couple nights ago where we were staying in a hotel and someone was trying to flirt w me or some shit and I was texting Tom about how annoyed I was, and the most vivid part of the dream that I remember is a text from him that said “Come let daddy make you feel good” (A+ subconscious over here - Tom with a daddy kink). so this is loosely based off that dream, hope y’all enjoy 💖

“Come on baby, don’t be that way,” the older man’s voice gruffed.

“I said fuck off,” she spat. She rolled her eyes and took another sip of her drink as the older man next to her at the bar mumbled unintelligible curses and slipped away to bother someone else. She’d never had any issue fending for herself when it came to lonely, horny men in bars, but she had already been stressed from work and random strangers coming onto her wasn’t easing her irritation.

Her phone buzzed on the bar and she glanced down to see a text from her boyfriend Tom pop up on the screen. He had come back home to her from filming, but for only a few days before he was being whisked away to some other foreign location. For the meantime, they were holed up in a Four Seasons in Midtown Manhattan, all paid for by the company that had hired him. Normally she’d protest and demand he come home to her apartment – given she lived in New York and her place wouldn’t be a far drive – but she’d finally be spending a weekend with her boyfriend with no distractions, and she couldn’t complain.

Is that man still bothering you? Do I need to come downstairs and give him a piece of my mind love? x

She chuckled to herself as she read her boyfriend’s message. Despite the stranger at the bar being a good two feet taller than Tom, he would barge downstairs and willingly take him on himself for her. 

I’m alright, he’s gone somewhere to sulk. But he’s ruined my attempts at easing this headache. 😡

She hit “send” and took another swig of her drink. Tom was already upstairs in their suite, after his flight in he’d crashed in bed without second thought, so she decided to let him rest awhile and went to the bar downstairs to try and ease her headache. Her phone buzzed again with another message from Tom almost immediately after her previous message had delivered.

That’s a shame, I was looking forward to showing him what happens when someone messes with my girl.

Warmth spread inside her as she read the last two words and looked down to hide her grin. She adored Tom with every fiber of her being, and all the ways he showed her how much he adored her as well. Before she could type up a response, her phone buzzed again and another message from Tom popped up.

Forget the bar and come upstairs, darling. Come let daddy make you feel good.

She bit her lip and clenched her thighs closer together. This was going to be another one of those nights. She’d always harbored an interest in the whole “daddy kink”, in secret of course, since most of her friends always expressed their being grossed out by it. She was even more excited when she began to learn about her boyfriend’s hidden desires and discovered this was one of them. Although she found that he only pulled the daddy card on nights where he was feeling needier than usual, craving not only her touch but seeing her submit to him.

Nights like tonight.

Downing the rest of her drink, she spun around and hopped off the barstool to make her way to the elevator, the warmth already growing in her core. As she exited the elevator on their floor and rounded the corner, she saw him standing at the end of the hallway – was he that impatient that he was coming downstairs to retrieve her himself? He smiled warmly at her and extended a hand to her as she approached him. Taking her hand, he pulled her into an embrace, gently lifting her off the floor and spinning her in a circle once before setting her back down.

“Have I been gone that long?” she grinned, wrapping her arms around his neck. 

“Much too long, m’love,” he whispered just audible enough for her to hear. His eyes bore into hers, and she could see a flicker of something dark in them. Winding an arm around her waist, he pulled her close and lead her down the hall to their room.

The moment the door was locked she felt his hand on her arm pulling her back and pushing her against the door, Tom’s face centimeters from hers. Before she could utter a word his mouth was on her, kissing and licking at her neck while his hands raked up and down her body. 

“Are you going to be a good girl for daddy tonight?” his voice rasped in her ear.

“Uh huh,” she whimpered as she felt his hand move between her thighs. He slipped his hand down the front of her panties, sliding a finger over her clit.

“Fuck darling,” he groaned. “You’re soaking wet. Is this all for me?”

Her head fell back against the door as she moaned in response. He quickly removed his hand and gently grabbed her chin, tilting her head back down to look in her eyes.

“Answer me when I ask you a question,” he said sternly, making her knees go weak. She loved when he took control in the bedroom.

“Y-Yes,” she whispered, her breathing becoming heavier in her eagerness.

“Good girl,” he pressed a kiss to her lips. “Now, arms above your head, and don’t you dare move them.” 

She immediately obeyed, holding her hands together as far above her as her arms would allow. Tom returned to the spot in between her thighs, tapping her foot with his so that she would spread her legs farther apart for him. He slid his hand back down the front of her panties, this time lingering on her clit. He slid his middle finger back and forth over the sensitive bud of nerves, and her hips bucked in response. He held her down against the door with his free hand as he began rubbing her clit. Her hands balled into fists as she let out a loud moan that she was sure the other residents nearby could hear. He slipped a finger inside of her and she felt herself getting weaker, her hands sliding down to the top of her head. Without missing a beat, she felt Tom’s free hand grab her jaw, as the hand between her legs froze.

“What did I say about those hands?” he growled in her ear, to which she whimpered in response, returning her hands to the spot above her head. He began mercilessly rubbing her clit with his thumb as he pumped a finger in and out of her, making her squirm against the door.

“Tom… I’m gonna…” she breathed, feeling her muscles beginning to clench around his finger.

“Don’t you dare come without my permission,” he ordered, slipping a second finger inside of her. “I will punish you.”

But that’s exactly what she wanted, she loved the way his demeanor changed when she disobeyed him. And she loved the way he bent her over his knee and spanked her until her ass was cherry red. Gazing up at him through her lashes, her mouth dropped open as she let her orgasm wash over her. He continued to work her pussy as she rode out the rest of her orgasm, leaving her panting against the door. Before she could come down from her high, his hands were on her wrists as he pressed himself against her, his hardness poking against her leg.

“You dirty, filthy little girl,” he grumbled before pulling her towards the bed. He sat down on the edge of the bed as she stood in front of him, knowing very well what was coming next and she could feel herself becoming hot and bothered all over again at the thought of it.

“Strip,” he ordered. She immediately kicked off her heels, reaching back to unzip her dress and sliding it off. His eyes moved up and down her body as he removed his jacket, rolling up the sleeves of his gray sweater. After tossing her bra and panties into a pile of discarded clothing she stepped closer to him and he grabbed her wrist, pulling her down over his lap. She instinctively pushed her ass farther in the air, presenting herself to him as she bit her lip, waiting for his hand.

“Do you know what you’re being punished for, little girl?” He asked, sliding one hand up her back, gripping her shoulder and holding her down. When he heard no response from her, he brought his hand down on her ass. Letting out a small yelp, she grabbed handfuls of the comforter.

“I said, do you know what you’re being punished for,” he repeated, positioning his hand over her again, waiting for an answer.

“F-For coming without permission…” she mumbled into the comforter.

He brought his hand down on her ass again, harder this time, eliciting a louder cry from her.

“What was that, little girl?” 

“For coming without permission,” she repeated, lifting her head off the bed. Her response was met with another hard slap on her ass and she threw her head back into the comforter to muffle her cries. His hand moved from her shoulder, taking a handful of her hair and pulling her head back.

“I don’t think so sweetheart,” he chided. “You’re going to let everyone in this damn building hear those pretty cries, so they all know what happens to my little girl when she disobeys me.”

She gripped the bed covers tighter as he brought his hand down on her ass again, and again. Each time pulling loud cries from her and she hoped for his sake no one knew he was staying at this hotel. She’d hate for their little bedroom adventures to earn him never ending embarrassment from friends and family, not to mention his fans online if anyone heard about what was going on in their room.

Looking down at her ass, which was now a bright red, he promptly pulled her upright into a sitting position on his lap. She flinched as she was forced to sit down on her now-sore bottom, and he took her face in his hands.

“Are you going to be a good little girl now?” He asked, his lips ghosting over hers.

“Yes daddy,” she answered. She felt his cock twitch through his pants underneath her at her response. He pulled her in hungrily, prying his way into her mouth and gently taking a fistful of her hair, cautious of her possibly-sore scalp after tugging her hair earlier. Her hands eagerly moved down his torso to the hem of his sweater, tugging it up and over his head. She began moving off his lap to her knees in front of him, unbuttoning his pants to free his cock.

“Are you going to suck me off, sweet girl?” He cocked his head to the side as he gazed down at her. God, he loved seeing her like this.

“Yes daddy,” she replied again, more innocently this time. She bit her lip to hide her grin as his cock twitched in her hand at the sound of her answer. She could almost laugh at how worked up that word got him. 

Wasting no time, she took all of his length in her mouth, receiving a throaty groan from him. Staring up at him, she held eye contact as she began bobbing her head up and down over his cock, running her tongue along the underside of him.

“Fuck baby girl, you feel amazing,” he moaned, resting on his forearms to watch her. She slowly pulled away from him, releasing his cock with a loud pop before licking his slit ever so gently. After minutes of sucking and teasing, she could feel his hips starting to buck underneath her.

“Can daddy fuck your mouth little girl?” he asked between breaths. She could see his chest rising and falling and she knew he was close. She pulled away from him once more before nodding. She scooted away, sitting back on her heels. He pulled himself off the bed, dropping his trousers and kicking them off. 

“Such a good little girl you are,” he praised, stroking her cheek before running both his hands through her hair, gently taking ahold of her as she took him back into her mouth and allowed him to begin bucking his hips into her mouth.

The room was silent, save for the sounds of her gagging on his cock and his groans as he thrusted harder into her mouth. She could feel him dripping down her throat and knew he was close, and began swirling her tongue around his tip. 

“F-Fuck baby girl, m’not gonna last much longer,” he moaned, his words slurring together as he edged closer to his climax. She felt his cock twitch in her mouth once more and began bobbing her head in rhythm with his thrusts and felt him spill down her throat. His hips slowed to a halt as she continued sucking him off through his orgasm, swallowing down every drop of him. 

Pulling her to her feet, he wiped off the mixture of himself and her saliva off her chin and peppered small kisses on her cheeks and lips.

“Such a good girl, so good to me,” he wrapped his arms around her, rubbing small circles on her back. “Now, why don’t you get on the bed and let daddy make you feel good again.”

part two

Devil Side-Chapter 1

Summary:After a rough mission Bucky comes home to you broken, he pulls away from you, stays out late, comes home drunk and smelling like alcohol and cheap perfume, you confront him about his behavior, Bucky reacts in a way you did not expect, and it destroys your relationship.

Warnings: Angst, Violence, language, slight abuse.

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 1440

You were seated on the love seat in front of the television, your slender calves tucked underneath you, a warm faux fur blanket thrown haphazardly over your small frame with hair knotted in a high bun. Your favorite fuzzy pink pajamas bringing little comfort. It was almost four am. The clock ticking menacingly on the wall reminding you that this was the third time this week Bucky had failed to come home to you. Sighing deeply, ignoring the tears pooling in your eyes, you reach for your phone, hoping he had sent a message, telling you where he was at the very least.

Swiping at the screen, the glaring emptiness of your inbox was apparent. Not a single text from your boyfriend, not a missed call, nothing. You hurl your phone at the wall, watching as it smashes to pieces, bits of plastic raining onto the carpet. Immediately regretting your fit of pique, the shame blossoming in your chest has you rubbing your tired eyes gently. You settle back into the couch, staring at the door as your hand drops to your lap, fidgeting absent mindedly with the edge of the throw.

It hasn’t always been this way. Your relationship with Bucky had been a happy one, filled with laughter and love, respect and understanding. Granted, Bucky had never been an easy man to get along with. His PTSD and survivor’s guilt had plagued him nightly, manifesting in the most garish nightmares. He would flail and scream, waking drenched in sweat, eyes wild and fists clenched. He would brood for days after an episode, refusing to touch you, sometimes moving back into the tower only to come back after a couple of days. You had accepted him as he was, loved him for his flaws, his humor, his sense of morality. Bucky Barnes was inherently good, no matter how often he claimed he was a monster, you had never believed him.

The change had started two months ago after a particularly rough mission. he wouldn’t or couldn’t give you details, but he had stared vacantly at a wall for twelve hours, sending you into a panic when you couldn’t pull him out of it. Eventually you had to call Steve who talked Bucky back into the world of the living.

You had joked that he came back just to make Steve shut up, but Bucky didn’t even attempt to smile. A small part of you knew then, just knew, you had lost him.

It got progressively worse from there. He would stay out late, come home smelling like Bourbon and perfume, the stale smell of smoke lingering on his clothes. At first you confronted him, demanded an explanation for his actions. Bucky would merely sit quietly on the couch, not answering your demands for answers, before he would rise and lock himself in the bedroom, leaving you to cry alone.

It was the beginning of the end, one night a week turned to two, then three. He would barely talk to you, wouldn’t look at you, until he barely came home at all.

Pain. It’s such a broad term. Everything from physical to mental anguish falls under the word. It conjures up cuts and bruises, heart break and illness, yet it couldn’t describe what it was you felt when Bucky started to distance himself from you. It felt like heat, hot flames licking at your insides, burning a white path to your chest. It felt like knives, deliberately pushed into a raw exposed nerve. It felt like isolation, rejection, loneliness. Somewhere in your gut you knew that it was going to come to a head, and tonight would be the determining factor in your relationship.

The soft click of the door pulls you out of your head, your eyes focusing on the figure stumbling through it, his blue eyes red rimmed. You could smell the alcohol from your seat on the couch. Cheap cigarettes and perfume waft with it making you gag. You close your eyes tightly for there was no denying it anymore. You knew what he was doing, or at least assumed. It didn’t matter either way, you needed answers, needed an explanation for the distance, for the turmoil he was causing.

“Did you have fun?” you ask softly. “Did it make you forget?”

Bucky grunts, his metal fist clenched at his side. “I’m not in the mood for this,” he answers, throwing his keys nonchalantly in the bowl by the door. “I wanna go to bed, we can talk in the morning.”

You raise an eyebrow. “It is morning, James, and there’s no time like the present,” you reply calmly, covering the hurt with a mask of neutrality. Rising to your feet and closing the distance between you, raising a hand lightly to his face, just to touch, to soothe. You needed to feel him, just once. It had been so long since his smooth skin was underneath your fingertips, but he flinches away from you, his eyes set in a cold glare, slightly glazed from the copious amounts of alcohol he had consumed. You swallow down the sob the action brings, dropping your hand limply to your side. “Please let me help you, Bucky, I can’t stand seeing you like this,” pleadingly, voice filled with emotion, you almost delude yourself into thinking his eyes soften, that his shoulders relax, but the emotion is gone before you can process it replaced by burning anger.

“You can’t help me! You are the problem!” he roars. “Leave me the fuck alone!”

Instinctively you grab his arm to pull him close, to offer comfort, your hind-brain not communicating the dangers fast enough.

Before you can process whats happening, you’re slammed into a wall, your head bouncing off of it harshly. Stars burst in front of you, a low moan of pain sounds in your chest. Your hair is suspiciously wet as Bucky’s metal fist slams repeatedly into the wall next to your face, drilling a hole in it. Chunks of plaster and chips of paint fall onto the floor while Bucky snarls viciously into your face.

Breathing rapidly, eyes wide with fear, your entire body shakes violently. You had never been afraid of him, never once had you thought he would hurt you, but you watch his eyes as he seems to come to, come back from whatever dark place he’d disappeared into.

Realisation dawns, brings revulsion at himself, his actions.  Remorse and guilt fill his face as he raises his flesh hand to your face.

You whimper and flinch away, trying to hunch in yourself as he comes closer. You hear him suck in a sharp breath before he steps away from you. You don’t dare look at him, nor do you speak.

“Baby-” he stutters, his eyes wet with tears.

Shoving from the wall, you run as fast as you can. The door of your shared apartment bounces heavily in the frame as you slam it behind you. Fear and adrenaline pushing you to run faster. Blood is dripping down your collar, staining the pink of your pajama top red. Hailing a taxi through a haze of tears and delirious rambling, you tell the driver to take you to the one man that could protect you from Bucky, or so you hoped.

Trembling noticeably, your breathing labored, the taxi speeds down the streets of New York, taking you to your former home, the one place you had always felt safe. To your team, your family.

You needed to get to Steve.

The cab screeches to a halt in front of Stark Tower, and you clamber out unsteadily, tossing the driving a twenty in your haste. It’s started to rain, the heavy droplets soaking you to the bone in mere seconds. You bite down on your lip softly, the realisation suddenly hitting you that you couldn’t tell Steve what had happened with Bucky settles uneasily in your stomach.

Bucky was on temoultus ground as it was. Ripping Steve away from him would have severe consequences. He may even revert back to the Winter Soldier. No matter what he’d done, you couldn’t be responsible for that.

Sinking slowly to your knees on the curb, your body racked with silent tears, you decide not to tell Steve, but you couldn’t go home. You were stuck and alone.

You stay that way for what feels like an eternity before steadily rising to your feet. tucking a wet strand of hair behind your ear, then you enter the building, informing F.R.I.D.A.Y you would be staying in your old room.

The world and everything in it could wait till morning.

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Fluttered Eyes | SCENARIO

Originally posted by dovounq

Mark | Scenario | masterlist

req; any mark requests in ur inbox 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 if not hello I am here to request some sleepy mark fluff && im crying in the club at that bf mark post plsssssss my heart needs more :,( could u write about mark sleeping over for the first time??? also a lil heads up the links in your masterlist aren’t working for me, not sure if it’s the same w/ everyone else :-(

A/N: hii, thank you both for these requests, soft!mark leggooo

It was almost 8:40PM, you laid on the fluffy mattress of your bed. Beside you, your phone buzzed, notifying you of a text from your boyfriend, Mark. He was informing you that he was on his way over, he had a shitty day and just wanted to be in your comfort. Of course, you gladly welcomed him. It wasn’t long until the doorbell rang, you zoomed down the stairs to greet a tired looking Mark.

“Hey.” He tried forcing a smile, but you knew he was tired and upset. Instead pf speaking, you took his hand and guided him upstairs to your room, he closed the door in the process.  

Upon arrival to your bedroom, he stood there with pouty lips as he looked at you, extremely tired. You closed the door behind him and wrapped your arms around his neck, his hands gently resting on your hips as you both looked at each other, silence filled the room. “What happened?” You asked, your voice almost as quiet as a mouse. “It’s a long story, I’m just exhausted now, but I wanted to see you.” Mark replied with a slight frown, he looked like he was about to collapse. 

You pecked his lips but he soon pressed his lips back on yours for a small kiss, with his eyes fluttered his lips soon halted against yours. Your eyelashes fluttered open to see his closed, you giggled as he literally had fallen asleep kissing you. Gently pulling away from him, you carefully walked him over to your bed and pulled him under the duvets with you.

Mark held you close as he buried his neck in the crook of your neck, his lips lightly grazing against your skin as he tried sleeping. “I’m sorry for showing up like this.” He mumbled against your neck, in return you simply stroked his hair to ease him to sleep. “It’s alright baby, just rest.” You cooed. 

He clinged onto you like a koala, your legs entwined with each other as you both lay there together. 

Sick Day

Originally posted by m-pott

Tom Holland x Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: After finding out your boyfriend is sick, you come to his rescue with a shit ton of snuggles and medicine.

Word Count: 1,310

Warnings: Language, fluff, sick!Tom, phobia of being sick (?), needy!Tom, snuggles beyond this world (lemme tell ya, GEEZ.)

A/N: Guess who’s back, m'friends! I apologize for my sudden “disappearance” lol. School and personal stuff has been really weighing me down. I won’t share the juicy details. For the anon that requested this, I hope I did it justice. :// As always, feedback is appreciated. Enjoy reading!

Waking up on a bright, sunny Saturday, you jump out of bed with a giddiness in your bones.

Maybe it was because of the weekend… or possibly the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream you have saved for your binge day today.

Either way, you were bubbling with so much happiness that it started to alarm you. Especially since you weren’t one to really express emotions all the time. 

However, that was put to a halt when you got a text from your boyfriend, Tom.

Tom: To Y/N

Baaaabe, I think I’m sick.

Oh, c'mon!

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Scenario: Bad Day

You’ve had a really shitty day at work. The only

in the horizon is the text you got from your boyfriend, saying he will help himself inside your place and wait for you to come home.


Seeing you walk through the door with slumped shoulders and a scowl decorating your pretty face scares him. What happened? Are you okay? He is all over you, checking you for physical injuries his mind conjured up in overdrive. He won’t let it go before he hears what has happened.

When you tell him you just had a shitty day at work, he will feel bad for you, but also make it his personal goal for the day to make you feel better. Noctis is relieved to hear your state of mind is something he can help with.

He wheedles you until you allow yourself to be escorted into the bedroom. Then, the Needy Prince™ showers you with silly kisses, cuddling and tickling you until you elicit a smile and laugh because of his ministrations.


It’s hard to stay in bad mood when you’re in the same room with this sunshine child. He understands if you don’t want to dwell on it, but he is always ready to listen. He even encourages you to vent, if that’s what you need. Prompto might not be the best one to offer advice, but no one can surpass him as a shoulder to cry on.

Other than lending his ear, Prompto is ready and able to tear your mind off the shitty day. By whatever means necessary. Be it something sweet to eat, a walk outside or just a warm hug, he’s got you. Silly photoshoots and extemporaneous things to do are his strong suit. He is very persistent in coaxing any idea out of you that might make you feel better.


Just a simple question of “What’s wrong babe?” escapes him as soon as you walk into his field of vision. Trying to hide or downplay the fact that your day has been awful is no use - Gladio will pry the information about what happened from you.

He hugs you while you bury your face into his chest, and strokes your hair. When he feels you relax, he is ready to do anything to help your brighten up, you only need to ask.

Gladio is ready to go teach a lesson to anyone who makes you feel so shitty and you will end up trying to calm him down. However, he is quick to apologize for his reaction and strong words, but just knowing the extent of what he would do for you makes you feel better.


The moment you step inside your apartment, a delicious smell greets you. Of course Ignis would prepare a dinner to wait for you to come home. Seeing your frown makes him instantly abandon the cooking and come over to you. Any resulting burnt food is nowhere near as important as hearing you to tell him what’s causing you to sulk.

Ignis appreciates it if you’re willing to confide in him, but he understands if the issue is something you don’t wish to discuss anymore. Though he knows your work so well, that he can probably guess what’s got you under the weather.

After dinner, Ignis has you sit on a cushion on the floor and settles behind you on the couch. He massages your tight shoulders until you relax while talking about anything you’d like.


Nyx is actually sleeping soundly in your bed after a deployment when you come home. Your troubles seem miniscule next to the fact that he has come safely home, back to you, once more. But also just seeing him after a long time makes your heart lighter.

You quietly shed your working clothes and crawl into the bed next to him. Of course you cannot physically be so silent, that you wouldn’t wake up the hero of the Kingsglaive. Nyx stirs enough to open his arms and pulls you close. With his sleepy grunts and hoarse “Welcome home” in your ears, your shitty day gets much better.


Ravus definitely notices something is off when he lays his eyes on you. But, don’t expect him to start questioning what’s wrong. He is big on personal space, especially emotionally, and extends the same courtesy for you. He knows you’ll tell him if it’s something that concerns him or if you just need to talk.

He makes the effort of being more attentive to you until you feel better. The thing with Ravus is, he will gladly comfort you when you need it, but he won’t tout it, so you really can’t be shy about your needs. If you want something from him, you have to say it out loud.

Ravus can be really affectionate, when it is called for, but his forte in helping you to feel better is a comfortable silence.

Bittersweet Anguish - T.H

A/N: Something small n sad that I’ve been working om

Warnings: Sadness at first but overall fluff

“I’ve been trying so hard lately, I’m trying so damn hard to make long distance work but it feels like it amounts to nothing.” You said and placed a shaky finger on the end call button, preparing to hang up before things got to rough.

You new any moment now someone would knock on his trailer door and he’d have to leave for filming, then you wouldn’t receive a call, text or even snapchat from your boyfriend of 2 years for the next 3-5 days. But you’d sit by your phone and wait for him to text, even though you knew he was beyond busy.

“I love you Tom, but i need to know that you love me too and i’m not just weighing you down” You finished

“You know i love you darling, i’m doing this for us. W-when I come home-” Mid way through his sentence, Tom was cut off by that dreaded knock. The knock that ended your call at only 4 minutes, 32 seconds.

4 days without a word from Tom and all you get is a 4 minute, 30 second call

“I don’t want to have to feel like a burden to my own boyfriend Tom, I’m sorry, just- I don’t want this anymore” With that you ended the call. Once Tom’s face was off of the screen you broke down, letting all of the pent up emotion out into you and Tom’s shared apartment. Tessa ran up to you, whimpering and whining, she missed Tom just as much as you.

You hated feeling so selfish, but you couldn’t help but want some love from your long term boyfriend. You knew how important the movie was to him, he couldn’t have any distractions right now.

You missed his cologne enveloping you as you slept besides him, his arms around your waist and sometimes his nose pressed against your neck. You craved his company and affection. You wanted- no needed to feel like lips against yours and his laugh echoing off the walls of your 2 bedroom apartment.

Now, all you’d had for the last 4 months was his pillow and a few t-shirts that no longer smelled like him, you had memories and videos of the practical jokes you use to play on each other and the rare gif or boomerang where he’d be looking at you like you’re the only girl that matters or placing a gentle kiss on your cheek.

You waited and waited, not a call nor text from your boyfriend- now ex boyfriend. With a sigh you gave up staring at your phone, realising it wasn’t going to buzz anytime soon and slid into bed, deciding to sort out your new living situation in the morning. Tessa curled up at the end of bed and plonked down, you loved having her company.


You had to say it must’ve been around 4 am when you woke up to someone placing what sounded like keys on the nightstand and slid into bed next to you, your sudden reflex was to scream but the person slammed a hand down over your mouth before you could.

You wondered why Tessa didn’t freak out and start attacking the intruder, always being overly protective of both you and Tom.

“Shh, It’s just me darling” The British voice spoke

Suddenly you felt all your muscles relax, all trace of fear and thoughts that you were about to die fled your brain, it was just Tom.

“Tom? W-what are you doing here? You’re meant to be filming” You spoke after he removed his hand

“I spoke to the director and told him i had a family emergency, they’re going to be filming with the other guys for a few days until i can get back” He started “After you hung up i got on the first plane i could and here i am” he finished

Your heart practically melted. Only a few hours ago you were mad at him, now you just wanted to jump into Tom’s comforting arms

“I’m sorry, i-i was selfish and-” Tom cut you off by placing a soft kiss on your trembling lips

“I’m here, i couldn’t wait a second longer to see you again” He spoke once he pulled away

You practically threw yourself into his arms, you could’ve sworn his muscles had gotten bigger in the last 4 months but you weren’t complaining.

Yesterday’s argument was completely forgotten as you enveloped yourself in his body. Arms and legs intertwined as he rocked you two back and forth.

“Let’s talk about what happened in the morning, okay darling? I don’t know about you but i’m dead tired and it’s been awhile since i’ve slept in a bed this comfortable”

You laughed lightly at his successful attempts to soften the air between you two

“I have no objections Spiderman”

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Requested: May I request something? Could you make one where shawn makes dinner for you both?

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You’re at work when your phone buzzes with a text from your boyfriend. All it says is: Are your roommates home? You have no idea why he would be asking this. You hadn’t even planned to see Shawn tonight. He knows you have a lot of homework to do tonight because you had to tell him you wouldn’t be able to make it to his studio session. He is in LA for a few days recording, and you had planned to spend the evening with him in the studio because you love watching him record, and you try to spend as much time together as you can whenever he’s in LA. But the studio is an hour and a half drive from your University and you just couldn’t see yourself driving for three hours when you have papers to write and exams to study for even though you did really want to see him. 

Lily should be. Why? You respond. 

Can I have their numbers? Comes his next message without the explanation you wanted. 

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Trouble - Jughead Jones

ikkaylove said:

can i have a jughead imagine where he accidentally forgets our anniversary and i give him the silent treatment but then we make up in the end. (something like that)

Anonymous said:

Could I please request a Jughead imagine where the two of you get into a big fight and then make up afterwards with lots of fluff

Anonymous said:

DKSFWHER can u do fic where the reader finds out about jughead’s situation and convinces her/their parents to let him crash w/ them since he has nowhere else and,,, he’s just so, grateful and it’s just rlly fluffy bc he’s so lucky 2 have the reader (romantically or platonically, either is fine) ;0;

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Okay, I hope all of you were okay with me mixing these requests. As soon as I read them I had an idea, so let’s see if you like it!!!

Jughead : Y/N I’m sorry.

Jughead : Please answer me

Jughead : At least let me explain.

You watched as your phone screen continued to light up with texts from your boyfriend, Jughead Jones. You didn’t dare reply, you were still fuming about today. It was your one year anniversary as a couple and Jughead, he forgot about it. You felt a little petty that it annoyed you so much, but it was important. So important that, after school before he could go home, you found him and chewed him out for forgetting about it.

“What the Hell, Jones,” you had said, shocking your boyfriend. “What?” You had felt so much anger in that moment, you snapped. “You forgot about our anniversary!” Realization reached his eyes and he dropped his overloaded backpack to the ground. “I’m sorry Y/N, I just have,” You just shook your head, “yeah, I get it. You were too busy with something more important, probably your stupid novel. That’s fine Jughead.” You were about to turn around when you felt him grab your arm. “Y/N please just hear me out,” you simply pulled away from him. “Not now Jughead, I’ll call you later.” You had stormed away from him,  leaving him distraught.

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Archibald, are you jealous?{Archie Andrews}

Prompt: Hello I just love your blog you are amazingly good writer keep going because you are one of the rare blogs with smut that I follow. Can you do an Archie Andrews imagine when he get jealous of one of your teacher (kind of like him and his music teacher but in reverse ) I don’t know if it make sense, love from France 😘

Pairing: Archie x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warning: Spanking

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Splashes Of Colour

Warnings: A bit of self hate, but it’s mostly fluff this time. I know, I’m surprised too. 

Ship: Polyam Sanders (though there is a lot of Prinxiety in there because I just needed the fluff)

Notes: This is a soulmate au. It’s the one where you can’t see colours until you lock eyes with your soulmate. I also hope I did the romance and polyamory bits right because I don’t romance haha. This fic will be on AO3 later, as I spent almost three hours editing it and it crashed at the emojis (thrice) and I didn’t wanna edit again yesterday, so it’ll be up later.

Tag list (message me if you want to be included): @musicphanpie-b, @imin-loveanon, @ordinary-chaos, @sandersandthesides, @ajumbleofwords, @demonickittykat, @zadi-jyne​, @serenefreakgeek, @fandons-mangoes, @leesacrakon, @analogicalisreal, @getupanddothething, @love-sanders-sides

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