texts you all the time



❃ The one that will try to make you laugh as much as possible. He is known for being funny and always making jokes; so naturally, he will try to be extra funny around you. However, the reality would be quite different; Jisung would try very hard, but when he looks at you is like all his thoughts disappear and he can’t let out a single word. He would become too awkward to say jokes and too shy to talk to you. Would probably wait for someone to start a conversation so can jump in and get a chance to speak to you. Him falling in love with you means becoming a lot more protective. The type to always call you to say good night and good morning; and also whenever he sees something that reminds him of you or just a thing that he thinks you will find amusing, he will definitely text you. You would be on his mind 24/7 and somehow I think he won’t be able to work properly because all these thoughts about you would be stuck in his head.


❃ Out of all the boys, he would probably be the most optimistic about and somehow I feel that he won’t be worried at all about falling in love. Rather being worried he is falling for you, he would be anxious about whether you would fall for him as well or not. He would be very outgoing and open-minded about your relationship; he may even give you a cute little nickname made especially for you. Sungwoon would be very respectful though and he will try to find out a lot about you: hobbies, favorite movies, favorite food, bands, any little quirks about you. He will also pick up a lot on the way and notice some habits you have and some of your likes/dislikes and make a mental note about it. He will be very sincere and honest about his feelings; he may confess quite fast while you two are eating lunch or something; on the surface Sungwoon won’t seem affected one bit by saying it, but on the inside he would be dying and he is biting his tongue in fear you may reject him. 


❃ He would care a lot about first impressions and I feel that throughout the whole development of your relationship, Minhyun will try to make a good impression; so that you will end up liking him. He would be a gentleman with such good manners; always opens your door, pays for anything when you go out, sends you good night and good morning messages, lends you his jacket if it’s called. He will do a lot of little things that he believes will make a difference. He would value your opinion a lot and be very attentive you everything you say; Minhyun will also probably put you first before everyone. He would literally treat you like the most precious thing in the whole world once he realizes he is falling for you. 


❃ Extremely confident at the surface; he won’t be shy to flirt with you and be very smooth at it. He is a sweet talker and honestly, this boy knows exactly what to say to make you smile and blush like crazy. Quite protective as well; one that dislikes it if you are friends with too many guys since he can get jealous easily if he think another guy is flirting with you. He would be the one to text you and call at all times and sometimes it can get quite cheesy, but you both enjoy; especially Seongwoo. You two would be hanging out and after he walks you home, he would call you one minute after because he misses you. He would be very spontaneous with his actions as well and sometimes he can hug you out of nowhere; however he won’t go too far, the most is a kiss on the cheek which leaves both of you flustered; but Seongwoo being Seongwoo will just hide his pink cheeks and make a lame joke.


❃ The kind of guy that will serenade you late at night when it’s just the two of you and his guitar watching the stars on top of an empty cliff and everything so romantic and ideal for a confession; which Jaehwan actually intended to do. But then he forgets the lyrics in the middle and starts laughing like an idiot while rolling on the ground. He can be a little tactless and say things without any filter; so he will usually make compliments in the most bizarre and unique ways. When he feels he is falling in love, this boy will go out of his way for you. You can even call him at 3 am saying you need a ride to Busan and he will come as fast as he can even if he has a schedules at 8 am. He will sing for you a lot and it will mostly be love or confession songs through which he is hoping you get the hint that he is falling for you. 


❃ A very kind and loving person, especially to the one he is falling in love with. Daniel will be the one to approach you first all the time; he will be very sincere with his feelings, sometimes even to the point of it being cheesy. Will text you he misses you and that he wants to see you at the most random times. Just like Seongwoo, he would be quite confident in himself, but this little puppy will probably melt when you flash him a smile and tell him his hair looks good today. Even though Daniel doesn’t know your feelings for him, he is sure of his enough to not get jealous and give you space and letting you just do your thing. However, he will probably text you or call you things like: “smile more, you look beautiful” “you can’t see me Daniel” “I don’t have to see you to know”. He would take care of you a lot and baby you so much; basically helping you with everything even if you don’t need it. You have to put your shoes on? Daniel is helping. You have to carry a grocery bag? Daniel is helping. You have to cook dinner? Daniel is helping. You need to buy new clothes? Daniel is helping and paying too.


❃ He would melt and blush everytime he sees you smile or laugh or whenever you look at him. He would be very conscious of himself when falling for someone; I feel that he will spend a lot more time thinking about what outfit to wear and how to do his hair. Sometimes he will even avoid doing a little gesture or some habit because he is afraid you may find it annoying. He would honestly be in awe every single time he sees you because he thinks you look more and more beautiful each time. Very adorable, but equally as shy; he would try to make you compliments and sometimes even try to confess, but no words would come out. And sometimes he is going to be so embarassed, so he won’t be the type to talk too much. He would be more reticent and cautious when approaching you because he is sincerely falling in love for the first time and he doesn’t want to ruin it. 


❃ He would try to be very confident, probably asking his older members for advice about what to say and do in front of you. He will want to look good and try to make you like him. He will look very bold when he will talk to you and use that gorgeous smile of his and those little winks he does everytime he grins in his favor; but throughout the whole conversation you can see how nervous he truly is as his cheeks will always get a shade brighter whenever you smile or touch his arm playfully. I somehow feel that even though Woojin is quite young, he will act very manly when he is falling in love; protecting you and respecting you and a lot of things that someone his age may not think about. If Jaehwan would sing to you, Woojin will always try to show the things he is the most confident about which is dancing. I feel that he will always invite you to the dance studio and prepare especially difficult choreographies so he can show you the cool side of him.


❃ The type that will listen to your problems, your complaints, those stupid funny stories which happened 3 months ago, but you just have to say it again because it was so amusing. When falling for someone, this boy would get attached to you pretty quickly and probably fall hard and all at once. You can notice it quite fast by the fact that whenever you have a problem, Jinyoung magically solves it, how he is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on, how his eyes twinkle whenever you smile or act cute around him and even the blush he gets when you hug him and tell him he is adorable. I feel that he would want to be friends with you at first, but it would feel more like two peas in a pod and he would always be with you whenever he has the chance. The type to be more confident over the phone, rather than in person. He would pay you a lot of compliments over text messages and tell how pretty your outfit was today and how he can’t wait to meet again. However, once you do meet, the poor baby would be blushing and stutter every word. Definitely prefers to listen to you, rather than talking because he is afraid of saying something stupid and you not liking him. 


❃ When falling for someone, he would be the kind of guy that notices every little detail about you. From the way you chew on your lower lip when you feel awkward, to the way you always have your bangs on the left side. He would always point it out whenever there is something changed about you; it would be his way of showing he cares enough to remember all these details about you that won’t matter to anyone else. He would be very sweet and always remember how you like your coffee and what’s your favorite type of cake. And always, but always, make sure to bring them to you whenever you two meet. Very talkative actually, he would try to bond with you over so many things; I feel that even if he doesn’t like a movie or a song, he will just gush over it so he can see your smile when you find out you both like the same thing. Extremely supportive of you and your dreams; you literally got your own personal cheerleader in Daehwi. 


❃ Also a person who likes to listen more than speaking. Between your conversations there would long and calm pauses; but they won’t be awkward. It would feel as if you both take in each other’s presence and enjoy being together even without words. He isn’t very good with words in spite of him being multilingual and when falling in love with someone his actions would definitely speak louder than words. Guan Lin is the type that would get jealous quite easily if you were to hang out with other guys often. He won’t say anything, but have a displeased face and glare at the guy who was patting your head and congratulating you for acing that test. He would be quite possessive and selfish when it comes to sharing you with someone else and he would often ask you to meet alone rather than with friends. It would be quite hard to read him because he would always have a straight face on, but if you were to pick every little thing he does for you and the way he stares at you when you speak or how he always somehow avoids skinship and turns a little shy afterwards; it would make it quite obvious he was falling for you. 

being best friends with bambam

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  • you guys would meet when he moved to korea to become a trainee
  • he would compliment your outift 
  • and you would compliment his in return
  • you would exchange phone numbers and become friends quickly
  • shopping together all the time
  • weird faces
  • ugly selfies
  • him texting you a few mintes before he posts on instagram
  • “hey y/n im gonna post in a few, so be prepared to go like it and comment”
  • him calling you just to tell you something random and stupid
  • you telling him/ forcing him to eat more because he’s skinny as hell
  • you having to listen to him singing off key
  • dabbing everywhere and anywhere 
  • since you’re friends with bambam, being friends with yugyeom is essential
  • the three of you would cause chaos everywhere and annoy everyone 
  • “GRRRAH”
  • and laughing at yugyeom together because he can’t roll his r’s
  • bambam also getting kinda jealous when you and yugyeom hang out without him
  • holding hands with bambam bc his hands are probably soft af
  • getting ice cream together
  • talking in english with him, jackson and mark
  • you and mark also being close
  • listening to music with bambam late at night
  • him buying you little gifts every now and then
  • laughing 24/7
  • asking you if his hair or outift looks good
  • him teaching you thai so you guys can judge everyone without them knowing
  • you guys driving to no where in particular at night, just blasting music and singing horribly 
  • him fanboying over gdragon 
  • going out to dinner with him and the other members
  • the other members loving when you’re around because you and bambam are just so alike and funny
  • screaming loudly to annoy people
  • talking about the latest fashion trends
  • him wanting to take you back to thailand with him to meet his family bc you’re pretty special to him
  • his family basically already knows you though because he posts about you on social media all the time he talks about you to them constantly
  • sometimes he will just show up at your aprtment uninvited and walk in as if he owns the place
  • him singing and blasting his own songs around your apartment
  • both of you hating it when you guys fight 
  • but you always forgive each other
  • except for the very last fight you guys had.
  • it was four years ago.
  • you had just gotten boyfriend, and bam didnt like him
  • at all.
  • bam told you that he would just break your heart, but you didn’t listen
  • so, bambam stopped talking you, he didn’t want to be around your boyfriend or you when he would break your heart
  • it became a full year that bambam hadn’t spoke to you, and your boyfriend cheated on you
  • you should’ve listened to bambam, but when you tried to call him or the boys, they had changed thier numbers
  • now, you and bambam are both 24
  • got7 is doing amazing, or so you’ve heard
  • everytime got7 comes on the radio or the tv or your social media, you turn it off or scroll past it quickly
  • you miss bambam but he’s probably forgotten about you

me, to myself through gritted teeth, after watching a new show and liking literally hundreds of posts relating to it: okay now pick the PERFECT one and ONLY reblog that one because you need to show some goddamn SELF-CONTROL. MAYBE put one in the queue. don’t overdo it this time

me, a day later: hi guys so i’ve switched fandoms,

fun fact for neurotypicals: a suicidal person can laugh and make jokes and do things that they enjoy and live and work and function all while still being suicidal. stop erasing our mental illnesses just because we don’t constantly act like we’re mentally ill.

If you think I won’t scroll through 3000 notes just to look at the tags you put on my posts, you really underestimate your importance and how a cute tag can make my day 100 times better

things I want but will never ask for:

- you to text me first
- blowing up my phone bc you miss me
- forehead kisses
- back rubs - hugs from behind
- calling me “your girl”
- sending me songs that make you think of me
- playing with my hair while I fall asleep - “did you remember to…” texts
- holding my hand all the time
- morning sex
- reassurance that you love me
- dancing in the kitchen
- late night talks about life
- silly pictures
- breakfast dates

People talk about modern heartbreak in a romantic way, but what about heartbreak in friendships? Or people who were your best friend and something more? No one talks about what it’s like to get so used to talk to someone everyday, and then have that slowly fade out of existence. Like, one day you just stop messaging each other or the conversations get dull or they just stop responding. Then you sit there with all of these memories and all of this time you spent Skyping or texting or hanging out, and suddenly that’s all you’re left with. Memories that you’re afraid only you care about anymore, yet you still don’t know how to let them go. So, you sit there months later, wondering what happened and if you could’ve done something to change it.

3 Study Methods You Should Use More Often

This was originally for an article writing assignment, but I thought “why not write something I can also post on my blog?” so here are three study methods that I haven’t seen a lot of in the studyblr community but are definitely worth mentioning.

The Leitner System

          Flash cards have remained one of the most popular ways to study. Some people use them to memorize vocabulary, remember answers to specific questions, or even associate dates with events. Although the use of flash cards is convenient, their effectiveness has been reduced due to most people’s habits of prioritizing each card equally and therefore spending too much time memorizing the information on them.

          The Leitner System, created by a German popularizer of science named Sebastian Leitner, is a more efficient method of studying that implements the concept of spaced repetition. All the cards start off in one pile. You would first scan through these cards, then test yourself. Each card you answer correctly goes to a second pile, while those you answer incorrectly should be revised then placed at the bottom of the pile. When you review the cards in the second pile and get them correct, they will be promoted to a third pile. An incorrect card will always get demoted to the first pile, even if they had previously been promoted to the last pile.

          The reason why this method is so effective is that you end up reviewing the first pile of cards more frequently—the cards you don’t know very well. Some people choose to review their Stack 1 cards every day, Stack 2 cards every other day, Stack 3 cards once every three days, and so on.

          Once all your cards have been promoted to the highest box, study them thoroughly and then start over. The continuous revision trains your speed so that you may reach fluency, which allows you to recall the information faster.

Timed Memorization

          The name tells it all: you memorize a certain text within a time limit, normally around five to ten minutes depending on your fluency and memorization abilities. When the timer starts, you begin memorizing. When time is up, you flip to the next page, even if you haven’t finished the previous page yet. Continue until you’ve gone through all your material.

          Timed memorization helps you to discipline yourself because your brain thinks that there’s no time for messing around; you have to do this here and now. Make sure to repeat the things you missed and revise everything frequently. This method is actually one of the most effective for cramming as it gives a better coverage than if you spend a whole half hour memorizing one subtopic.

The Memory Palace or Mind Palace

           Sound familiar? In BBC’s Sherlock, the ‘highly functioning sociopath’ uses this method to remember vital information and facts. A mind palace is a systematic arrangement of information, each detail corresponding to a specific object in a familiar place. To ensure that you really remember everything, the objects have to appear shocking and conspicuous.

           Here’s an example: if I wanted to memorize “crimson, 11, delight, petrichor (the smell after rain)”, aside from imagining Amy Pond or the Doctor saying it, I would first choose a place, let’s say my school. I’d imagine myself walking up to the front gate and seeing that the entire building has been painted the color of blood—crimson. The building would then rise as though it were lifted from the earth and crumble into rubble, controlled by Eleven, the character from Stranger Things. Now, since I can’t really picture delight specifically, I’d probably end up visualizing a colossal sign that simply reads “delight” posted in front of my school. As for petrichor, I’d imagine curves rising out of the puddles on the asphalt after a rainy night, a visual representation of the smell of the rain. Of course, these visualizations have been created to suit my memory. (I wouldn’t know if you watched Stranger Things.)

           I used this method when memorizing case studies for geography, although I chose to visualize fictional places from television series and cartoons. Some people do opt to create artificial places, but these often become blurry and are easily forgotten.

           As with any study method, repetition is vital to storing the information in your long-term memory. Visit your “palace” as often as you can. Soon enough, you’ll remember the data as well as you remember the place associated with the data.

So there you have it, three lesser known methods of studying that have proven to be immensely efficient. Now, there is no “correct” way to study, but there are methods that can ease your learning process.


waiting here, for evermore. (x)

the signs in a relationship
  • Aries: will make their s/o go out everywhere with them all the time
  • Taurus: 24/7 hugs, ice cream and pizza and naps
  • Gemini: brags about you to everyone
  • Cancer: wants to be with you all the time, gets worried when you don't text back, is your best friend too
  • Leo: buys you gifts all the time, full of surprises
  • Virgo: will fight your battles for you and make collages and scrapbooks of your memories together
  • Libra: looooves PDA, constant love and affection and cuteness, especially in public
  • Scorpio: writes poetry/songs about you, freaks out when they hear about you, cannot contain their love for you
  • Sagittarius: the kind of person to run away with, is dreamy, will fight your battles for you
  • Capricorn: will tuck you in and take care of you, worries about you 24/7, will likely lock you in their basement
  • Aquarius: will stay up with you till 3am talking about crazy dreams and ideas, is an absolute rollercoaster
  • Pisces: will dream about you forever and ever and is your little pet
UK Radio Stations

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boys are so fucked up like in the beginning they text you back all the time, call you every night and tell you how amazing you are bla bla bla and when they have you they suddenly change. They do what ever the fuck they want because they know that at the end of the day youll be the one who tells them how scared you are of losing them even if they are the ones who should be afraid but they take u for granted i hate this