texts with catie

Text {Catnessa}
  • Catie: You are. I figured everybody knew because you know, they all put my business on blast. What don’t you already know?
  • Vanessa: I better be. I don't trust those gossip bitches so.......... I figured you'd tell me if it was important. So just update me.
Text {Catra}
  • Nora: Hey, Okay, so I know you know that I'm in New York. I just want to explain whats going on before you get upset or sad or anything because thats the literal last thing I want.
  • Nora: Harley found me crying on the balcony and surprised me by telling me she was taking me to New York. I had no idea, no hand in planning this. She just told me she thought New York might cheer me up and that she was taking me. I just needed to get away from the show, and everything about it.
  • Nora: I kept checking twitter, Instagram, snapchat after everything...and then I'd see something that upset me and drink more. I don't think I left my room until you saw me on the balcony....You know that New York is one of the only places in the world that will keep me off of social media because I'll be to interested in just wondering the city streets. I swear nothing is happening I just needed to get away from LA and from the drama.