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fuck taylor nation

Honestly I used to live up their asshole but like… i am … so done…. I’d say time to spill tea but this isn’t tea this is water we all been knew!

So the water is that reputation sessioners are there meeting her again but people that met her 4+ years ago got rejected for the secret sessions. I know multiple people that this has happened to. Like I don’t fucking care how many times people meet Taylor, but I do fucking care when the rule doesn’t apply to everyone!!!!! “If you’ve met Taylor you can’t meet her again” ya ok Barbara but why don’t you hold everyone up to that standard? And this isn’t @ anyone specific, but like why have a rule if you’re not gonna stick to it? Like either have it or fucking dont? I am fully aware that the people at the party tonight didn’t know Taylor was going, this isn’t to shade them at all. I’m not saying that they should have turned down invites, they deserve to be there. But, I’m mad because TN is literally doesn’t even TRY to get other fans to meet her. Don’t fucking fight me on this WE ALL KNOW IT’S TRUE. Like if they tried a LITTLE BIT to help people that have never met her, I might pipe down a little. It’s incredibly unfair to invite people that JUST MET HER to a special event/m&g when there’s fans that have never met her. (Again, before you send me anon hate, THIS ISN’T SHADE TO ANY SESSIONERS THIS IS SHADE TO TN) This is coming from someone that has met Taylor. I am so happy for everyone there, don’t get me wrong. I’m just extremely upset with this management. Taylor Nation needs to do better, I’m fucking tired of this. My heart hurts. 

amazingalaina  asked:

A bunch of rookies all sitting around a phone: "oh mighty mysterious sid please guide us through what ever relstionship problems we may face" Incoming text message from sid: "dont send dick pics" Rookies: " The Sid Has SPOKEN!! "


Second text from Sid: also who is this????

Eventually someone works up the nerve to call the number for live advice and it goes -

Rookie: Sidney I need help
Geno: okay I don’t know who you are but you stop calling my boyfriend’s number or I’m find you and kill you
Rookie: okay I understand but can you please pass him this message–
Rookie 2: DUDE HANG UP

Signal Strength: Chapter 2

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor, Modern AU (modernized fantasy world)
Pairings: Bilbo/Thorin. Mentions of Kili/Tauriel, Primula/Drogo
Chapter: 2/? (chapter 1 here)
An AU where everything is the same, there are still elves, dwarves, hobbits, and a quest to reclaim a mountain from a dragon.

But now there are also cell phones, computers, motorcycles, and discussions of species-based racism.

It turns out not much changes. Here is an old tale retold through the text logs taken from the phone of a Mister Bilbo Baggins.

Chapter 2: Bilbo earns a new contact name, Thorin gets several more, there are orcs, goblins, and a dwarf King who shows an increasing tendency to text-spam.

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  • antis: we dislike this ship because we interpret it as abusive and we are discomforted by the concept of these two people being shipped together in a romantic light and we are going to express this with our own tag and you can block it, but we're still going to be talking about it because it's disconcerting that people are going so far to ship a white woman and the white man who is her enemy
  • r/eylos: It isnt abuse! Who cares if its possibly incest?Can't you differentiate fiction and reality? Stop whining about their age difference! Rey can make Kylo come to the light side because thats her job !!!! [eight gifs from 2011 with poorly formatted text] [tagged as "anti reylo"]