texts that are funny

Laurens: Alexander completes me.

Martha: Um, hello?

Laurens: You’re nice too, Martha.

Martha: I’m your wife…

Laurens: But he’s my soulmate.

Houses as Tumblr Text Posts Part Six
  • Gryffindor: We live in a disgusting dystopian society where swordsmanship isn't a respected college major
  • Hufflepuff: I'm upset because I want to change the world but the world is too big and people are too mean
  • Ravenclaw: Was anyone else called gifted when they were younger and now struggle with standards and realizing everyone else caught up?
  • Slytherin: My talents include avoiding difficult conversations and getting sad over things I saw coming

“We are not shooting dramas”

“We have no idea about future plans”

“The coming comeback will be a new ERA”

“We are not sure about the comeback date” 

Makes fake accounts with posts from months ago announcing the comeback date + leaves a clue about the comeback date on the Festa timetable 

“It’s just a commercial for a sports brand”

Put flowers on their collab with Puma and even hint it in the speech

“BTS are on hiatus probably resting”

(this is an image of their dance practice studio, look at the floor)

“It’s just a reality show”

Jhope: “I am a flower from space”

“This is ‘JUST’ the timetable for FESTA 2017”

Space and planets?

“This is just an award speech”

Well …

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IF BIG Korean entertainement companies were HONEST?!

YG: Just like the Olympics, our idols comeback every 4 years.

SM: Yeah we are suing your bias because we abused him.

JYP: You can’t JUST love your idol, you need to love the CEO too *whispers JYP*.

FNC: We had tooo many scandals we lost count and your bias probably wanna leave us :) 

Cube ent: We looooove making Hyuna do things. 

Pledis: We debut idols, then turn them into rookies again *cough* Nu’est *cough*. You will be Verdone with our bullshi*

Starship entertainement: We just lost Sistar, we are still crying. Don’t touch us. 

Big Hit: What is a hiatus? Is that food? And NO we are not exposing their forheads and YES we are gonna mess up your brain ^^.

Houses As Tumblr Text Posts Part Seven
  • (Thoughts About Relationships)
  • Gryffindor: While you were busy being heterosexual, I studied the blade
  • Hufflepuff: I don't want a valentine, I want 8 million dollars and a fast metabolism
  • Ravenclaw: I don't want the d, I want the a. I want to ace this class
  • Slytherin: No offense, but I just can't process the fact that someone might actually care about me