texts from trek

some spuhura headcanons because why not

  • spock and uhura meditating together
  • spock and uhura discreetly holding hands under consoles and behind walls when other people don’t notice
  • uhura teaching spock some of the languages she learned in the academy and leaving him notes that only he can read
  • spock and uhura playing pranks on the rest of the crew (and spock would never except uhura loves it so he quietly complies)
  • spock accidentally calling uhura “nyota” in front of everyone and when jim starts to laugh uhura walks right up to spock and kisses him unabashedly to wipe the smirk right off jim’s face
  • spock and uhura swapping tea bags and recipes and generally being domestic
  • spock and uhura cuddling because “it’s an efficient way to preserve body heat” but also because he loves it