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Tom Holland Headcanon #1

Being Robert Downey Jr’s daughter and falling in love with Tom Holland.

A/N: Finally another post! Haven’t had enough time to write a full story, so I decided to make it a headcanon. Enjoy! :)


× being RDJ’S daughter you’re an actress of course and a model too

× instantly falling in love with Tom’s look when you watch civil war with your dad since he wouldn’t tell you who it was

× low key stalking Tom on Instagram and Twitter, you are too afraid to follow him though

× you secretly loving Spiderman but always telling your dad that Iron Man is your favourite

× watching Spiderman: Homecoming together and your mind being totally part of the movie, not even noticing your dad’s comments

× knowing that your dad is filming Infinity War you decide to visit him on set

× melting at the thought of meeting Tom and trying to hide your giddiness from your dad

× seeing Tom in person for the first time was when he was filming a scene with Benedict Cumberbatch

× Tom literally chocking on air when he saw you, standing next to your dad and watching the scene

× him having to redo the scene

× during break he came up to you, nervously intodrucing himself

× “Hi, I’m Pet- No, I’m n-not Peter. H-Hi I’m Tom.”

× “I know who you are. Dad told me a lot about you.”

× you both being super nervous and awkward while your dad is suspiciously eyeing you two

× Chris Evans joins you and greets you with a big hug

× Tom instantly being jealous of Chris

× Chris talking to Robert, both of them turning away from you

× Tom taking this chance to drag you away from them

× “You need to go out with me”

× both of you blushing so fucking hard

× “Ugh, I’m never smooth around pretty girls.” “You think I’m pretty?” “You’re freaking gorgeous!” “Okay, I do need to go out with you.”

× him not even bothering to hide his smile

× him mumbling “I’m going out with Robert Downey Jr ’s daughter…” in disbelief when he wanders off

× having the most romantic coffee shop date before walking in the park

× your nervousness quickly turning into excitement during your conversations

× visiting your dad very often and him getting suspicious

× “Hey, sweetheart, I think you’re drooling.” When he catches you staring at Tom

× he’s trying so hard to be the typical overprotective father but he low key ships you two

× nobody even thinking about joining Tom and you when you are talking. Everyone knows you won’t even notice someone standing next to you

× your conversation consisting of complimenting each other

× you both admitting to each other that you have been stalking each other on social media before you met

× spending A LOT OF time in private, mostly in his trailer

× being pretty intimate like all the time

× Robert having a sixth sense, always knowing when you’re intimate and interrupting before you can get even close to kissing

× Tom internally freaking out evertime

× one day Robert hears Tom talking about you to Harrison, telling him how much he adores you, how he wants to give you everthing that he can offer and how he almost lands flat on his face when he is walking towards you

× “You wouldn’t believe me how many times he walked in on us when I was so close to kissing her! It’s insane. The next time I see her I’m just gonna grab her and kiss her!”

× your dad texting you “Tom wants to tell you something. Go to his trailer.”

× you’re so confused but you leave Downeytown and make your way to Tom’s trailer

× getting another text from Robert “Tell him that if he doesn’t tell you then I will.”

× being even more confused before you knock on Tom’s door and Harrison opening

× Haz greeting you and leaving after he let you in, knowing that Tom would keep his words

× Tom looking at you with heart eyes

× “My dad said you want to tell me something. And if you don’t he’ll tell me.”

× Tom standing up without a word, opening the door and checking if Robert is nearby

× him slamming the door, turning around before taking a deep breath

× your eyes widening when he grabs your face, smashing you lips together

× the firm kiss turning passionate when you recover from your shock

× saying “I’ve always loved Spiderman the most.” against his lips when he pulls back

× “YOU WHAT?!”, coming from one of the open windows

× most awkward post-kiss-moment

× “You need to be my girlfriend.” “And you need to form your needs into nice questions.” “I’ll take that as a yes.”

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Cave In part Two

FP x Reader

Summary : you and Polly have been best friends almost all your life. Today you graduated from high school, and she, along with the group decided to celebarate with you at Pops. But you run into someone there who you have a secret past with.

(Reader is 18.)

Song : Hunger by Ross Copperman

Warning : language. Some angst? Lol idk.

A/N: if you want to be tagged in the future parts, please send me an ask!

Part One

It’s been a week since you kissed FP, and it has been the only thing you were able to think about.

You tried to push it out of your mind. Keep busy with the girls. Go baby clothes shopping with Polly and basically live at the Coopers house.

Every day, you and Polly were together.

But after a day or two, she noticed you were in your head a lot. Not paying attention to pretty much anything.

She had to wave her hand to snap you back to reality, every once in while.

Tonight, you were spending the night at Polly’s, again. And so was Veronica.

All four of you, were downstairs watching some movies and talking about basically anything you can think of.

But once Vee and Bee went to the kitchen to bake some cookies, Polly thought it was the perfect time to ask you what was wrong.

“Are you okay?” She asked you, sipping her water from the straw.

You furrowed your brows and nodded.

“Yea?” You said with confusion. “Why?”

She put her cup down on to the coffee table, and placed her hands on her bump.

“You just seem like you have a lot on your mind.” She stated.

Which was true. You had so much on your mind, all pertaining to FP. The man who has taken a piece of you and you can’t seem to figure out how and why.

“I’m okay.” You said, glancing away and trying to avoid the conversation at all costs.

Polly kept her gaze on you, knowing damn well you were lying. She had known you for too long to let this go.

“Talk to me Y/N.” she muttered. “I told you about my plans with Jason, you can tell me whatever it is.”

You let out a long sigh. She was right. Polly came to you straight after her and Jason talked about their plans.

So you knew you could trust her with just about anything.

You met her gaze and caved. “Fine, but you have to promise not to tell anyone.” You said.

She nodded, and pinky promised to keep it a secret.

And just like that, you told her about everything. About how FP saved you from the asshole who wouldn’t take no for an answer. About how he walked you home and checked up on you every once and awhile. You told her how you two would stay up and talk for what seemed like forever and how comfortable and safe he made you feel.

You told her everything, and Polly listened to every single word that fell from your lips.

“And last week, at Pop’s, I kissed him.” You said.

Her eyes opened wide, and her mouth dropped.

“What!?” She exclaimed. “You kissed Jughead’s dad?!”

You shushed her immediately, looking by the door, in hopes Betty and veronica didn’t hear a thing.

“Yes, but he told me it shouldn’t have happened and then left. So now I feel like a complete idiot.”

Polly frowned and placed a hand on yours. Giving you her famous puppy eyes.

“Don’t feel like that.” She said. “You are amazing and maybe it just took him by surprise.”

You shook your head, “I haven’t seen him in a week. I mean–” you took in a deep breath and let it out. “I haven’t been looking for him, but he knows where I live and stuff.”

The conversation came to an abrupt stop when the girls came back in the room with a plate of cookies.

Both you and Polly gave each other half smirks, but pretended everything was fine.

After a few hours, Betty and Veronica got a text from Jughead to meet them at Jughead’s trailer for a scary movie marathon.

Polly immediately glanced at you before looking back to her sister with a mischievous smile.

“Hey, can we come?” She asked Betty.

Her little sister flashed a cheeky grin and nodded. “Yea of course!” She said.

You furrowed your brows at your best friend and mouthed the words ‘what’re you doing?’

But she chose to ignore you.

It didn’t take long to get to Jughead’s place. And the second you arrived, your stomach was in knots.

You pulled on Polly’s arm, and waited for the girls to go in, before talking to her.

“What the hell are we doing here?”

Polly smiled and patted your hand. “Look, you need to talk to FP. It’s obvious there’s something between you two, and you both need to figure it out.”

As you were about to open your mouth, you were interrupted.


That voice made a chill ripple up and Down your spine. Your heart began to pound and you were now filled with nerves.

“I’ll be inside.” She said, giving you a half smirk.

You didn’t want her to go, but with out missing a beat, she made her way inside the trailer. Leaving you alone with FP.

Slowly, you turned to face him. The second your eyes met, you felt as if your breath had hitched to the back of your throat.

“H-Hi.” You forced out.

FP’s brows furrowed, as he slightly shook his head at you, baffled to see you there. At his place.

“What’re you doing here?” He asked.

You swallowed hard, trying to keep your composure.

“I–uh–we were invited to watch s-some movies.” You hesitated.

FP slowly nodded, his lips pursed as he locked his gaze on you and only you.

Seeing you there was nerve wrecking for him. But damn, did he miss you.

He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about you. About that damn kiss. He had to fight himself everyday from going to see you.

It killed him having to push you away, especially now that he knows how you feel as well. But he knew it couldn’t go any further than that. You are younger than him, and he didn’t want to take advantage of you. He couldn’t do that.

“I-I’m sorry.” You said, snapping him out of his daze.

He tilted his head, still furrowing his brows, forcing intense creases to form on his forehead.

“For what?” He asked.

“You know. For kissing you.” You whispered. “I shouldn’t have done it. I was just caught up in the moment and–I just–I need to learn not to act on my feelings, especially when you obviously don’t feel the same.”

FP swallowed hard, hating to hear those words because in reality, he really did feel the same way. And no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stop. It was like he craved you more than ever before.

“I feel so stupid and–”

“Don’t.” He cut you off.

Now you were confused, scrunching your eye brows and giving him a quizzical look.

“Don’t what?” You asked.

“Don’t feel stupid.”

“What? Why?”

FP let out a long sigh, his eyes gazing longingly into yours.

“Because I feel the same way you do.” He admitted. “I’m falling in love with you.”

And just like that, you were at lost for words. Every part of you screamed on the inside while you just stood there, staring at him without a single noise coming from you.

“And I don’t know what to fucking do anymore.” He said.


Part Three

I’ve been kind of quiet these past few days because I’m visiting with my sister

Today I finally hit the point where I talked incessantly about the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls franchise so much that she finally wants to watch it

My point being: It’s gonna be another quiet day on this blog

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch the first Equestria Girls movie for the fifth time, Rainbow Rocks for the fourth time, and Friendship Games for the third time. What a great way to recover from that Pleasant. Uplifting. Steven Universe content we experienced yesterday. Have a great afternoon

would bungie really bother having alive action trailer for the Curse of Osiris? probably not, but i can still hope.

i can def see there being one for Savathûn (im v tempted to start calling it the Rise of Savathûn bc i couldn’t remember what the Taken King was on call the other night and said “the rise of oryx?” but there has be a live action trailer for her just bc of all the build up theres been in d2 so far. 

And there are bound to be more stuff pointing to her since Osiris was the one that predicted the coming of Oryx. And I’m sure he knows about Quria and all that. 

Besides, everything pointing to Osiris (if you hadn’t looked into the leaks before Curse of OSiris was officially announced) are just scattered pieces of scannable stuff and the ending for “deep conversation.” If you really look into you can piece stuff together, but there’s not a lot of weight behind to it compared to dealing with another member of Oryx’s family.

that being said, Gold Dust Women would be ideal for a live action trailer for Savathûn. and if Curse of Osiris were to have one, Paint it Black would be my choice

Midnight pt. II

Written by Naomi (buckmeinthebarnes)
Characters: Sebastian & Reader
Words: 2871  Rating: E (explicit smut)
Warning: unprotected sex, dirty talk, nsfw content 

Prompt: After those tempting dreams, Sebastian can’t keep his hands to himself. 



I had an hour to waste before the make-up and costumes had me, so I was checking e-mails inside my trailer when I got a text from Mackie. No, not a text. A picture. (Y/N) and that same staff guy laughing while she’s touching his arm. I frowned. I wasn’t going to sit back and watch some random-face get in her pants and hurt her feelings. I had an urge to get out of my trailer and take her away from him, willingly or not, and maybe even punch the guy while at it, for my own pleasure, of course.

But even though I found that particular option quite tempting, I knew she would punch me afterwards and probably go on a date with the guy just to piss me off. I had to be smart. I was looking out for her, there’s nothing wrong with that, right?

I looked to my other side and saw the arm. Yeah, that arm. The three-piece metal-ish arm that I have to wear again soon with three bottles of KY lube just to get inside of it. This version, in particular, had a tricky connection by the elbow that was starting to be a problem. Knowing they were thinking about changing it, I managed to dismantle the thing. Not too much, just enough to look weird, sort of broken, but when it’s actually just disconnected.

Making my way outside, I looked as if nothing was on my mind except this worry about the arm. I quickly found them and even quicker made my way towards them.

“(Y/N)!” I yelled, and both of them looked at me. She instantly had a concerned look on her face, because she was seeing the worry in mine. “We have a problem.”

“Oh god, what is it?” She looked at me with an incriminating look and I threw my hands up.

“I did nothing, I swear. I was getting the arm ready and that elbow part is not working. It may be broken.” I told her and her eyes nearly fell out of her head.

Broken is the key word here. Breaking a prop isn’t exactly a good thing to do mid-filming, especially a prop this important, even if they have security replacements.

“God, okay. Pete, we’ll talk later, okay?” She gave him an apologetic smile and started to walk away from him.

“I’ll take you for it, alright?” Pete winked at her and I put my hand on the small of her back, leading the way back to the trailer while staring at him with a warning look.  

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anonymous asked:

I totally agree with your post re: general audience and reylo. I love seeing the more serious articles on it from big media outlets because it means more people will read them and put it into consideration instead of outright dismissal. That Forbes article, for instance, was especially fantastic. I feel like these are the kinds of conversations Lucasfilm was aiming to start up following the release of the trailer (along with anticipation for all those other moments we glimpsed).

Yes, it’s really exciting! The trailer has done its job and got fans asking all these questions about where TLJ will take the characters. They might not be new for us, but they are for most people. I got texts from friends after they watched the trailer, like “Ooh, what’s going on with Rey and Kylo?” It had an impact!