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"Stiles receiving angry texts from everyone of the pack because he posted a picture of his head pillowed on Derek's ass"

I’d love to think that while Stiles does take pleasure in letting people know Derek’s ass is his personal pillow (very, very often and very, very loudly)  he really doesn’t mean to post the picture he took of him half drooling, half nuzzling (and really, the picture is more embarrassing for him than Derek) over Derek’s very naked butt. He swears he doesn’t. 

What he meant to post was the picture he took before that; the one of Derek’s boxer clad ass with the drawings of Achilles and Patroclus on them because his boyfriend is a first rate dork who ships historical couples and Stiles just can’t NOT share that with the world. 

When Derek wakes up to a stream of texts from Erica and one very lewd poem about his ass, Stiles is fairly certain he’s going to at least be threatened with murder (and on this one occasion Stiles really wouldn’t blame him) but instead Derek just yanks Stiles towards him, wraps Stiles’ fingers gently around his neck and lies back down with him. “My ass may be your pillow but your fingers are my safe place, so you’re going to lie here with me like this for another hour - without talking.” 

Stiles opens his mouth to speak anyway because uh, rude??? but promptly closes it again, the words safe place filling his entire body with a kind of gooey warmth he’s never experienced before. He’s never been anyone’s safe place, not really, and shifting closer to Derek he places a soft kiss to his shoulder, a kind of thank you he doesn’t know how to express in words (for once), unable to think of anything except what a fucking honour it feels just to be lying here; a usually mistrusting, broody werewolf sleeping (well, nearly) peacefully in his arms and for no other reason than the fact Stiles is the one holding him.

Yeah, monsters and demonic possession aside? It’s not turned out a bad life for one Stiles Stilinski. 

Just Friends

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Sexual Content (Oral Sex)

Word Count: 1487

Prompt: “Friends don’t get each other off.”

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“Der,” I groaned, tugging on his hair as his lips attacked my neck, surely leaving bruises. I felt him smile against my neck, as I tilted my head, giving him more access. After a few more minutes of him attacking my neck, I finally managed to shove him away from me, he just stared at me with a confused look.

I ran a hand down his chest, before following the path with my tongue. Dereks’ skin erupted into goosebumps, and I couldn’t help but smirk. I felt his eyes on me, as I moved closer to the band of his boxers.

Flickering my eyes up at Derek, I smirked and pulled his boxers down, exposing more skin, digging my teeth into the skin, marking a purple mark. A growl came from Derek, and I saw him digging his nails into his thighs. Before I could do anything else, he janked his boxers down and stepped out of them as his cock slapped his stomach. I wrapped a hand around him, rubbing some precum along him, while my other hand rested on his ass. I couldn’t help but squeeze it, earning a raised eyebrow from Derek, but I just grinned. I ran my tongue over the tip, before taking him in my mouth, with my hand pumping the rest I couldn’t. A moan came from me, causing Dereks’ hips to involuntarily bucked, and I fought the urge to gag when he hit the back of my throat.

I hollowed my cheeks, running my tongue over whatever it could reach, bobbing my head up and down. Derek, eventually, took my hair into a makeshift ponytail, and started thrusting himself into my mouth. I looked up at Derek through my eyelashes, and his eyes were screwed shut, and I knew he was going to cum any minute. No later did he let out a low groan, and I felt his cock twitch. He released his load down my throat, making sure not to pull out until he was fully done shooting, and I quickly swallowed the salty substance. I licked my lips, catching any spare substance. Derek gripped my arms, and pulled me up, bringing me into a kiss. He moved his hands to my ass, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He gave my ass a firm squeeze, earning a low moan from myself. He took the chance to slip his tongue into my mouth, and started to massage mine with his. Although, Derek was the first to break the kiss, to unclasp my bra and threw it somewhere in his room.

“Too many clothes,” I heard him grumble, before reattaching his lips to my neck, leaving wet, sloppy kisses. I felt myself being walked backwards until I hit the edge of Dereks’ bed, where he laid me down and crawled on top, still leaving wet kisses, but now making his way down my chest.

“Derek,” I moaned, grabbing a fist full of hair as he gave a tug on each of my nipples. He continued kissing down till he met the line of my purple cheeky lace panties.

“These are my favorite,” He smirked, looking up at me, “but they have to go now.”

He grabbed the lace line where my panties began with his teeth, and slowly began dragging them down my legs. I shivered when his teeth gazed my inner thighs.When my panties were fully off, I brought Derek up and back into a kiss, running my hands through his hair and nibbling at his bottom lip, earning a small growl. His hand cups my cheeks, but they slowly drift down to my breasts. Derek palms my breast, kneading the soft flesh, moaning as Derek moved his lips across my jaw.

I moan loudly, as Derek found my favorite spot on my neck. I felt him smile against my skin, as he continues to lick and nip it the area. As his mouth moves down, he parted my knees to get in between them. A dull aching throb came from my cunt as the wave of air hit it.

I gripped the sheet as soon as Derek parted my folds, and attacked me with a lick.

“God, I love the way you taste,” moaned Derek, and I whimpered as his tongue flicked over my clit. My nerves are drove into a frenzy as his stubble rubbed against my sensitive skin. Another moan slipped out as Derek slipped in two fingers.

“Der!” I arched my back, grabbing his hair roughly, earning a groan from Derek, as he continued to assault my clit with his wonderful tongue and fingers, “Almost there.”

Derek has hooked his fingers just right, so he’s hitting my sweet spot repeatedly. I let out a little whine, roughly pulling at Dereks’ hair as my oragasm ripped through me. I laid there panting as Derek pulled himself up, and kissed me deeply. I giggled, as I tasted myself on him. He pulled away, burying himself into my neck and groaning as our phones went off. He rolled onto the other side of the bed, handing me my phone as he grabbed his. I quickly opened the text from my brother, Stiles.

Having a pack meeting @ Dereks’ in 10

“Pack meeting?” I asked, looking at Derek amused as he looked annoyed.

“I forgot I told Scott he could have it here,” He replied, gruffly. I turned on my side, and leaned my weight on my elbow.

“Raincheck I guess?” I pouted, straddling Derek, whose hands immediately held onto my hips.

“I’m afraid so,” He sat up, and wrapped his arms around me, in turn, I wrapped mine around his neck. I placed a kiss on his neck, before jumping off of him and trying to find my clothes.

The meeting didn’t last long, as there wasn’t much supernatural activity going on. Now everyone (Derek, Scott, Stiles, Kira, Cora, Malia, Lydia, Isaac, Allison, Ethan, Aiden and Peter) still sat around in the loft just talking to each other, but I could see Derek was getting annoyed, I know all he wanted to do was finish what we started earlier.

“Calm down, sourwolf,” I murmured to Derek, whose lap I was currently sitting on being as there wasn’t any more empty seats, “We’ll finish later.”

All I got was a grunt in return, and I rolled my eyes, turning back to finish my conversation with Cora, until she asked a question that startled me.

“So when did you and Derek begin dating again?” The room went silent at her question, all attention directed to us and Dereks’ grip on my waist tightened. Only Cora and Peter knew that Derek and I dated in high school.

“Say what?” Stiles jaw dropped as did most of the room.

“Thanks, Cora,” Derek growled, making her roll her eyes and throw her hands up in mock-surrender.

“Sorry, I didn’t know that they didn’t know!”

“It’s okay, Cora,” I grabbed her hand, squeezing it, “We’re just friends.”

“Just friends my ass,” Peter snorted, and I narrowed my eyes at the man.

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

“Friends don’t get each other off,” He smirked as I turned red, and my brothers jaw dropped even further.

“WHAT??” Stiles roared quite angry, and I bit my lip, “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?”

“Stiles, I’m almost 24, I didn’t think I had to inform my little brother of my sex life or who I dated,” I scoffed, “Plus you had met him a couple times when you were younger, I’m surprised you didn’t remember him.”

With that, Stiles blushed and shut his mouth, as Scott snickered at his expression.

“Why did you guys break up in the first place?” asked Lydia, raising her eyebrows.

“Long distance was never our strongest suit,” Derek answered, placing his hand on my thigh. I laid my hand on top of his, and he laced our fingers together.

“Well, you guys are in the same town now, yeah?” Lydia pressed further, “So why aren’t you guys together together?”

“I -” I stopped to think, “I really don’t know. Derek?”

“No idea,” He replied, as I turned my head to look at him. When I looked at him, he grabbed my face and brought me into a kiss. I turned to straddle him fully, and kissed back just as hungry, ignoring the cheers from the group, and the angry protest from my little brother.

“Never again,” I whispered, once we finally pulled away, “Don’t let me go, again.”

“I won’t,” Derek said, before he stood up with me in his arms, and started heading toward his room, “I’d leave if I were you. We have some unfinished business to attend too.”

As Dereks’ bedroom door shut, I couldn’t help but giggle, hearing Stiles groan in disgust.

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Little Hale

Fandom: Teen Wolf  

Pairing: Peter Hale x Reader

Requested: No

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 988

A/N: I’m in my Peters feels currently, soo this is what happened. Let me know if you like it, and want a Part 2 (Telling the Pack about them, or going into Labor)

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Part 2 //

“So you’re pregnant,” Lydia said slowly, as I continued to pace in my room, “and it’s Peter Hales child.”

“Yes,” I replied, nervously biting my nails.

“I didn’t even realized you guys were together,” She confessed, sinking into my bed.

“That’s the thing, we aren’t. I mean, I don’t think we are anyways,” I finally stopped pacing, and sat down next to Lydia, who grabbed my hand and squeezed it, “It wasn’t suppose to be like this.”

“What do you mean, Y/N?” Lydia asked, confused.

“It was only suppose to be training, Lyds,” I whispered.

“You fell for him.” She stated simply.

“I did,” I whimpered as she gripped my hand tighter, “and I have no idea how he feels. Somedays it feels like he could have the same feelings, but then the other days, I just feel like a booty call.”

“Doll,” She cooed, pulling me into a hug.

“I have no idea what I’m going to do,” I told the strawberry blonde honestly as our phones went off.

“We will figure it out,” Lydia tried to soothed me, but it really didn’t help. She checked her phone, as I did to mine. I had a text from Scott.

Emergency pack meeting @ Dereks’ loft in 20

“Scott text you too?” I asked my best friend, as we put our phones away.

“Yup,” She stood up from my bed, pulling me with her, “Let’s head out.”

Before leaving my house, I grabbed my jean jacket, and threw it on over my black tank top. We quickly left toward Lydias’ car, and took off as soon as we were buckled in.

“Are you planning on telling Peter?” Lydia questioned.

“I don’t know,” I replied, “I really have no idea how he’s going to react. I mean, I don’t even know what we are.”

“He acts different around you,” She admitted, earning a confused look from me, “He’s really protective over you, and constantly flirting with you, and he always gives any guy a death look when they flirt with you.”

“What if he doesn’t want a family with me?” I asked her worried, biting my lip.

“Then he’s crazy,” Lydia said strongly, as we pulled up to the loft. Walking inside, we noticed everyone was already there, including Peter. I decided that I would ignore him for now, until I can decide on what will happen.

I took my seat in between Lydia, and Malia, and the meeting started right then.

* 45 Minutes Later *

As the meeting went on, I started to feel more even more nauseous than before. I began breathing heavily as I tried to calm myself, and get rid of the nausea but nothing was working. I saw Lydia send me a look of concern, right before I ducked my head in between my legs.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” asked a very concerned Scott, but I just shook my head, still breathing deeply.

“Move!” Lydia ordered, and I looked up to see her placing a bucket in front of me. I didn’t even feel her get up, but that didn’t matter because the minute the bucket was in front of me, Lydia grabbed my hair and I started puking.

“I’m sorry,” I muttered, wiping my mouth and sitting up as Lydia disappeared with the bucket. The whole pack was looking at me in worry, considering us werewolves don’t get sick.

“Don’t be sorry,” Scott shook his head, “We should take you to Deaton.”

“No!” I said frantically, earning looks from the pack, “I mean, I’m sure I probably just ate something bad. I should probably just go home and rest.”

“Mm-hmm,” Derek nodded his head, obviously unconvinced, “Peter will take Y/N home. If you aren’t better in the morning, you’re going to Deatons’, okay?”

“Yes, sir,” I mock-saluted the man I consider a close friend. He just chuckled at me, as I grabbed Peters’ awaiting arm, and we headed out to his car. Peter opened the passenger door for me, and I climbed in the car, and buckled in.

My fingers were laced with Peters, as he drove me home silently. I bit my lip as we finally pulled up to my house, and Peter finally let go of my hand to get out. He opened my door, helped me out, and walked me to my front door.

“Peter,” I hesitated, “Can we talk?”

At the nodd of his head, I grabbed his hand and led him inside toward the couch, where we sat.

“Are you okay?” He asked, “You’re heart is beating out of control.”

“I - I don’t know how to tell you this,” I mumbled, making Peter confused even more, “Please just listen carefully.”

As we sat in silence for a couple minutes, Peters’ eyes suddenly widened, and I knew he heard the second heartbeat.

“Wh - why do I hear two heartbeats? Are you pregnant?” He asked, although it sounded like he already knew the answer to his question.

“Yes, I just found out this morning with Lydia,” I mumbled, looking down and messing with my fingers. I felt Peter get off the couch, and I had the urge to cry, thinking he was going to leave. Instead, he forced apart of legs, and knelt in between them, placing his hands on my flat stomach, which would change very soon.

“There’s a Little Hale in there?” Peter motioned to my stomach, as I looked up to see him holding a smile on his gorgeous face.

“Yes there is,” I let out a breathe as he kissed my stomach, before moving up and kissing me on the lips. I wrapped my arms around him as he buried himself into my chest, kissing his forehead.

“We’re having a family,” Peter mumbled into my chest, kissing my stomach once again, and I smiled. 

We’re having a family.

hold me down (daddy issues ch. 2)

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isaac makes pancakes. naomi and theo get “acquainted.” derek goes too far. (slight non-con/rape, mentions of abuse)

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A panther amongst wolves

Originally posted by animal-wildlife-blog

Request: “Hi! I really love your blog, it’s so great, like every time I see you update it makes my day, and if you have time could you please do a imagine where the pack and the reader are really close, but one day the reader shifts into a panther and she finds out that there’s others like her, and she also finds out that they hate the wolfs, and she is slowly forced to hate them, and she haves no control of it, and when the pack comes to visit her at her house, she’s really cold and mean to them+and someone says something that gets her really mad, and she shifts in front of them, and they’re surprised, but they always knew of the ppl who could shift into panthers, but they never knew the reader came from that bloodline, sorry if this is really long and confusing, lmao. But if you don’t want to do this imagine that’s totally fine. :)”

I couldn’t think of a creative title lmao Sorry I’ve taken so long to write this! I really enjoyed it, and I couldn’t resists a fluffy ending xoxo

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son of the earth, the sea, the sky; and i use it for you arthur, only for you.

MERLIN Graphic Battle: bradleyjizzames (pinch hit) vs. multenis
↳ Round 4: texture packs; one 500x400, one 500x300

All the werewolves in media want to be pack leader or alpha or whatever, but really its the worst because 1% of the job is being cool and running around in the woods and shit. 99% of it is just getting 30 text messages from your pack everyday asking you for advice. Like, your pack will literally murder a man and eat him for you, but they gonna be late on rent every fucking month and never do the dishes. 

Teen Wolf x Reader x Supernatural

(Y/N) = Your Name (H/C) = Hair Color (E/C) = Eye Color (S/C) = Skin Color

Stiles wanted a normal life. Well, as normal as you could get with a werewolf best friend, a crush on a girl who was a banshee and being basically the only human out of all of your friends. But hey, he wasn’t one to complain. Well, he was. Sometimes. That’s not the point. The point is he wants one day where he can go to school, plan excuses for not having tomorrows homework in because of some pack crap (so he says yet he stays up late doing it), hate on every happy go lucky couple making out, then go home, read some comics, force his dad to eat healthy then sleep. In his life that’s a long shot but he can dream big. He huffed, shutting his locker harder than needed, poor thing wasn’t at fault.

“Honestly I will be fine.” He turned his attention, as did a few others in the hall, seeing a shorter girl sandwiched between two giants. Just looking at them freaked Stiles out a bit, they were huge. “It’s high school.”

“Exactly. Hell.” The shorter of the two men, which wasn’t short mind you, spoke, huffing and Stiles took note at how deep his voice was. A few of the popular beauty queens were checking them out, gossiping and giggling already.

“Dude,” The taller one groaned, “She’s a big girl she can handle it.”

The girl nodded at the freckled man who groaned at the double bitch face he was receiving. “Fine, but if remember the basic rules. No smoking pot, no underage drinking, if you want to party you can but be back by midnight and - ”

“And if a guy or girl tries to touch me fighting is self defense, blah blah blah you had explained this to me literally eleven times the way here.” She pulled the two to a stop a few feet from Stiles’ locker. “I get it, I love you guys. Now leave. I can handle myself.”

“(Y/N) - ”

“Now!” She rolled her (E/C) eyes, pushing the two lightly. The nodded, the taller one kissing her forehead before they walked out of the school, leaving the girl standing alone, holding a brown side bag. She looked around, locking eyes with Stiles and sending him a small smile. “Brothers right?”

He nodded mutely, not really knowing what to say when a pretty girl talked to him. She looked him over once and he was not ashamed to admit he was then very nervous of his last minute outfit throw together. “I like your shirt.” His shirt? What shirt? He looked down. Oh! Batman shirt.

“You like batman?”

“Is DC not one of, if not the best, comics I’ve read?”

“You’ve read comics?”

She scoffed. “A bit too much really. My brothers say I’m 45% comics 55% sarcasm.” She smirked slightly, “They forgot the 100% perfection but, I let by-gones be by-gones.” She looked down, “I’ve gotta get to the office. Nice meeting you - ?”

He was supposed to say something right? “Oh uh - S-Stiles.” He coughed, “Stilinski, Stiles Stilinski.”

She laughed a bit and holy shit did he hear a choir of Angels? “Nice to meet you 007. I’m (Y/N)…(L/N).” She waved, heading to the direction of the office.

He continued to stare after her, mesmerized by, not only by her features (he thought no one had clearer skin than Lydia Martin), but the outfit style, what he’s seen of her personality and -


He let out a screech, a manly one too, arms flailing a bit, hitting Scott, which hurt his hand, and clutched his chest, making eye contact with the puppy eyed were.

“The hell Scott you nearly killed me!”

“What were you staring at?”

He looked back to where he was looking. “I think I’m in love.”

Scott rolled his eyes playfully. “Everyone knows you’re a love sick puppy around Lydia buddy.” He pat his back, eyes furrowing in confusion when Stiles shook his head. “We’re not…talking about…Lydia? Strawberry blonde you’ve loved since third grade?” Stiles shook his head again, smiling sideways at his friend, saying nothing as he headed to class. “Wha - Stiles no! Don’t leave me hanging bro!”


“Alright class we have a new student, this is (Y/N) (L/N). She just moved here from Virginia Beach so let’s make her feel welcome.” Stiles could have laughed at the annoyed face (Y/N) was making behind the teachers back, stopping when he turned around. “You can pick an empty seat Ms. (L/N).”

She thanked him, making her way towards the back row where Stiles was sat near his little friend group - pack - clique, whatever it was called. “Hey 007.” She said, sitting herself down beside Stiles with a smile.

“Hello Ms. Perfection.” Did that sound too flirty? Oh God he bet it did. He was trying to be funny from earlier and oh God that look Scott and the others were giving him yup him and his big mouth and -

Was she laughing? Head fallen back laughing? “Glad someone seemed to have caught on to my full potential.” He smiled, relaxing a big back in his chair.

“So, you two know each other?” Bad puppy, no interrupting flirty time where Stiles made a pretty girl laugh.

Said pretty girl smiled brightly, looking back to him. “Yes, 007 here had to witness my overprotective brothers lecturing me about high school. And who might you be puppy?” She tilted her head, (H/C) hair falling onto her left shoulder.

“Oh uh - I’m Scott McCall.”

“Nice to meet you Scott.” She smiled, turning back around. Stiles and Scott made eye contact, Stiles smiling widely, tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth as he nodded a little, Scott rolling his eyes yet smiling at his friends antics.


“So how do you like Beacon Hills so far?” Honestly Stiles might be dreaming. A pretty girl, no scratch that, a gorgeous girl with (H/C) hair, big beautiful (E/C) eyes and flawless (S/C) skin was handing out with him at some little park, eating ice cream after school. Pinch him.

“It’s nice. Cute town, almost everyone I’ve met is nice. Though Lydia seems to hate me.”

“It’s just cause you’re really pretty I guess she feels threatened.” Did that come out of Stile’s mouth? Seriously? Pinch him. Please.

She laughed again, oh thank God she’s not giving him annoyed or creeped out looks. His phone beeps right as he goes to take a bite of his fudgcicle. Pulling it out, he sees a text from Derek.

‘Pack meeting. Be here. Now.’

He looked back up at (Y/N) who was attempting to walk across on old piece of wood, arms out at her sides. Of course the supernatural had to come ruin his…his… was this a date or hanging out? What was this?

“You look constipated. Are you lactose tolerant?” If he wasn’t so used to getting snuck up on he would have jumped. But he wasn’t used to being snuck up on yet so he did jump.

He shook his head laughing a bit. “No uh, my friend has an emergency and he needs me to come to his place so I uh, I gotta get going.” She nodded in understanding, hopping down from the wood to stand next to him, hand resting palm up as she stared at him. He raised an eyebrow, receiving an eye roll. “Give me your phone dumbass.”

Oh. “Oh!” He went to contacts and handed her his phone, she typed quickly before handing it back. ’(Y/N) The Bestest ;) ;)’ He laughed, stuffing in into his back pocket. “We should hang out again some time.”



“Yeah. Is that okay? After school? We could binge watch all the DC movies at your place.”

“I uh - yeah yeah!” His phone beeped again.

‘Stiles! Get your ass here now! - Derek’

'Derek seems super pissed dude hurry up - Scott’

“I gotta go. I’ll uh, see you tomorrow then!”

“See ya 007.”


Next Part : Part Two

Nothing Like Us (Empty Arena)
Justin Bieber
Nothing Like Us (Empty Arena)

Imagine you and Justin had troubles in the relationship. After finally being fed up with the non stop fighting and crying you decided to pack up before he gets home. Once you had all your things packed, you noticed a text message from Justin that was received 2 hours ago. 
“Hey babe.. I know things have been complicated.. I can fix this.. Us.
If you still love me, meet me at Staples
 Center by 6.”
You looked at the time and it was already 5:45. You contemplated to either leave now and never come back or give him another chance. Knowing that it would be better to say goodbye in person, you get into your car and drive off to Staples Center. Eventually you reach the destination in an hour. Once you entered into the empty arena.. It was Justin singing alone.

anonymous asked:

congrats on the followers! for the prompt thing: derek lost his second chance at fixing their relationship when stiles comes home with a human boyfriend? but its clear that stiles lives for the supernatual, and for derek.. maybe? if you dig it, thats cool


(I’m taking so long doing these, sorry!!)

Three evenings after he arrives home, Stiles comes to the loft.

He doesn’t bother to knock or wait, doesn’t ask for permission. Just slides his way in the way he’d managed to slide under Derek’s skin years ago, leaving the door half open behind him as he trails a few steps in and pauses.

Derek’s reclining back on the bed, reading in the last dregs of sunlight.

(Feigning reading, and he hates that he’s been reduced to that. That he hasn’t absorbed a single word since he’d heard that old battered engine pulling into the lot, that he’d had to hold himself still because he doesn’t know what he would have done with himself otherwise. If he would have run out to meet him, to drink in the sight and the scent of him after nearly a year away… or if he just would’ve run.)

He forces his breaths to stay steady and even, slides his eyes casually up from the page to take in Stiles’ form – hands in his pockets, shoulders hunched inward, chin defiantly high. Derek lifts his eyebrows, expectant, not trusting his mouth not to disappoint him.

And Stiles says:

“I’m seeing someone.”

Derek feels the flinch in his face as the words whip over him, sharp and biting beneath his best defenses. Derek can’t explain how Stiles always manages that. Manages to just be under his skin, without trying.

He keeps his breathing even, lets his expression smooth back out.


“He’s a great guy. Nice. Really smart, pre-law. He’s not involved in any of this…” One hand comes out of his pocket, waves around vaguely, seemingly to encompass Derek’s everything. “But that’s good, right? Since you basically told me to get the hell out of this life before I left.”

That had been four years ago, the last time they’d really spoken to each other besides half-hearted greetings during Stiles’ breaks. The last time Stiles had looked at him like he was really seeing him and his eyes weren’t just skating over.

Four years ago, when Stiles had come to him, expression fierce and determined, and kissed him, and Derek had turned him away.

It’s not exactly what Derek had said, not the way he’d said it, but this isn’t the time to argue semantics. There’s no point in it anyway.

Stiles is seeing someone. Someone human. Someone safe and normal and not likely to get him killed simply by existing.

It’s better this way.

“He’s good to you?”

It slips out before he can help it, a little rough. It makes Stiles shift, shoulders untensing, head ducking with a hint of a smile.

“Yeah, he’s always really… he’s good.”

“Good,” Derek echoes, and forces his eyes back to his book.

There’s a sharp intake of air at the clear dismissal, the sound of gritting teeth. A dragging pause, a disbelieving huff, and the sound of retreating feet. The door slides shut hard enough to leave it rattling.

Derek waits until he hears the coughing kick of the jeep starting up again before he flings the book hard enough that he hears the spine break. Then he lies back on his bed, and watches the sky bleed from crimson to black.

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Xiumin Wolf AU Scenario - Anon request

i messed around with the point of view this time, because a lot of what the anon wanted was related to minseok plot wise so i thought i would be cool to show it from his eyes. the ‘you’ will be played by an unnamed 'she/her’. As per usual, the anon req is featured at the bottom bc this one requested an actual scarily precise amount of plot and what’s the point of telling you now?

Wolf Au in which Humans and Wolves are a no-no and Minseok just can’t help but say yes. 

rating: r, some swearing, a lil descriptive whoopy

Word count: too much just too much. i apologize in advance. 

“You’re…” she turns almost shy, playing with her fingers as she looks up at him through her eyelashes. Something pulls near his groin, makes his breath stutter out of his chest. “I don’t know. Special. The first person I really met here. Mine.”

And Minseok nearly vaults across the counter right then, backs her against the cheap five-thousand won grab bin, ready to mark her and let her mark him back. Because there’s never—it’s not like—he knows Mates. His parents were a pair of perfect ones, reserved, orderly, considerate, never overstepping boundaries. He retains a lot of the same traits himself, but knows with his dominant Gene that it’s his job to take. Not be claimed by another.


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Almost Wedding Bells

I told myself this would be a small fluff piece i worked on while i wrote a more dramatic fic… turned out to be a little more, oops… but i thinks it’s cute ^.^

Summary: ReidxReader fic, where the two have been friends for years and Spencer invited her as his plus one to his cousins wedding back in Vegas. Originally intending to go as friends, they leave as something a little more.

no warnings, just fluffy.

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Never Gonna...(Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request:  andreaelizabethhowlett-stark Avenger!ReaderxBucky Barnes. Where Reader is finishing a solo mission and heading back home only to get a call from Jarvis saying that Bucky is having a horrible panic attack and the others can’t seem to help him. She tells Jarvis to put her on speaker in w.e room he is in and She start to sing (Any song of your choice). She finishes the song once she enters the room and he goes over and kisses her….

You had been flying for hours now, completely exhausted and wanting nothing more than to crawl into your bed for the night; you had just completed your third solo mission this week, and it had taken its toll on you.  Once the pilot had announced that you still had an hour to go, you threw a few uniforms and jackets on the floor of the jet to make a quick bed, hoping to get at least a few minutes of peace.  You folded Steve’s spare uniform top several times to create a pillow, tried to adjust it to be close to comfortable, and attempted to close your eyes for the remainder of the flight.  You knew, of course, that it was all just too good to be true.

“Miss, (Y/N)?”


“There seems to be some sort of complication at the tower.  Your assistance is requested.”

Your brows furrowed as your mind raced, wondering what could possibly be happening, since the rest of the team was home and you were the only one not there.  What could you do that everyone else couldn’t?  “JARVIS, tell them I’m still about an hour out. It’s not like I can get there any faster.”  

“It’s Mr. Barnes, miss, he’s asking for you.  His heart rate is quite rapid and stress levels appear to be extremely elevated from what I can tell.”

You sat up quickly and took a seat in one of the jump chairs, now no longer sleepy and full of worry. “He must be having a panic attack again, isn’t Steve there?”

“Captain Rogers is currently off the premises.”

“Fine, just patch me in to wherever Bucky is.”  You grabbed your phone from your pack and shot a quick text to Steve, telling him that he needed to get back there as soon as possible since you were still so far away.  When JARVIS told you that you were connected, all you could hear were the sounds of rapid breathing and shuffling, quick steps.

“Buck, I’m here, what’s going on?”

“(Y/N)?  Where are you?”  His voice was tight and uneven, slightly hoarse from what you assumed to be crying.  When you heard a small sniffle from him, it was confirmed.  “How far away are you?”

“I’ll be there soon, okay?  But I need you to try to calm down, try to slow your breathing for me.”

“Don’t you think I haven’t tried that?”  He was still pacing back and forth across his room, wringing his hands and wiping the sweat from his forehead with this sleeve.  Nightmares had been an ongoing problem for Bucky, but now and again he would wake in a full blown state of panic that was more and more difficult to break.

“What can I do, Buck?”

“You won’t want to do it,” he mumbled quietly, so much so that you almost didn’t hear him.  “But I need a distraction.  Will you…sing?”

“Sure, of course. What do you want to hear?”

You waited for a few seconds to hear his choice, and when it finally came, your face flushed and you filled with regret for agreeing to this and anger at Steve for not being there to help him instead of you.

“That song we heard yesterday.  I can’t remember the name, but it’s stuck in my head.”  Now that he was talking to you, his breathing was becoming more even, but you could still hear the struggle in his voice.  You said you would do anything, but this was pushing what you meant.  The song he had chosen was the worst, and when you had heard it, the two of you had laughed through the most of it; never would you think that he would want to hear it now.  You cleared your throat, leaned back against the chair, and squeezed your eyes shut tight.

“We’re no strangers to love,” you sang through gritted teeth, trying to be just loud enough for him to hear.  “You know the rules and so do I.”

The pilot of your jet turned slightly in his chair towards you with a wide grin, letting out a small laugh before you shot him a harsh warning glare to keep his opinion to himself. “Eyes forward, agent,” you barked.

“Yes, ma’am,” he coughed and turned away, “sorry, ma’am.”

You continued on with the song until the jet made it’s landing a few minutes later.  Once in the hangar, the door opened and you sprinted to Bucky’s room, still trying to sing because you hadn’t heard from him to say when to stop.  There were no manners or pleasantries now, being so worried; you pushed his door open firmly enough to slam back against the wall, startling him when you entered. “Are you okay?” you panted, grabbing his hand once he met you.  

“Never better,” he replied quietly, taking your face in his hands and pushing you back against the wall for a kiss.  “I’m so sorry to make you do that.”

“It’s okay, I’m just glad that you feel better.”  Your reached up to softly brush the hair from his face, stopping when he smirked and giving him a suspicious look in return.  “James Buchanan Barnes, what did you do?”

“It wasn’t me!  I swear!  It was JARVIS!” he exclaimed, raising his hands in surrender and backing away quickly.  

“I am sorry, miss,” the A.I. began, “I may have erroneously connected your communication with Mr. Barnes to the entire tower.  But there was quite a favorable reaction by everyone, particularly Mr. Stark.”

“Oh my god,” you groaned, knowing that this wasn’t going away any time soon.  Your phone buzzed in your pocket, but when you saw who it was from, you hesitated for a moment before opening it.  “I’m gonna get you for this, Barnes,” you sighed, reluctantly opening your message from Tony, and giving chase when Bucky ran past you and out of the room when he heard what it was:

Sorry, guys…I’m just so sorry.

To Protect You

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Requested by: @all-fandoms-imagines

Request: Can you please do an imagine in which Liam and the reader are together, but then he breaks up with her and starts being mean, only because he loves her and doesn’t want her to be hurt?

A/N: this is my first imagine, I hope you like it. Oh and I kinda lost track of what I was doing and changed the plot, sorry. It’s also kind of short. There will probably be a part 2 if requested xx


               “Liam! Why? That is all I want to know! Then you can walk out of the door as if nothing happened,” Y/N screamed. Y/N and Liam, the long-term couple that everyone envied, were having a heated fight because Liam wanted to break up with Y/N for no apparent reason. Liam racked his brain for an excuse but ended up stammering uncontrollably.

“I-I well, y-you see…”

“I knew it! It’s Hayden isn’t it, I should’ve known, of course, you’d fall for the captain of the girl’s soccer team!” by now tears were streaming down your face. Liam wanted desperately to pull her into a tight hug ad stroke her hair, but he held himself, it was for your safety, and he did not want her mixed up with the supernatural. The bite ruined him and he did not want that happening to you either. Liam fought back tears as he mustered up the courage to tell you the worst most hurtful he could imagine,

“No, it’s not her, I just don’t love you anymore,” as soon as he said it Liam felt disgusted with himself. From where he was standing, he could hear your heart shatter into several unfixable pieces. You were broken and he was the cause. Liam was supposed to protect you and if this was the only way, then so be it. Before he changed his mind seeing your reaction, he turned around and walked out the door.

As soon as the front door shut Liam ran, ran from the guilt that was overtaking him for breaking your fragile heart. He did not know where he was going, but he continued. Soon enough he found himself in the woods, at the same place the two of you shared your first kiss. Angst and sadness overtook him and he finally allowed the salty tears to flow from his eyes. Today was the worst day of his life, he was lost in the woods and he just lost his other half. He did the only thing a supernatural like him would do in this situation: he howled. It was not a normal howl; it was the howl of a distressed beta. Once Liam let out his werewolf cry the only thing he could do was sit, wait and hope that his alpha was going to find him.


With your face buried in your soaked pillow, you listened to your phone going off with various texts and missed calls from the pack. You ignored them; you didn’t need someone telling you something you already knew. You were well aware that you shouldn’t destroy yourself because of the breakup. You just weren’t that type of person. You were going to make Liam sorry for what he had done. He would be begging for your forgiveness when you were done with him. However, what was hurting you was that the pack knew about it. After everything you have been through with them and they still did not even bother to even you a heads up? Did your friendship mean nothing to them? Questions flooded your head; very soon, you were drifting asleep.

        The night had started out like any other normal night, well as normal as it could get when you hunt with both Winchesters. You’d been hunting with both brothers for the past couple months, but it felt like years. You’d instantly clicked with both brothers, but you were drawn to Dean.
       Maybe it was the way his green eyes set butterflies wild in your stomach, or the way that every time he smiled you couldn’t help but want to feel that same smile against your skin. If you were going to be dangerously honest with yourself it was most likely that you just wanted to be a light in his dark world.
      Sam walked over to you, “It kills me (y/n), why can’t you just talk to him”. Sam was your best friend and he of course knew how you felt about Dean. You rolled your eyes, “Sammy don’t do this to me. I’m the opposite of what Dean wants… it would be cruel for me to think otherwise”. Sam groaned in frustration, “It’s not want dean WANTS, he’s trying to distract himself because he’s scared-” before Sam could finish Dean made his way over to you two.
Dean smiled, “Okay guys so I was online and I found what seems to be a simple case, and it’s clear we need a distraction!”. Dean was right with everything that’s been happening you all needed a distraction before you went crazy.
     Sam gave you a devilish smile, “We’ll if it’s so simple maybe you and (y/n) should go, I could stay home and do some research on things!”. You instantly got nervous, you weren’t sure if your heart could stand being alone with dean without exploding.
     You tried not to kill Sam for trying to push things with you and dean, “I’m not sure Sammy, we could really use you”. Sam opened his mouth but Dean interrupted, “ Come on princess, by now you know my bark is worse than my bite. Sammy probably just wants some alone time….with his laptop”. You couldn’t stifle a giggle.
     You were still nervous but started to warm up to the idea, “Okay deal, but only if I control the music. Don’t get me wrong I love your music but we should switch things up”.
     Sammy eagerly waited for his brothers response, Dean never let him pick the music and if he let you pick it the it would be a huge indication of Dean’s feelings towards you. Everyone knew the rule; driver picks the music, shotgun shuts their cakehole.
    Dean rolled his eyes but smiled, “Alright but the second I hear any Bieber shit you’re done”. You instantly felt so much better about the situation, the right music always calmed your nerves.
     For the hunt you packed your essentials and decided to wear; leggings, a black tank top and a read flannel. You were in for a long car ride and needed to be comfortable. For good measure you word a matching black lace bra and underwear set. As a hunter you learned to prepare for every situation, even ones you deemed impossible.
     Sam walked you two to the bunker’s garage saying his goodbyes like a parent sending their children off to school, reminding you he’d only be a phone call away.
    You decided to take a nap in the backseat of the impala while dean drove, hoping that sleeping could help you not think about dean. For a while it worked, until dean consumed your dreams. Picturing dean in a black t shirt and grey sweatpants always made for your favorite dream, it made you long for a future with him. Just as things started to get good you were woken up by the impala coming to an abrupt stop.
    Dean looked at you through the rearview mirror, “Sorry sweetheart, I dodged a stupid little bunny. The son of a bitch came out of nowhere and I didn’t feel like eating rabbit stew tonight”.
      You smiled until you realized it was now night time which meant your longing for dean was at an all time high. You tried to distract yourself, “It’s okay, I’ve already gotten my beauty sleep. Plus it’s time that I pick the music, don’t worry Bieber isn’t on my playlist”.
     Dean laughed and rolled his eyes but patted the passenger’s seat. You tried to gracefully climb to the front seat but not so gracefully plopped down. You unlocked your phone and read a text from Sam, “ I took the liberty of packing condoms into your away bag, I know it’s been awhile for you and I want to make sure my kids stay safe. Have fun kiddo xx”.
     You laughed out loud which caused dean to try and look at your phone, you clicked your music app quickly, “It was nothing Sammy just made a nerd joke, you wouldn’t laugh at it”. Dean seemed hesitant but accepted your answer.
      You put your phone on shuffle and of course, “Do I wanna know” by arctic monkeys came on. You apologized but Dean asked you keep it on. Dean must’ve enjoyed the beat, mistaking it for rock.
     You knew every lyric and as, ~have you no idea that you’re in deep, I’ve dreamt about you nearly every night this week~, blared through the speakers in the impala you couldn’t help but shift in your seat. Every time you heard this song you wanted nothing more than to crash your lips against dean’s.
    You felt his eyes on you, and you wanted to know why. You summoned all your courage and looked at him. You noticed he looked at your eyes, lips, then eyes again while licking his own lips. ~Do i wanna know if this feeling flows both ways, sad to see you go was sort of hoping that you’d stay~
    You felt butterflies in your stomach, “Dean I can change the song if you want it’s-”. You never finished your sentence because he pulled the car over to the side of the deserted road. ~Baby we both know that the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can’t say tomorrow day~
     Dean still seemed distracted, “Listen I can’t do this anymore..I’ve waited so damn long, tried to deny how I felt but this song was just too perfect….I need you (y/n)….I need you so fucking bad”.
    Were you dreaming, did Lucifer put you in some twisted form of hell, did you just hear Dean Winchester beg for you? ~So have you got the guts?Been wondering if your heart’s still open and if so I wanna know what time it shuts…Simmer down and pucker up…~ you resisted the urge to pinch yourself and decided fuck it.
    You positioned yourself on dean’s lap and felt your heart skip a beat once you saw his emerald eyes up close. Every single dirty thought you’d ever had rushed into your mind and you couldn’t help but look away. He placed his fingers under your chin lifting your head up, “fuck (y/n) if you keep looking at me like that this is going to be over before it even starts”. You laughed.
     Finally you kissed him, finally you felt his soft pink lips against your own, finally you had dean winchester to yourself. He kissed your jaw, trailing down your neck until he found what he was looking for and sucked. You let out an involuntary moan, “Dean… shit”.
     You felt him smirk against your skin, “ Sorry princess, couldn’t resist”. His kisses trailed further down your neck until he reached your chest, and you ripped off your top. His pupils dilated when he took in your chest, blown with lust.
      He took your left breast in his hand while taking the other in his mouth. He circled your nipple before finally sucking. Once again you moaned and you finally felt him smile against your skin. You decided this had been enough and wished that you could pull a Cas and with one snap all your clothes would be removed leaving not a single layer between you two.
     As if reading your mind dean stopped sucking and started to take off his clothes. Scars and all he was just as beautiful as you imagined and if there was a god you silently thanked him in your head. Clothes were disregarded in record breaking time. Dean motioned you to the back seat where you would finally have more space.
     Lying on your back you looked into his green eyes, noticed the freckles at the corners, and finally felt at home. He must’ve caught you staring, “Once again sweetheart keep looking at me that way and this will all be over before it starts”.
     You couldn’t help but smile and also feel like this all wasn’t real. Before you could pinch yourself you felt his lips on yours. His hand found his way to your vagina and you shuddered at the contact. Sounding more needy than intended you shakily said, “De-Dean please..”.
     He positioned himself at your entrance before scanning your eyes for any hesitation, with all the bravery you could manage you boldly said, “Come on deano fuck me like you mean it”. You could’ve sworn you heard him mutter son of a bitch to himself before he entered you.
      Dean started out slowly first, easy thrust fulling inserting himself into you and then out. You wanted more, no you needed more, so you brought his lips to yours and using all your strength found yourself on top. This time you were sure you heard him say son of a bitch. You rotated your hips in a circular motion steadily going faster. Dean’s hands found your hips and he helped guide you, he matched your thrusts with his own.
       Before closing you eyes you looked down at him, it was almost like he was under a spell. If anyones eyes ever were to capture what love truly looks like it were his, you knew there was no going back. He dragged his lower lip against his teeth before saying, “Come on (y/n) I wanna feel you cum around my cock”.
     You felt the knot build in your stomach and said, “I’m so fucking close Dean fuck”. His hand found your clit once again and he massaged it with his thumb. You couldn’t handle it any more. Your eyes closed shut, and you felt every nerve in your body awaken. You weren’t even sure if your moans were even human, when you finally came you sounded like you were possessed.
      Dean was close behind and as you were finally coming down from your high he was reaching his. The feeling and his moans sent you off again as you felt a second orgasm coming. Finally after what felt like pure bliss you both returned back to earth.
        Once you opened your eyes your gaze met his again. He looked at you in pure amazement, “Fuck you’re going to ruin me”. You felt the same because you were sure the love you felt was much more strong than humanly possible.
You kissed him one more time before saying, “ Dean I….I love you and I have for-” his lips met yours once again, “I love you too. Always have (y/n) and I always will".
      You curled up next to Dean and felt the best you’d ever felt. In unison you both said, “We really gotta thank Sammy for this”. You both laughed and it felt so good to hear Dean laugh.

      You fell asleep next to the man you loved, next to the man that actually loved you back. You really would have to thank Sammy for this.

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Becca having the worst day and as she's packing up gets a text from Elisa "hey meet me at our bar I'm getting drunk" and Becca drives over and sure enough el is there drinking and when Becca silently slides next to her and orders a drink Elisa just whispers "we can't save them all." Bec nods and holds El's hands cause they won't ever really save everyone but damn if they aren't gonna try. But tonight they're gonna quietly drink together and when they get home they're gonna hold each other tight

Okay, but how many of these nights have Sonny and Rafael had? (’:

Literally, that’s all they need, though. Just the presence of the other, warm and comforting besides them. Elisa and Becca are a lot like Sonny and Rafael like that - they don’t need words when they’re feeling upset. They just need the other there, beside him, a wordless promise to never give up or let the other one go.