texts from the bunker

Hey Little sis

A/N: This is my first series. As always, you can tell me what I could work on. I also didn’t realise how similar this series could be to the “Hey, Momma” series by @becaamm , until my friend told me too read it. But i would highly recommend checking it out. Remember, Alway keep fighting. xx

Pairing: None (Yet ;-) )

Summery: Your the Archangels little sister. 

It was a normal morning. After being informed that you and the boys were having the day off, you decided that now was a good time to do the grocery run. Normally you weren’t one for doing the shopping, but once you saw there was no coffee left, it was decided; a moody Sam was extravagantly worse that doing the groceries.

Half way there you received a text from dean, simply informing you to come home to the bunker immediately. In an instant, you filled with worry. Speeding back to the bunker in no time.

With gun raised high, and ears expecting to hear the sound of pain. You entered,  only for your muscles relax at the sound of the boys chatting. Turning the corner to enter the map room, you come face with, not two men, but three. The third being Chuck.

Just as your eyes land on him, you couldn’t contain your emotions; Anger, pain. stupidity. It was too much. Why you never saw it before you don’t know.  Turning to leave when “Wait!” you were interrupted, your thoughts as well as your actions. Choosing to obey, you pause, turning round to face him. Too face your dad.

His expression softened “you’ve changed” all you can do is scoff. Of cores you’ve changed, it’s only been what? A couple of hundred years. “well that makes the two of us, I became a hunter and you became a drunk writer, who hid from his own children let alone his first Daughter”

Noticing the confusion on Sam and Deans faces. You decide to fill them in a little. “You see boys, this here ‘Chuck’ is actually God. Yes, sadly the real deal.” Their confusion grew, along with the silence. “How do you know all this” was all Dean could manage.

You never told them, and you weren’t ready to tell them. However, in this moment you must. “Well you see. . umm .. wel-“ You were cut off. “she’s an Archangel. Well was an Archangel, until I took her Grace that is.” There it goes. The truth.

“So your human?” Sam finally spoke up. “No” Chuck answered in your place. “I Wasn’t talking to you” Sam growled, currently staring at you, eagerly awaiting an answer, “I’m not just any angel, you see as chuck said I’m an Archangel, when or if, one of us was to lose our grace, we don’t lose our wings. They just become dormant.” Looking to see their reactions, Dean was shaking his head, all the while Sam was rubbing his face.

“can I see them?” Dean whispered. No one had seen your wings, apart from other archangels. Bowing your head, you use all your energy into showing your wings. They were beaten, Scared and broken. Seeing the shock on their faces you decided to speck up. “all those bullets you guys miraculously missed, I took. If possible I would take any blow”

As Sam was about to speak up he was interrupted, “Well, time to go then, we’ve got the family waiting.” And with a zap you were gone.

“Hey, little Sis” came from a voice behind, turning around you see your older brothers. All of them, Together. 

Part two

SPN 12x11 Destiel coda fic

Super shamelessly sentimental episode coda. Not beta-read.

Title: And I will come again, my luve, (Though it were ten thousand mile.)

Rating: G

Word Count: 868


He’s sitting with a book of Indonesian legends, trying to concentrate. The words swim alarmingly, and he wonders if he ought to get up and fetch another cup of coffee. He fiddles with his phone, checking for messages, but there’s been nothing from Cas since his text four hours ago, claiming he was driving back to the bunker.

Sam had gone to bed hours ago, not arguing when Dean told him he wasn’t sleepy. His little brother had just looked knowing, giving Dean a quick hug before he ambled off to his own room. Dean sighs, rubbing at his eyes again. He’s just about to extract himself from his chair when he hears the creak of the bunker door open, and the sound of quiet footsteps as they descend.  

“Dean?” Cas’s voice is rough and surprised as he enters the war room, “it’s nearly three in the morning. Why aren’t you in bed?”

Dean looks up from his book and tries to smile at Cas.

“Couldn’t sleep,” he says, tapping at the chair next to him. Cas gives him a quick kiss and sinks down into it, blue eyes concerned. He raises a hand to Dean’s forehead, preparing to soothe any lingering pain, but Dean grabs his palm before he can, “I’m fine Cas. I just- you said you were on your way back, so anyway- how did the lead on Kelly go?”

Cas sighs.

“A dead end. I fail to see how this woman has concealed herself so effectively. All of the Heavenly Host are searching for her, it should be impossible.”

“We’ll find her, Cas.”

“I hope so,” Cas says, picking at his coat with his other hand, the left one firmly grasping Dean’s, “how was your case? Sam told me your phone had been destroyed.”

Dean hesitates. When he had texted Cas and mom from Sam’s phone on the way back to the bunker, he had deliberately left out details of him getting cursed. Sam had raised his eyebrows, but Dean hadn’t bothered to offer an explanation. He was sure Sam knew. But now with Cas actually in front of him, all dark circles and rumpled coat and general air of defeat and self-hatred, he can’t bring himself to add another burden.

“It went okay,” he smiles, “as well as it can go when Witches are involved.”

He pats Cas’s shoulder and stands up, ready to flee to his room and fall into bed.

“Dean,” Cas grabs his wrist, stopping him, “what’s wrong?”


“You were waiting for me,” Cas argues, standing up as well, “what was so important it couldn’t wait till tomorrow?”

He’s looking up at Dean, his eyes like the clear winter sky, limitless and accepting and so filled with pure affection that Dean crumples. He leans forward, resting his forehead on Cas’s shoulder, his hands going to Cas’s waist. The angel doesn’t bend or buckle at his weight, and simply holds Dean up, hands looping around Dean’s shoulders.

“I was cursed,” Dean says, his words muffled into Cas’s collar, “it was some crazy fast memory wiping bullshit, Cas.”

“Oh Dean,” Cas’s arms tighten around him, “how did you break it?”

“Sam asked Rowena for help. I didn’t want to worry you or mom and well… soon enough I didn’t even remember any of you.”

“I see,” Cas’s voice is calm and steady, making him feel somehow worse.

“Never thought I’d forget you or Sam,” Dean whispers.

Cas sighs and pulls away a little, resting his forehead against Dean’s.

“Memory is the one thing that belongs to an individual, the one thing that someone can possess in totality, the only thing that cannot be altered or destroyed by others in normal circumstances. Losing it - losing yourself - looking into the faces of the people you love without recognizing them, the agony in their eyes - the feeling that you’re missing something, like something’s slipping through your fingers… I know, Dean. I know.”

Dean blinks at him, at the overwhelming pain in the angel’s eyes. He thinks of Emmanuel, of those well-beloved eyes regarding Dean blankly on that long ago day, of his empty eyes in Lucifer’s crypt…

“I couldn’t even remember my own name,” Dean says softly, tears coming to his eyes.

Cas hushes him, looking distressed. He kisses the tears away, stroking at Dean’s back like a wounded animal’s.

“I - I was scared,” Dean whispers, looking away, at the seam of Cas’s collar, at the dark hair that curls lightly against his nape, "not of dying. It’s just - I tried so hard to hold on to the memories Cas, and I couldn’t stop them. I was alone.”

“Dean,” Cas whispers back, “I’m here.”

His hands creep up to cradle Dean’s face, the love shining in his eyes scorching Dean with its intensity. He kisses Dean over and over again, leaning him back against the table, whispering Dean’s name into every inch of his skin, every press of his lips a benediction, a promise. Dean shudders his way through it, holding on for dear life.    

“I’m here… I’ll always be here. Even if I forget, even if you do. I’ll never let you fall again.”

Dean shuts his eyes, clinging to Cas. And believes.

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Until It’s Gone - Ch.3

Overview: Both brothers had loved and lost her. One night, Sam gets a phone call that changes everything.

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Warnings: mild language, a tiny sprinkle of angst, fluff

Word Count: 1,544

A/N: This is the third chapter in my second fanfic series. Thanks to @wheresthekillswitch for being my lovely letter checker! I really like how this one is going, so I’m still feeling a good 8-10 chapters. Am I going to slow burn this one too? …Eh… :) Feedback is always loved and appreciated!

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Sam sat in the backseat with Y/N curled up against his side. He’d given Dean vague directions to her house, but Sam was surprised to see that he didn’t really seem to need them. Dean turned down each road with precision, even cutting off a few minutes of time with a side-road that Sam hadn’t even known existed. He would have contemplated it longer if Y/N’s shivering body beside him wasn’t drawing all of his focus to her.

“I’d offer you my jacket, but it’s soaking wet,” Sam murmured against her head. He had an arm wrapped firmly around her shoulder, and his other hand gently traced circles on the back of hers.

“It’s ok,” she whispered back, giving his hand a small squeeze.

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Gabriel’s Jacket

gif is not mine

Title: Gabriel’s Jacket

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 824

Warnings: F L U F F

A/N: This was requested by an Anon. I hope you all enjoy this! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3 <3 I love you all so much!

It was a breezy winter night and you were out on a hunt, yet again.  Dean and Sam didn’t think to tell you to bring your jacket.  You were led to believe that the hunt would be in a warm building.  However, that was not the case this time.  You were digging a grave all by yourself on a cold, breezy, dark night.  You knew you had to salt and burn this body quickly, but you wouldn’t get it done freezing to death.  

You jogged back to your car, spotting a familiar jacket on the passenger’s seat.  It belonged to your boyfriend Gabriel, the archangel.  He usually left candy wrappers in your car, not his jacket.  It was bitterly frigid outside, so you weren’t going to complain.  You slipped on Gabriel’s jacket, noticing the pleasant smell that lingered on the fabric.  You hugged the jacket against your skin as you returned to the task at hand.

Once you salted the body, you quickly burned it.  You let out a huff as you watched the body burn.  Another job well done.  As the flames died, you finished the job and put the dirt back in the six foot deep hole.

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Castiel receives a text from Dean around midnight. He’s back at the bunker, doing research while Dean and Sam are out, working on a case that looks an awful lot like a vengeful spirit.

‘Heya Cas, I love you, if you’re still awake could you look up a few things for me?’

The former angel almost drops his phone, his heart doing a tiny jump. Love. Dean said love.

His fingers tremble as he tries to type a reply, nervous, because it appears that his best friend is finally willing to talk about whatever it is that is going on between the two of them.

Before he can finish and send his reply, his phone buzzes again. Another message from Dean.

‘Son of a bitch! What the hell is this?! Sorry about that, Cas… Looks like I love to kick my brother’s ass.’

This is something Castiel knows; the option to automatically correct certain words and change them to other words while texting. A classic Winchester prank between brothers, it would seem.

He feels oddly disappointed, hurt even, and doesn’t bother to reply. Instead he goes to sleep; the brothers will surely manage to solve the case without him, like they often do. Sleep is something he’s learning to appreciate ever since he’s lost his grace. The most effective way to escape reality, if only for a little while.

When he wakes up, hours later, he notices a new message from Dean. He expects an angry rant, Dean complaining about Castiel sleeping on the job. He gets none of that.

‘Yeah, so you probably figured it out, but Sammy thought it was hilarious to change ‘need’ to ‘love’ in my phone.’

Immediately, Castiel spots a second message.

‘By the way, I changed it back… I can type ‘need’ again.’

Castiel rolls his eyes; Dean’s first message made that perfectly clear.

But then he sees the third message that Dean left him right after those first two.

‘I’ll text you a pic of the crime scene, need you to look into these Enochian sigils for me… PS: I guess Sam wasn’t wrong. I love you.’

Cheeks flushed and heart racing, Castiel fully plans on doing the research and type a long text with all of the required info soon. However for now, he sticks to a language much simpler when he texts Dean back. 


Big Reveal

Warnings: Swearing
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Charlie Bradbury, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: (Read requests at bottom)
Readers Age: 17+
Word Count: 709

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: So sorry that this one is short I’m in a rush so yeah, and I decided to combine two requests because I’ve never done that before and I actually really like how it turned out. I also had no idea what to title this so I went with this… Enjoy!

You’ve been dating Charlie for about a month now, your brothers have no idea as far as they know you’re straight. You’ve been sneaking out to see her, you can’t risk your brothers freaking out, so you take precautions.

Lately, Cas and Dean have been hounding you with questions, like where you go when you leave, you usually just say you’re hanging out with friends, but for some reason, they don’t believe you. It’s not a complete lie, Charlie is a ‘friend’ just add ‘girl’ in front of it and there you go, girlfriend.

Sam usually just leaves you be, he understands that a girl your age just needs her space, he told you that you can talk to him anytime. Which you already know, but he always says it’s just a friendly reminder.

Today Charlie is going to come over, today is the day you plan on telling everyone that you two are dating. You know that they would be accepting of your sexuality, but you’re not sure if they would be okay with you dating Charlie. She’s a family friend, she’s like another sister to them.

Charlie texted you that she was at the bunker. You got up from your bed and ran to the bunker door. You opened it up and hugged her, just hugged her even when you wanted more you had to wait.

You both walked down the stairs and into the library, “What’s up, bitches?” Charlie greeted with a smile.

“Hey, Charlie, how are you?” Sam asked as he leaned back in his chair.

“I’m good. Y/N says you may need help finding a case.” Charlie used the classic ‘You need help’ excuse.

“Uh, yeah, we could use some help,” Sam replied. You both took a seat next to each other.

“Uh, Y/N.” Dean caught your attention, at this point Cas popped in and leaned up against the wall, you looked at Dean giving him a silent cue to continue.

“You’ve been missing school an awful lot lately…” Dean pointed out, you looked at Charlie who avoided your gaze.

“And not to mention sneaking out.” Cas chimed in.

“She’s just uh, been coming to my place, y'know girl time..” Charlie awkwardly chuckled.

Dean looked at her funny, “I don’t care. It’s no excuse to be missing school.” Dean stated firmly, Sam nodded in agreement.

“Well, it’s not our problem she can’t get enough of me…” Charlie mumbled just loud enough that everyone heard, your eyes widened.

“Whoa, Charlie just stop right there, not to be rude, but Y/N is straight she’s not interested in you,” Dean replied.

“Actually, guys..” you stopped and turned to kiss Charlie on the lips, the three men were shocked. You pulled away with a small smile and looked at them, they were speechless.

“Oh…” was the only word Dean could get out.

“I knew it,” Sam replied as he typed away at his laptop.

“You did?” you asked in shocked.

“What? You think that I would just let the fact that you were missing school go without knowing why… I followed you.” Sam mumbled the last part.

“You WHAT?” you yelled.

Sam smiled, “I followed you and saw you meet up with Charlie and uh… Kissed her.” Sam replied, shockingly proud.

“This… I… I thought you were straight.” Dean said trying to wrap his head around what just happened.

“Well, I was, but now I’m not.” you replied.

“Well, Charlie just because you’re a friend doesn’t mean we still won’t kill you if you hurt her,” Dean said firmly, Charlie smiled and nodded, grabbing your hand.

“I’m glad you found someone, Y/N,” Cas commented. 

“Thanks, Cas.” you replied.

“So how long?” Dean asked.

“How long what?” you replied giving a confused look.

“How long have you’ve been dating?” Dean responded. 

“About a month.” you answered looking at Charlie to make sure, she nodded.

“Well then, cheers to a one-month anniversary,” Dean said as he raised his beer bottle, Sam did the same and you and Charlie just raised some glasses of water along with Cas.

You’re just happy your family is okay with you being gay and dating someone who’s like a sister to them, it may get weird at times but hey as long as you’re happy.

Requested by Anonymous:
“One where Charlie is hitting on 17 year old reader and the boys tell her to back off because they think y/n is straight but the reader actually makes a move on Charlie surprising everyone because she’s like really shy and they thought she only likes guys”

Requested by Anonymous:
“Will you do an imagine where Cas and Dean about the reader who’s about 15-17. And the reader comes out as gay because Cas and Dean questioned why the reader kept sneaking out at night and skipping school.”

A/N: So I didn’t have Cas and Dean adopt the reader because I don’t ship Destiel it would just be waaay too far out of my comfort zone I hope that’s okay!

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

Title Safe and Sound (Part Five in Two Little Lines Series)

words: 1550

A/N: Part Five! Finally we get to see some Dean! Poor Guy… As always, thank you to everyone for their feedback and the sweet comments. I’m glad you all love the story as much as I do. Hope you all enjoy! 

P/S: Your heart may explode from all the fluff. Ye Be Warned…

Find Parts 1-4 Here! 

You were only two hours away from the bunker when you fell asleep. You had tried to fight the urge to close your eyes, but truth be told? You were exhausted. Your body was worn out from the last few days of hospitals, packing, and driving. You asked Sam to wake you when you got close, so you didn’t think a thing about it when you laid your head back on the seat and tuned out.


Dean was waiting by the front door of the bunker. He had received a text from Sam a few minutes ago that said they were only a few blocks away, and he wanted to be ready when you got there. Wringing his hands, he walked along the small space trying to think of what he was going to say to you. He had tried to call you so many times, left you voicemail after voicemail, begging you to come home. When you had left him, a big part of his heart went with you. He was confused, and spent months trying to figure out what he had done wrong. There wasn’t a question about it; whatever he had done, he would take the blame for, as long as it meant that he would be with you. After a few months he started to think that it wasn’t something that he did. Maybe you just woke up and realized you could do 10,000 times better than him. But none of it really mattered anymore. You were coming home.

The truck pulled up a few minutes later, and Sam jumped out of the drivers seat. Dean didn’t have it in him to wait, and he started jogging toward you, only to be intercepted by Sam.

“Dean, wait.” Dean pushed back from his brother but he had a pretty strong hold on him. “She’s asleep!” Calming down a bit, Dean gave him a nod that told Sam he wasn’t going to do anything crazy.

“Sammy…. Why didn’t she call me?”  Dean’s voice was low, and he was trying his best not to let his emotions show. This was not the time.

“She was scared Dean. She wasn’t sure how you would react to everything.”

“REACT TO WHAT? SAM, IF YOU DON’T TELL ME WHAT THE..” Sam surged forward and covered Deans’ mouth with his hand.

“Shut up you idiot! She is exhausted and she is finally getting some sleep! If you wake her up, I’M going to kick YOUR ass.” Dean held his hands up in surrender, and Sam removed his hand. He lowered his arms to his side and released a large sigh.

“Why is she so exhausted? Why was she in the hospital Sam? Is she dying or something, because I don’t think I could..” Dean trailed off, unable to hold back the tears any longer. He walked over a few paces and sat on the grass, putting his face in his hands. He didn’t want his brother to see him like this. Sam came to sit next to him, and he placed an arm around his shoulders.

“She’s not dying.” Dean looked up from his hands and raised an eyebrow in a silent question. “Yeah, I’m sure. She uh…” Wow. He really didn’t know how to say it. He straightened himself out and went for it. “She has preeclampsia.” Dean looked confused and shook his head, clearly not getting it. So he didn’t know what it was either. Now Sam didn’t feel so bad. “Okay, so the way I understand it is that the body is under a lot of stress and it causes the blood pressure to raise. It can make the person dizzy, weak… basically like shit.” He took a deep breath. “Apparently, every one in twenty pregnant women get it.” Dean’s blinked and shook his head.

“Pregnant women? What does that have to-” Sam gave his brother a look. He was so dumb sometimes. It took him a few minutes but he finally figured it out. Dean let out a gasp and scrambled to his feet. “You mean she’s PREGNANT!”

“Yeah, 8 months.” Dean held out his fingers, counting the months. ’Yeah, that would seem about right’. A smile ran across his face.

“She’s pregnant… I’m going to be a dad.” Dean swayed back and forth, his hands on his hips. “I’m going to have a kid… with (Y/N)!” Sam couldn’t help but smile at his dopey brother. He stood up and gave him a hug. He had never seen Dean this happy. Ever. After all the things that they had been through together, all of the pain and loss, he was finally getting what he always wanted; what he always deserved. A Family. It was about damn time. Dean pulled out of the hug, furiously wiping his eyes, trying to hide his tears. 

“But, she’s going to be okay though right?” ‘Here we go, over protective Dad Winchester making his grand appearance, Sam thought. “Does this Preeclampsia thing hurt the baby?”

“The doctor said that it could be dangerous, but if she stays off her feet she should be fine. She is on bed rest so she doesn’t get her blood pressure too high.” Dean nodded, mentally making a list of things he needed to look up when he got a chance. He was a little late in the game, so he would have a lot to catch up on.

“Then, I guess we should get her inside where she can be more comfortable.” Dean made his way over to the truck and opened your door slowly. He stopped to take in the sight. Your head was resting against the back of the seat, your mouth slightly open. Your arms lay at your sides, your hands holding either side of your stomach. He had never seen anything more beautiful. Gently reaching over, he unbuckled your seat belt and slid one arm behind your legs and the other behind your back. He smoothly picked you up, only stopping when you moved to nuzzle against him. With a sigh of relief, he began walking you into the bunker, thankful that Sam was there to open the door. He carried you into his bedroom and slowly placed you on the mattress; afraid you might break if he wasn’t careful. He leaned forward and placed a tender kiss to your forehead as he pulled a blanket up and tucked you in. You shifted under the covers and a small smile graced your face.

“Dean?” you asked, still half asleep.

“Shhh. Yeah it’s me babe, go back to sleep.” You let out a small sigh and rolled over on your side. Dean tucked a strand of hair behind your ear before standing up and making his way towards the door, turning off the light. He stopped when he caught a small mumble that escaped your lips.

“Love you Dean.”

“I love you too (Y/N)”


You lay in bed, eyes barely open, stretching your arms and legs out. They were a bit sore from the drive yesterday, but the comfortable mattress underneath you helped dull the ache of your muscles. You sighed and flopped your arms down dramatically. Maybe staying in bed all the time wasn’t such a bad thing after all. You only remembered parts of last night. Being exhausted, you were barely aware that someone had carried you inside, but you knew that someone was Dean. You remembered how your worries disappeared the second you caught the scent of his cologne mixed with whiskey and leather. You loved the way that he smelled, and you would recognize it anywhere. You turned your head to check the time, but instead found a note resting on top of the alarm clock.

Good morning Sleepy Head,

    Don’t bother checking the clock because I unplugged it. You need to rest and I didn’t want you to feel like you had to get up because of the time. I know you… 

You laughed. Before, you would’ve probably woken up, see it was past six in the morning and jump out of bed. You had always been an early riser and that had only gotten more trained in your brain the longer you had been with Dean. He didn’t sleep much either, always up at four in the morning, ready to start the day. ‘Some things were about to change’, you thought to yourself.

…. Sammy filled me in a bit on what was going on, and I want you to know that I am going to take care of you, no matter what. We will talk more about it later, but I want you to know that I am with you 100%. I will be there for anything you need, and be there for our baby in the same way. I love ‘our little nugget’ so much already. By the way… As soon as you’re ready we need to talk names. I’m not calling my kid a McDonalds happy meal item anymore.

You laughed. Sam would bring that up first thing, he had made fun of you all the way back for it. You went back to reading

I left for a bit to get some supplies. Burritos and two-week-old pizza are apparently bad for a pregnant lady. Be back soon.



Okay but Dean not accepting that things are okay between him and Cas after the bunker, and Dean doing everything above and beyond the call of duty to make sure Cas knows that Dean’s sorry and that he would never, ever, ever want to hurt him and never will again

so he texts Cas every night to make sure the ex-angel is still doing okay

so he calls every week about a case he and Sam are working on and invites Cas to come along if he’s free

so he starts reminding Cas that he’s important and that he and Sam miss him (but Dean most of all)

so he asks Cas to move in to the bunker

so he spends all his extra time cleaning because he still feels guilty about the mess and destruction he caused

so he sometimes steals Cas’s trench coat at night when Cas is sleeping so he can wash it for him and Cas can walk around in a coat that smells nice and reminds him of home

so even when Cas is in the bunker Dean still texts him from across the room and asks him if he wants to go out for pizza or a movie

so one day Cas will finally approach Dean and ask him if everything’s okay

so Dean will lie and smile and say everything’s fine

so Cas will look at him with those sad eyes that always makes Dean cave a little and tell the truth

so Dean tells him

it’s still not okay

he’s still sorry

he still wants to apologize even though Cas has forgiven him

and that’s when Cas turns everything around and realizes it’s not just him that’s needed the extra comfort

and that’s how Dean and Cas finally begin to take care of each other

so both of them can always remember that even if it’s not okay right now

it will be.


A/N: I’m happy to slowly have these Cas imagines trickle in. What an adorable little nerd.

Detached // Dean x Reader ; Cas x Reader friendship


Warnings: Angsty parts but also fluffy parts. 

Request: Can you please do a one shot where Dean thinks he’s not in love with the reader anymore & they begin to fight more & he begins to distance himself & the reader notices so to cope she strengthens her friendship with Cas &Dean notices & gets jealous?

– – – – – –

The door shut swiftly behind Dean as he went down to the bar for the night after the hunt was over. The adrenaline was coursing through you with a new intensity, an intensity that was laced with anger, and you really needed to blow off some steam.

He was so distant these days and things weren’t exactly looking up for you. As the days got colder, so did Dean, and you were starting to feel left behind. It made it so much harder that you went on the same hunts, lived in the same place, and he still managed to find ways to be away from you. Because now, even going on the same hunts was getting to be a scarce.

Dean was avoiding you and you couldn’t help but think that it was because he didn’t love you anymore.

When was the last time he’d given you a kiss, even touched you…when was the last time Dean had made eye contact with you for more than a few seconds? He barely even talked to you these days, not if he didn’t need to, and you’d never felt so small in your life.

But, the fact of the matter was, you couldn’t talk to him about when he was never there, so you were stuck in a painful limbo between loving Dean and being confused about whether or not you needed to let go.

There was no time to think about that, though, because you were done with your hunt and it was time to get ready to go back to the bunker. You’d taken up the habit of driving in your own car, something that Dean didn’t comment about, and you were planning on just saying “screw it” and heading back to the bunker alone.

Sam was watching you from his place on one of the beds, eyes worried and sad.

“You’re not staying until tomorrow?” he whispered to you, which elicited a shake of the head from you.

“Nope,” you said curtly, hoisting your duffel over your shoulder and avoiding eye contact. You hated when Sam gave you his sad puppy look, a look that was most definitely on his face right now, and if you looked at it he’d make you stay the night. “Heading back to get a head start on a new hunt.”

“You’re going solo on a hunt?” Sam clarified. You finally turned to look at him, noticing his furrowed brow and scowl, sighing to yourself as you nodded to him.

“Yeah, it shouldn’t take me too long,” you answered after a few seconds of an uncomfortable silence. Things were just so tense lately. You felt bad for Sam; it wasn’t his fault, but he was also caught in the middle of it, watching both you and Dean build a wall between one another.

Before he could try and talk you out of it, you were out the door, your heart low in your chest.

You hadn’t even realized you’d been doing it, hadn’t really put much brain power into it, but a simple prayer was all that was needed for Cas to show up next to your car, the sound of fluttering wings accompanying him.

 “Jesus!” you gasped, nearly dropping your bag when he showed up out of nowhere. “Cas, that still creeps me the hell out.”

“I heard you call me,” he stated simply, his eyes curious. “You sounded very forlorn, Y/N. What’s the matter?”

You sighed in defeat after you were caught in Cas’ unrelenting stare, nodding your head towards your car. “Just get in the car,” you grumbled, watching him go the passenger’s seat slowly. “Hope you don’t mind a long drive.”

The ride started out quiet once you peeled out onto the highway, watching the small town disappear in your rearview mirror as you made your way through the empty roads. Cas said nothing, endlessly patient as always, but you could feel his eyes peering at you, waiting.

And then…it all just came out of you. From the beginning to the very end you told Cas how you were feeling about all of it, from hunting to Dean to everything else, but mostly Dean. He didn’t seem to love you anymore and he wasn’t denying it and it was making it hard for you to choose your next move. When you were done venting, done with spilling a few tears for everything you’d gone through recently, Cas was still there, his expression soft.

“I’m sorry that you feel this way,” he said finally, his eyes twinkling under the passing streetlights above you as you drove. “But you’re my friend, Y/N, and I’m going to be here and make you feel better. I’ll try very hard.”

Somehow, you were sure that Cas would live up to his promise.

– – – – – – –

Just as you’d predicted, Cas had stuck to his word, a solid figure in your hectic life. After you’d spilled your heart out to the poor guy, he’d been set on making you feel better, thus sending you on some sort of swift break with him.

Sam and Dean had been trying to keep tabs on you but it was hard with you going here and there with Cas. The texts and calls were getting more frantic, even after you’d told both of them that you were safe and with Cas, and you hadn’t even noticed that most of those frantic calls and texts were from Dean.

You didn’t even get back to the bunker until about a week after you’d taken off, and of course, Cas had tagged along.

“What did you think of the pumpkin flavored ice cream?” you giggled with him as you shoved your way into the bunker, a smiling Cas trailing behind you.

“It was…interesting,” he finally answered, not bothering to hide his timid smile; you’d come to find out that that was just another way for Cas to say that he hadn’t liked it without having to say that he didn’t like it.

“Y/N!” you heard a voice bellow, and you and Cas both turned to see a hysterical Dean, his eyes darting between the two of you wildly. “What the hell, where did you take off to? You can’t just leave like that!”

“I was with Cas,” you answered simply, keeping a noticeable gap between you and him. “And for the record, I don’t need to ask you or Sam if I can leave.”

Dean was silent now, his jaw tight as he gave Cas a hard glare, hands balled into fists at his sides.

He didn’t even get to say another word to you because you and Cas were back to talking about who even knew what, and he was stuck being the odd one out. He could feel his heart sink in his chest, low and heavy, but he knew that it was all his fault, that’s he’d brought this on himself.

But it still didn’t prepare him for the coming days.

– – – – – –

There wasn’t a time when you weren’t with Cas. From sun up to sun down the two of you could be heard together, doing something that Sam and Dean were left out of, and it was the same thing every day.

You’d really taken comfort in Cas’ friendship. He was most definitely your best friend now, the person that could bring out the brightest smile on your face, and you were hoping that it was the same with him, too.

“Cas,” you whispered late one night when you thought the other boys had gone to their rooms. You were in the library with him, letting him tell you stories of his own rather than browse the selection around you, and you’d been listening intently all day until that moment.

“What is it?” he asked you, blue eyes looking straight into yours. Direct eye contact was important to him, something that made you smile, but this time you had to look down.

“Nothing, just…you know that you’re my best friend, right?” you said quickly, words jumbling together. Cas had knit his brows together but seemed to piece what you’d said to him together quickly, a smile forming on his face moments later.

“Of course,” he answered brightly, reaching over to squeeze your shoulder. “And I hope you know that I’m very fond of you, too. I don’t think I’ve ever classified anyone as a best friend before, but out of everyone, I’d choose you to fill that title.”

You’d never smiled so much at that compliment, but that was also when Dean came barging in, making a ruckus when his hands slammed against the table where you and Cas sat.

“What the hell?” he growled, eyes straight on Cas’ face.

“Dean, what are you doing?” you asked him warily, and that’s when he whirled around to face you, his eyes swirling with all different kinds of emotions. Mostly, though, his eyes betrayed how hurt he felt, and your heart jolted with a little pang of guilt just looking at him.

“I need to talk to you,” he stated in a flat voice, his hand reaching over and pushing Cas back down on his seat when he tried to get up and follow. “Alone, dude. For once try not to follow her around.”

The words didn’t seem to offend Cas but they definitely offended you, and you didn’t hesitate in defending the only person who had been attentive to you. “Stop it, Dean. Cas doesn’t deserve that.”

Dean had whirled around to face you again, looking about ready to explode.

“I don’t care! He also isn’t supposed to be whisking people’s girlfriends off to God knows where, he isn’t supposed to be taking up all your time, and he isn’t supposed to try and steal you away from me,” he seethed, and it made you feel icy and angrier than when Dean started ignoring you.

“I didn’t even know that you still considered me to be your girlfriend,” you quipped quietly, and that seemed to extinguish some of the fire in Dean’s eyes. You went on, though, all your feelings now coming out full throttle, the same feelings you’d vented to Cas about. “You can’t just have everything your way, Dean. You can’t ignore me and make me feel unwanted and then expect me to forget that it ever happened. I can’t just wait for you to get over whatever it is that’s making you distant. I thought you didn’t love me anymore and I’m not going to apologize for spending time with Cas. He was there for me and made me feel like myself again. He’s a good friend and he doesn’t confuse me and piss me off like you do.”

The two of you had moved into the kitchen by now after you’d gestured to Cas that you were fine, and Dean was quiet now, eyes cast down to the floor, but you could feel the mixed feelings he was giving off.

“I was just feeling…I don’t know,” Dean groaned, running a hand over his face as he leaned against a wall. His eyes were wandering everywhere, not looking at you, clearly not wanting to have this conversation. But it was going to happen and he was going to talk to you no matter what, otherwise you wouldn’t give him the time of day.

He was scared of talking to you. But he was even more scared of losing you now.

“I was just second-guessing everything, Y/N. I couldn’t help it, it’s just how I react to relationships. I’ve never been in one so…permanent before, and I got scared. Maybe part of me wanted to stop loving you. Just so that I could save myself some pain, you know?”

The words were strained, hard for him to say, but at least he’d gotten them out. At least you finally heard what had been going on his mind.

“That still doesn’t make it okay,” you whispered to him, eyes softer now, but still guarded. You were right, he knew you were right.

“Can we work on it, though? Without Cas breathing down my neck?” Dean asked you, trying to joke it off. He was trying though, and that’s all you really needed from him.

You smiled softly and gave him a curt nod, finally, finally closing the space between you and Dean that had seemed infinite to him, and he took you in his arms gently, his hands taking their time memorizing you again.

He’d never stopped loving you at all, he realized. He was just a big, dumb idiot.

“So,” you started once you managed to pry yourself away from Dean. “Cas and I were going to play a board game. Want to join?”

Dean grimaced at the mention of Cas’ name but planted himself next to you anyway, hand in yours as you walked him back to the library. Monopoly was going to kill him, but he wanted to be with you again, and maybe he was the tiniest bit jealous that you’d bonded so quickly with Cas. If he had to win over your heart by being the richest guy in a board game, he’d totally do it. 

Be Careful What You Wish For

Author: scooter-writes

Word Count: 1088

A/N: This is my first Supernatural fic! I decided to make it a series. Chapter 2 is now up! Thanks so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

Story based on this imagine: http://supernaturalimagine.tumblr.com/post/112276829495/sunshinesamwinchester

It was snowing outside when you looked out of the window to the parking lot next to your high school. Latin class was droning on, your teacher rambling on about a test next week. You weren’t paying attention in class, like you usually did. Latin was always really easy. Really, any language was incredibly easy. It must have been that your parents were both linguistics professors. They loved you so much, and nearly worshiped the ground you walked on. You got great grades, were responsible and found nearly everything in life unchallenging. From piano to singing to acting and sports, you excelled at everything.

Contrary to what your friends believed, your life wasn’t perfect. You longed for adventure and mystery, like your favorite television show, Supernatural. You and your mom liked to watch it together, fan-girl-ing over Sam and Dean. You wished you could have a sibling like Dean. Someone to watch over you and protect you and tease you. Being an only child, you never had any siblings to bond with. It was hard sometimes, you grew up like that, so it was normal.

It was funny though, when you and your mom re-watched an episode, the French Mistake, that your mom got upset. You knew she had a soft spot for Balthazar, but this was getting too emotional. She was hugging you and crying as you watched his episodes, at her request. It weirded you out to no end, but you know, you were almost an adult. You guessed it was just the beginnings of empty-nest.

When you zoned back into class, the weather had changed. The sky was dark and you could tell a big storm was coming. The faint flashes of lightning lit the sky around the school. Had no one noticed the change in weather? You looked around the classroom and saw that everyone was still focused on what your teacher was rambling on about. You looked down and noticed that yet another delinquent had written something on your desk. It was a weird circle-type symbol with what looked like a bow and arrow in it. Funny, that looked like the symbol from The French Mistake, the episode you watched last night.

Suddenly a crash of lightning flashed just outside of your classroom, and your stomach lurched as everything swirled and disappeared.

When your vision cleared, you were sitting at a solid wooden desk, like those from the bunker. There was a latin text in front of you, just like in your latin class. A shout from behind you made you look up.


“Dean, I don’t know how she got in here, however, she is from this universe. She does belong here whether or not we think she should.”

You look up and stare wide-eyed.

Sam Winchester,  the Sam Winchester was sitting across from you at the table. Holding a gun. Pointing it at you. Dean Winchester was arguing with Castiel, the not so heavenly angel in the doorway of the bunker.

You freaked.

“You people aren’t supposed to be real. You are fictional characters in a television show I watch with my mother. I must be dreaming. This has to be a dream. I can’t be here. I saw that symbol and now I’m dreaming about supernatural. Classic (Y/N). Just try to wake up. I’m in latin class. I’m in latin class. Wake up (Y/N)! WAKE UP!”  Cas suddenly looked up and moved over to your side, grabbing your shoulder and keeping you from banging your head on the table in an attempt to get up. He glared into your eyes, then suddenly his eyes widened. “ This is not a dream. Please stop trying to wake yourself up, because you are intact, awake. Is your name (YFN)(YLN)?” he asked. You blinked. “How do you know my name? Why am I here?”

“I believe I do know what is happening now. When we found Kevin and the tablets, Balthazar was wary of you two working with him.” He turned towards Sam and Dean, who were both now sitting next to you on the table. “He brought a young child, just a baby, to an alternate universe to be raised away from the supernatural that may have been out to get it. He gave it to a family to raise as a normal child and ensure that it would grow up healthy and safe. That baby was later to be one of the prophets should the others.. well, should the others die. It appears that you were sent back into this universe because the last prophet has passed on.”

All you could think about was what happened to Kevin. It was so gruesome. But that meant that the other prophets in line after him were dead too. Something had to be going after the prophets, otherwise the lifespan of prophets was just really short. You hoped that there was at least something you could do about your predicted short term stay in this life.

Sam and Dean just stared at Cas in amazement. Sam spoke up first.

“Hey there, um, (Y/N). I get that this is weird. But since it seems that this is the world you live in, you could, I dunno, stay here? I know that Dean and I are strangers, and I get that you miss your family, but we have spare rooms in the Bunker and I don’t think you have a place to stay. We could always use a hand researching!” He chuckled.

You nodded and laughed. Dean and Sam smiled, taking that reaction as a yes.

“It’s funny,” you said “I was just thinking about how my life needed more adventure. I guess I should be worried about wishing for things I don’t want literally!”

Dean chuckled and stood up. “I need a beer. You want one Sammy?” He paused and turned to you, saying “I’m just gonna take a guess and say that you can’t drink yet. We have water and soda. Which do you want?”

“Water, please. Is there a room I can stay in? I just sorta feel overwhelmed and I think I need to lie down for a bit.”

Sam turned to you, standing up. “I can show you one of the extra rooms. Just follow me.”

As you stood up and passed through the hallways of the bunker, you could’t help but think that this was just what you were looking for: a little adventure.