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Murder on the Orient Express is coming to a theater near you in November 2017

If you guys were thinking of picking up Wynonna Earp the cast is great & the show needs higher ratings & these are some ways you can help us renew it:

-If you’re in America you can watch most of the episodes free of syfy (I believe all of them) & watch the new episodes Friday nights @ 10

-If you’re not in America you can watch it on Netflix & tweet about renewing it when the show is airing on Friday nights

This show puts women at the center & keeps getting better diversity wise (adding a gay man of color and a Latina women in the recent season plus two black men in authority roles) & has one of the healthiest lesbian relationships I’ve ever seen on television!!

So please if you’re interested please check out Wynonna Earp, the cast is great and the story line keeps getting better

@ networks cancelling my favorite shows just when they’re starting to get good

Nightclubs and Vampires

Dean x Reader

Prompt: “Are you getting jealous?” - “You’re changing your outfit, now!” requested by Anon.

A/N: Another drabble turned into a one-shot because I was having too much fun writing Jealous!Dean. Want to request a Dean x Reader drabble? You can pick one Here or Here. Just make sure to include in your ask which list you’re picking it from, or just write the prompt itself if that comes easier. 

Word Count: 1150+

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Alright Iskandar. You are the broest of bros and I’m loving your character in Fate/Zero, but you’re simply not cute enough to be the icon of this blog. Your time is over, and now the reign of Freyja Wion begins. 

January’s summary of “Texts from Hero Academia”

Are you people insane or what is going on here?! 1520 notes?! Except July, the month I’ve started this blog, the numbers for the notes were always more than 1000 and I am always amazed as hell that I got so much positive feedback from all of you!

As on my other blog @textsfromhellsalemslot I would like to use quotes from another TV show for the next month instead what Texts from last night offers me, but I don’t know which. Or maybe I’ll just look for a blog with incorrect quotes from BNHA and ask them if I can use their quotes. We’ll see tomorrow .

Now to the important part, the Top 5 posts of this month! Enjoy them and until tomorrow then!

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