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Deities of Earth-C


John: help people that feel like they weren’t strong enough, helps people that feel purposeless

Jade: disappears animal abusers, helps those that feel lonely, protects wildlife

Rose: helps people with addiction, protects young girls from exploitation

Dave: protects children from abusive parents, tells peoples fortunes for some fries


Jane: helps people who mess up recipes or just feel like they’ve messed up in general

Jake: helps children that lost people when they were younger, helps people be more confident

Roxy: helps people with code, helps people overcome addiction

Dirk: helps people repair stuff, helps people to unlearn toxic behaviors


Vriska: punishes abusive parents

Terezi: ruins people that abuse the power of the law, helps deliver fair punishments

Kanaya: protects orphans and those without a home

Karkat: protects and helps those with low self esteem, protects outcasts


Calliope: inspires children across the world to improve their skills and not give up on themselves, helps people with toxic sibling relationships


Collectively created by the discord fam. Feel free to add more!!!

  • me: I just watched voltron and omg idk who my favorite character even is, they're all so good!
  • pidge: *is an altogether good, intelligent, and interesting character who has a bit of trouble connecting with others and who I headcanon as ace*
  • pidge: *is also a bit of an asshole with a smart mouth and Family Angst(tm)*
  • me with my track record: so I have a favorite character...
Not so innocent

Perrie peeked on her phone to see that she got a text from Jade. She was about to open the text when she heard her name being called by the principal. Her head shot up , meeting with the principal’s strict gaze.

“Phone down”

She nodded and slipped her phone in her pocket. She was at a teachers’ meeting and her phone won’t stop vibrating , due to Jade sending her pointless texts and selfies. Her phone continued vibrating in her pocket. She took the risk and took out her phone under the table. While the principal continued speaking about some school fair , she unlocked her phone and tapped the message icon.

From: Jadey 

What do you think of my outfit? :p

Her eyes scanned the picture fully , not believing what Jade’s wearing.

“You’re in for a treat tonight , Ms Thirlwall” she muttered before keeping her phone back in her pocket. The meeting went on , boring as usual. All that was on the blonde’s mind was the things she’d do to her now not so innocent girlfriend. Well , she was never innocent in Perrie’s eyes anyway.  About half an hour Later , the meeting finally ended. Perrie literally sprinted out of the room to her car , not wanting to wait to see her girlfriend anymore.

-reaches house-

Perrie unlocked the door and entered  the house only to hear faint moans. A smirk made its way to her face. She quietly put her bags down and followed where the moans were coming from.  She opened the door , revealing  the brunette in the same outfit , excluding her shorts , rubbing herself through her black lace panties.  The brunette finally realizes Perrie’s presence and smirked , rubbing herself faster and harder knowing it turned Perrie on so much when she masturbates.

Perrie approaches her and grabs her hand , stopping the girl from touching herself. A small whimper left  Jade’s lips at the lost of friction.  

“Bad girl ,” Perrie whispered in Jade’s ear  causing shivers to run down the brunette’s spine.

“What are you gonna do about it?” Jade challenged , a playful smile on her face.

“Fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked before ,” Perrie breathed out before furiously rubbing Jade’s clit through her panties. A gasp left Jade’s lips , not expecting the gesture at all. Her head tipped back due to all the pleasure she was receiving.

Perrie hooked her fingers on the waistband of Jade’s panties as she slipped them down her long , tanned legs. She licked her lips before diving down Jade’s heat. Short moans and pants never stopped escaping Jade’s lips. Her back arched as her moans became louder when Perrie  shoved her tongue in her.

“Oh yes , Perrie! Fuck me!”she yelled out in pleasure , encouraging the blonde to go faster and harder. Perrie’s thumb was now rubbing Jade’s clit as her tongue goes in and out of her fast.

“Cum for me babe ,”she murmured when she could tell the brunette was close by her moans. Jade didn’t need to be told twice as her juices came flowing all over Perrie , who gladly licked her clean.

As she lets the brunette calm down from her high , she took her pieces of clothing which weren’t that much. After doing so , she raised one of Jade’s legs and lined up their pussies together. She started grinding down painfully slow for Jade. Jade lets out a long loud moan at the feeling of their pussies rubbing against each other. Perrie continued grinding down slowly until she heard the groan of frustration let out by the girl under her. She then started humping down hard and fast , their clits humping each other.

“Shit baby you look so fucking hot under me ,”Perrie moans out , her head tipping back. It didn’t take long for Jade’s second orgasm to build up.

“Perrie ,”she pants out , ready to let go.

“Not yet babe”

They went on and on until Perrie was close. The only sound that can be heard in the room was their loud moans and the sound of skin slapping. “Now”

Both of them came onto each other’s pusssy. They were left panting breathless on the bed. “Well my plan worked ,” Jade laughed , placing a soft kiss on the other girl’s lips. “You horny minx. I love you ,” Perrie giggled. She got soft snores as a response. She chuckled and pulled up the covers before falling asleep as well. 

On Jade and Dist's Relationship

Today, I wish to offer a perspective rooted in canon regarding Jade and Dist’s ever-changing relationship. Are they friends? Are they enemies? What canon says may come as a surprise to some people.

This essay will be divided into the following parts:

  • The Early Years: Childhood Friends
  • Working Towards a Common Goal: Colleagues
  • Into the Abyss: Enemies
  • Conclusion: Hope for the Future

Over the course of this write-up, I will be quoting the following canon sources:

  • 3DS Tales of the Abyss Complete Guide
  • Tales of the Abyss Character Episode Bible, particularly Short Story of Jade and Short Story of Dist
  • Shiro no Ashita: Jade Balfour

And once more, here we go again.

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Not Good Enough - Calum Hood

You and Calum are both crushing hard on each other. Calum is popular and thinks he’s not good enough for you, you think that Calum is too popular - and too hot - to talk to. Your friends and his friends decide to get you guys together.

Requested: Yes

Triggers: None

A/N: this imagine is really really long, im so sorry!!!

“(Y/N)… (Y/N),” you looked up across the table at your friend Jade. “Finally, I’ve been trying to get your attention for five minutes!” You gave her a sympathetic smile, “sorry,” you said, “my minds just… been somewhere else.” You quickly glanced over at the ‘popular’ kids table and your eyes landed on Calum Hood, who you were crushing on pretty hard. Jade smirked and followed your gaze, “I could tell,” she replied leaning forwards. “You still like Calum?” she asked quietly. You almost chocked on your food. “Uh, yeah,” you managed to reply.  Jade nodded, “you guys would be cute together,” she said, “it’s just a pity that neither of you has the balls to talk to the other one.”

“We talk!” You protested. Jade raised an eyebrow, “really? When?” You pushed a dry piece of meatloaf around with your fork, refusing to meet Jades eyes.  “I mean… he asked me if he could borrow a pen in biology today…” you said quietly. Okay, maybe it wasn’t a full blown conversation, but it was something… right? Jade groaned. “This is so tragic!” she picked up her tray and walked over to the bins where other trays had already been stacked. You watched as two of Calums friends, Michael and Luke, got up from their table and walked over to Jade. You saw Jade shake her head and Michael and Luke looked disappointed – almost angry – for a second. You looked away and began talking with your other friends.

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Meenah showed us that the dead can call and text the living but I wish that had been a thing earlier 

what if during Murderstuck the victims started sarcastically texting their killers like first of all how dare you