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Kai : “ Someone’s in loooooove. ”

Cole : “ Yeah right. I just think Jay’s a good ninja is all. Not like I stay up all night thinking about him.

[ Later ]

Cole, up at night thinking about him : ” Uh oh. “

Real love ft. @echoarts‘s Bill design.

tandembicycles replied to your post “Okay but, Sai, hear me out: Kacchako, Beauty and The Beast AU,…”

I ain’t even part of this au but hey…… Aizawa=Cogsworth, Present Mic=Lumiere, Deku=Chip, Inko=Mrs.Potts, All Might=Belle’s dad I’m just… *chucks this then runs*

l m ao

i’ve actually talked about this AU with a friend before and i’m kinda stuck between thinking Bakugou would have self worth problems over being a monster like Beast originally did, or if he’d fucking love it b/c DUDE HE’S STRONG AS FUCK NOW FUCK YEAH

Gravity Falls: Grenda and Gender

Here’s something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while, but have honestly been a little afraid to do so before. Now with much of the fandom rooting for Grenda to become the next Baroness of Austria after last night’s episode (since as we all know, she will marry rich), I decided it was a good time to finally discuss it:

The implication that Grenda may be a trans girl.

Now when I say implication, I don’t just mean I headcanon that Grenda is trans. I mean I feel this is something the show is genuinely trying to imply, but not outright say… since the show unfortunately can’t outright address LGBTQ+ characters and issues without being censored, as proven by the lesbian couple and The Love God’s transgender symbol necklace from the original storyboards of The Love God not appearing in the final episode.

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And now, the Dark Lantern, in the style of the Author of the journals from Gravity Falls. Now with blacklight messages!

Text reads:
This is somehow important to the Beast. When I met him, he would not let it out of his sight or his hand.
Powered by edelwood oil (A) through valve (B). Light emits from window © and vents through top (D).

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the Pines family are all the town heroes of Gravity Falls, right? everyone in town loves them now, they probably have a holiday dedicated to them, maybe a statue of Stanley somewhere, etc

but what about Soos and Wendy

Soos was out there helping people during Weirdmageddon. he was saving people’s lives while Bill was taking over the town. there are folk songs about him. i like to believe that those folk songs still get sung long after Weirdmageddon is over.

(Melody discovers them one day, and when Soos tells her the context, she can honestly say she’s never felt so proud of her husband)

sometimes, people will walk by the Shack after Soos has taken over, and they’ll thank Soos for saving them, or for saving their children, or their family. Soos always brushes it off, cheerful saying “Don’t worry about it! I was just doin’ my job, dudes!” never once does it go to his head.

years later, parents will walk by the Shack and point to Soos, saying “That man saved my life.”

and as for Wendy, oh man, Wendy would be a legend in highschool. there would be stories told (in whispers–the Never Mind All that Act hanging over their heads) about how she helped break into the Fearamid and helped to beat Bill down. there would be stories about how she helped Dipper find his sister Mabel again (two more legends), and how together they fought to take down Bill.

there would be stories about how badass she was, how amazingly level headed she was in the face of danger, and how she never once was captured by Bill–lasting days alone in the face of Weirdmageddon.

Wendy would never have to worry about highschool sucking again.

  • Ford: You ruined my chances at my dream school!
  • Stan: I did nAUGHTt! Mister Electic send him to the principal's office and have him EXpelLed!

“i’ve got one foot in the darkness and the other one in a hello kitty rollerskate” pretty much summarizes this whole episode.

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