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Chris&Eva (requested) #5 (Skam)

“Bro, that’s the ugliest Christmas sweater I’ve ever seen,” Chris exclaimed as soon as William stepped into the living room. “Is Noora punishing you for something?”

“Very funny. I actually bought  two of these, so we both could match,” William said,clearly unbothered  by Chris’s comment.

“In that case, I like it very much,”  he said trying to look as earnest as possible, but bursting out into a fit of laughter a moment later. “Never took you for a romantic. Do you write her lover letter and leave them around the flat as well?”

“Did you know that Santa’s flying reindeer were inspired by Odin’s eight-legged horse? Noora told me that today. It’s actually quite inter-“

“No, no, no. Don’t change the subject, young man. Tell me, William Magnusso, when did you become such a romantic? Did Noora torture you by tying you to a chair and making you watch Love Actually 50 times, or what? Or did she play you one of Justin Bieber’s albums? And more importantly, is this romance shit contagious?” Chris asked pretending to look all concerned, but failing miserably. “We can seek professional help. I am sure doctors will know how to cure you,” he continued, patting Williams back. William swatted his hand away and shoved laughing Chris out of the sofa.

“Shut up. Love does that, it changes us. Trust me, I didn’t think it was possible for me to change, to become a better man. But, then I met Noora and, I was determined to become someone who was good enough to be seen with her.”

Silence settled between them. Chris was taken aback by William’s words. He didn’t think that their conversation will become so serious, so quickly.  As guys they didn’t usually talk about their feelings. Their conversations usually revolved around girls, parties, sports and other meaningless stuff. Well, for William it had become meaningless. For Chris those were still very relevant conversation topics.

“One day you’re going to meet someone, fall in love, and you won’t be able to imagine you’re life without that person.”

Chris being, well, Chris wasn’t used to having serious conversation, not with William, not with anyone, really. Somehow, he knew that William wasn’t going to let this conversation drop. So that left him one option, turn this conversation into joke.

“Seriously, Will? You sound just like one of the characters in that TV show that Eva and I watched a while ago. One Tree something. One chick said, and I quote, Six billion people in the world. Six billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one,” he said, making his voice as high pitched as possible and wiping away fake tears,”After I started laughing she proceeded to smack me accross the chest, and rant for 5 minutes about how Lucas and Peyton were ment to be together since the first episode. Peyton is the girl who said that cringy line, by the way.”

“That must have been so horrible, how did you survive?” William asked, with amused look on his face.

“It was brutal, man. But I made her promise that next time we will watch From Dusk Till Dawn:The Series and she will get her own snacks because she always steals mine. So annoying,” he said. Every single time that they have watched some TV show ,Eva had managed to finish her snacks even before they had gotten to half of the episode and instead of getting up to get some more snack, she  always starts to munch on his.

“Yeah, Eva is so annoying. How do you put up with her?”William asked smiling, not even looking at Chris, but typing something into his phone, probably some sickly cute text to Noora.

“I didn’t say Eva was annoying, she’s far from annoying. She’s very funny . She doesn’t even get offended by some of the jokes I make. Few of the girls have bursted into tears because of them. Eva doesn’t. She just smacks me and calls me an asshole. And she’s really chill, you know? She doesn’t get worked up over some random shit, like ripping her tights or spilling a juice on her top. When we’re hanging out, I don’t have to talk to her or listen to her talk every second of every minute. We can both be in the same place doing our own stuff. Being with her is just…easy,” he said, feeling out of breath. Well, that was a mouthful..

“Wow, Chris. I didn’t things were so serious between the two of you,” William said with a  broad smile on his face.

“What are you talking about?”

“You do realize that you just talked about Eva the way I imagine, I usually look like when I talk about Noora,” he replied and gave Chris a playful shove.

“No, I didn’t. If I did, I would have been on meds against diabetes from all the sweetness,” Chris said with a grin.

“A wise woman once said, and I quote,Six billion people in the world. Six billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one,”  William shouts halfway out of the door.

“Fuck off.And you better get your bro one of those ugly matching Christmas sweaters. We don’t want people thinking that we’re having trouble in paradise,”  he shouted back. Damn, was it nice to have his best friend back.

Suddenly, Chris phone lit up and text from Eva appeared.

So… my mom is out of town… You up to torture me with “From Dusk Till Dawn”?

An involuntary smile spread across Chris’s face as he typed.

Sure. I hope you will be wearing your sexiest onsie.

A few seconds latter a reply comes back.

I might just have one big enough to fit you. We will both match. ;) xx

Matching onsies… Chris read and reread the last sentence again and again.Matching onsies? They both will have matching onsies. Just like Noora and William both have matching Christmas sweaters. Oh, God… Were they both becoming like Noorhelm?

Certainly, they weren’t.

They weren’t even dating.

What were they doing?


Hello. So, I’ve got cold and feel like crap. Very sorry for how long this turned out. But, I am too lazy to shorten it. I could barely edit it. Nonetheless, I hope you will enjoy it.xxx

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sahaminiloki  asked:

In season 1 there was a text from Isak to Eva about changing school (24/11/15 22:48). I can only translate it with google's help, so i'm not sure if i got it right, but did Isak said something like «if you go to Elvebakken, you can be arty-ish hipster girl»? And now we have arty-ish hipster Even. Is it a pattern? Is there some kind of specialization in every school? What is Nissen scecialization then? And what about other schools? Thanks!

ahhh, i’m soooo glad you reminded me! that text is hilarious omg

different schools offer different courses, so it has a little to do with what kind of courses each school offers, but basically, isak is just listing off the stereotypical student that goes to each shool? idk in oslo, there are a lot of different high schools and they all make fun of each other and have this lil rivalry (not really) going on hahaha

and even is DEFINITELY  a hipster type (^: i’ve written about this before, but yea elvebakken is located at grünerløkka in oslo where all the hipsters live and hang out. they’re all about organic food and vintage clothing and stuff. like?? even’s back pack? is one u only get if u volunteer at øya, which is a huge music festival held in oslo every summer (it’s full of hipsters). and the little parka he wore in the boy’s wardrobe? that’s a vintage remake from this boutique at grünerløkka (it’s called robot and i shop there a lot lol)

here is a translation of all the stereotypical students isak listed off in the text:

“Think about it, like if you change schools, you have to become a completely new chick, if you start going to 

(1.) Katta, you can only have your hair in a tight ponytail, have camel toe and only talk about schola vitae* or if you start going to

(2.) Foss, you become this “clarinet girl” who loves flanell and musicals and discussing how cool cultural capital is, or if you start going to

(3.) Handels, you’ll only wear fur coats, Michael Kors bags and suck so much fucking cock in the bathroom and discuss how much money you got for your confirmation*, or like

(4.) Elvebakken, y’know, you’ll be this wannabe creative media & communication, Oslove* who loves street art and you can only drink coffee at Tim Wendelbo*, made from hand picked coffee beans, roasted on berries and love in Chile. Shit, there are a lot of opportunities here.

Or just stay at Nissen and keep it real! Hope you don’t change schools, Eva!”

(*schola vitae - “school of life”, this weird ideology or something
*confirmation - christian tradition, though we have a civil confirmation as well for non-christians
*Oslove - oslo + love
*Tim Wendelbo - really fucking expensive coffee shop at grünerløkka. they roast their own fucking coffee beans there….. their coffee is fucking heavenly tho)