texts from enjolras's phone

grantairely  asked:

e/r, meeting IRL for the first time AU? :)

e/R | meeting IRL for the first time, sequel to fandom BNFs

Grantaire has walked around the square seven times, and old people sitting in the sunshine are starting to give him dirty looks.

His phone is in his hand, which is kind of sweating profusely, and it’s open to a text from Enjolras (a text because he has Enjolras’s real life phone number and they’ve been texting and flirting and at some point it could have practically been considered sexting) where they’re going to be.

After his eighth circuit of the square, Grantiare is now ten minutes late which means he shouldn’t be walking into an empty cafe. He slows as he reaches the door. He relaxes, makes one last attempt at batting his hair back into shape. Saunters in and pauses until he sees Enjolras, recognisable from the rare occasional selfie, and sidles over to their table. Or rather, tables, because there’s almost a dozen of them.

“Hey,” he says shyly. “I’m put-on-grand-airs.”

“Oh my god,” says a guy with bright eyes and a mouth too wide for his face. “I’m writerlytails. Enjolras. Enjolras!” He turns and elbows Enjolras in the ribs repeatedly, mouth agape with delight.

“Oh, you’re the one who writes all the catfic!” says Grantaire, grinning.

All the catfic,” says writerlytails solemnly. “Enjolras! You fucking lucked out!”

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autumn people #1
autumn people: a silly series of interconnected one-shots revolving around the question, will enjolras be able to confess to éponine before halloween is over? follow for more secondhand embarrassment!

first up is the “this haunted house is terrifying please hold me” AU from this post, as requested by poeticbibliophile. happy october to one and all!

Enjolras was a man with a plan.

Of course, the word “man” didn’t automatically call to mind a gangly, romantically inept seventeen-year-old boy, and “plan” usually referred to something more concrete than a list of tips his self-declared Casanova friend had offered to get the girl of his dreams to fall in love with him at an amusement park, but the act of challenging dictionary definitions held a certain appeal for a burgeoning anarchist such as himself.

And, besides, he was nothing if not optimistic.

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