texts from dog

For a second I thought you were becoming a decent person. I’m glad I was wrong.
—  Chuuya to Dazai

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  • Dazai: I'm gonna go fight Chuuya~
  • Atsushi: But you aren't armed!
  • Dazai: I am
  • Atsushi: With what?
  • Dazai: Over-confidence ;)
  • Akutagawa: I would really appreciate it if you would stop texting my boyfriend (Atsushi).
  • Dazai: I would really appreciate it if you would stop cockblocking me.

Pelutze: Buy me some pants
APH Luxembourg: What?
Pelutze: I just realized I’m naked, buy me some pants
APH Luxembourg: I’m not buying you pants
Pelutze: Buy me some pants
APH Luxembourg: I’m not buying you pants
Pelutze: I’m wearing your pants
Pelutze: I’ve wet your pants
APH Luxembourg: You son of a BITCH

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: what is the meaning of life? are we here for a reason? is there a point to any of this? and why does food taste so much better in the trash? this was me. and then this was me. and then i came back as this little guy. a lot of lives for one dog to live, but im getting ahead of myself. let's start at the beginning. for me it all began with a boy. his name was ethan. my name was bailey bailey bailey bailey. whenever life got ethan down, i knew exactly what to do. we played with that ball all afternoon. ethan loved it. sometimes he just needed a little nudge. we spent everyday together (are they fighting over food? no, nothing in there) as the years went by i could tell my time with ethan was coming to an end. and then, it happened! i was back! i didn't have a-i'm a girl!? i had a new purpose. i was needed again. and again. and again. with each new life, i was learning a lesson. (hm. have we met before?) i tried to make sense out of all the things i've seen. was there a point to this journey of mine? and how did bacon fit in? if i can get you licking and loving...i have my purpose.

aang’s annual check-up today!

he’s good on vaccines until 2018, good on heartworm for six months, and i’ll be hearing back about his bloodwork soon.

despite the fact that he’s visibly nervous as hell he’s always very sweet with the staff and doesnt act out aggressively, even when he had to be stuck a few times cause he’s got “roly-poly veins”

also he’s now a whopping 35.6 lbs! i’d like to get him back down to 32/33ish and maybe build up some muscle, but i’m not overly concerned about it

  • Junichirou: Atsushi-kun, what do you want?
  • Atsushi: Woah boy, okay. Financial stability, a place I can call home, an end to my anxiet-
  • Junichirou: I meant from the store, Atsushi-kun.