texts from art history

I. young girl, crouching by the river, learning from the myrtle how to grow. she knows the lyrist who plays in the marketplace wants his notes to sound like marigold. she knows the aching of the salmon that struggle upstream in the spring.

II. the tangles of plants teach her how to grow but also how to wink and gleam and dance. teach her how to invent a god and kiss her on the mouth. to be peachgreen & unapologetic.

III. a glistering heart but it’s grown over with hedera and begonias. a ritual bath but it’s full of surging gold. young girl, all burning eyes and jaded desire and a craving taking root from the other side of delphi.

Work Comes Home - Part 6

Summary: You work for the company that publishes Hamilton: The Revolution. You meet Lin-Manuel at work and who knows what will happen?

Words: 3748

Author’s Note: Thanks to @secretschuylersister and @iwrotemywayto-revolution for being amazing and reading this over and editing it for me. Brazenhead Books is a real store in NYC and so is the owner Michael, visiting his bookstore is now on my bucket list. 

Ask Me Anything

Disclaimer: Obviously, the overall story timeline is a little weird, it takes a while to publish a book, but we’re condensing that time for the purpose of the story. 

Warnings: Swearing

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Great Members of the Community - 1

Rather than do them all at once since there are so many blogs to cover, I feel it would be best to break it up a little by purely arbitrary amounts and qualities. Each one will be whatever number of blogs and of whatever quality. Now, without further adieu

Voice of All MTG ( @voiceofallmtg )

If you don’t know about Voice then you are missing out. Run by Blaise, they take in auditions from members of the MTG community to voice characters from the MTG story and bring it all together in the form of a radio play. The amount of work that goes into bringing it all together is incredible and the fact that more people don’t know about it is a travesty. I strongly recommend listening, sharing, and giving auditioning a shot if that tickles your fancy. Even if you’re not a massive fan of magic, it is an incredible way to get into the story.

Daily MTG Flavour Text ( @dailymtgflavortext )

A really simply blog that will post art from the history of Magic the Gathering, and overlay it with the flavour ext from that card. They also post Deck Builders Toolkits. There blog is dedicated to just this if you are worried about being spammed with personal stuff.

Weekly MTG Post ( @weekly-mtg-posts )

Weekly MTG post is a blog that primarily dedicates itself to creating themed Magic Art posts once a week, as well as daily art content (including Cosplay, custom cards and alters) from across the magic community. To put it simply, if you enjoy art produced for MTG professionally, as well as in the community, they are a strong follow.

The Foxwolf ( @the-foxwolf )

One of the many Vorthos in the community, The Foxwolf posts content relating to the community at large, as well as interesting theories from the story of magic. What’s more, on top of the good work they’ve been doing recently, they currently have a great deal more in the works. Onwards and upwards.

Dragons of Dominia ( @dragonsofdominia )

Dragons creates analyses of the different kinds of dragons from across the multiverse identifying, not only what to anticipate from their appearance and behaviour but also obvious dangers. In addition, there is also a few ‘dragonesque’ creatures covered. As of posting the blog has gone quiet due to having analysed the various dragons on all planes thus visited, but with Amokhet in the not too distant future, there may be a resurgence.

Magus of the Colour Pie ( @magus-of-the-color-pie )

Got a question about how certain aspects of something relate to the Colour pie but are worried that if you ask MaRo himself you’ll never get a reply? Well, Diego is the person for you. With an incredible understanding of the colour pie and it’s relation to other things, they are the go-to person when you got an itching question or just wanna talk magic. 

Sam Keeper ( @sam-keeper )

How I had never heard of Sam before this is beyond me, but their blogspot blog, Storming the Ivory Tower, is the perfect mix of anecdotes and interest concepts that makes each post, which may appear daunting at first, melt away as you read deeper into it. Maybe I’m biased because it’s similar to the way I tend to write, but maybe that just sells it too. If you like the way I write, but wanna see it done better, Sam is the way to go. Also go support their Patreon

Jace, The Belt Sculptor ( @jacethebeltsculptor )

Jace (I’m sorry, I don’t know your real name) is an up and coming writer and member of the community who is passionate about creating well written pieces and reaching those he can. His work has a finger in ever pie, but at it’s core it magic, relating other things, like Voltron, various anime, and even feminism back to magic. If you’re passionate and ready to discuss things, I recommend reading Jace’s stuff.

Servo Facts ( @servo-facts )

This is a bit of a two for one because I wanted to promo Servo Facts as a blog but also say that I haven’t been running it for a while. Despite that, the person who has taken it up in my stead has done an incredible job at maintaining a flow of content. Even if that flow stops of slow, going through the history of the blog is great for a laugh. I’m a big fan, and I think more people should be too. 

Hahaha what the heck i got this girls number from my art history class (the same class the other Nikita is in) bc she talks in it all the time and I was like oh I’m taking Asian American artists in art history lecture next semester and she’s like oh I’ve been considering taking another lecture and I also thought this girl was like my age maybe like 20 or something and I was like how old are you? And she said 27!!!!!