BTS Reaction to you rapping Eminem’s “Rap God” perfectly

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Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook would be the one blasting the song aloud. He’d be trying to expand his taste in English music when all of a sudden he ended up stumbling in the rap genre? So now he’s just chillin’ with Eminem booming through his speaker. He would study the rapper’s pronunciation and tone when suddenly he hears you by his side, rapping along to the lyrics perfectly. This boy would be so awe-struck and completely at a lost for words because not only are you the love of his life but you’re also really freakin’ talented?

“Wahh~ Jagiya? Since When? How did you even learn this?”

Kim Taehyung

The music would be blasting and he’d hear the beat of the infamous Eminem song from miles away. Tae would run into your room and burst through the door screaming the lyrics to the chorus. You’d be startled but scream along with him. As soon as the rap starts he’d lower his voice and expect you to do the same; however, when he hears you still screaming the rap aloud by yourself, he just stares at you dancing and getting turnt cause his love is well a “rap god” as he would say. After the initial shock, he’d start screaming, yelling, and dancing around like the two childish lovers the both of you are.

“Wow! Ayy~! Ayy~! Ayy~! It’s lit, jagiya!”

Park Jimin

Jimin isn’t one for rap but if he was forced to choose a favorite rapper… he sure as hell wouldn’t choose Eminem. He was too derogatory and often times, Jimin had no idea what he was saying. One day, you’d be listening to music with your earphones in, blasting. Jimin wouldn’t mind it as he’s used to the loud, muffled music already but when he hears your low murmuring to the song is when he starts to pay interest. He’d stop whatever he’s doing and lightly giggle at you. Simply taken back by how you could rap so well and how adorable you look in doing so, Jimin would smile the brightest and just admire your beauty.

“How can you be so cute? When saying— rapping such vulgar words?”

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Kim Seokjin

Jin would be so astonished and so stunned but at the same time, he’s so prideful of your small but still important, accomplishment. As someone that isn’t trained to rap and doesn’t know the first thing to it, he’d praise your ability to rap the song perfectly without any mistakes or stuttering. Expect a lot of praising, clapping, encouraging (albeit unnecessarily loud) cheering, and even chanting your name whenever you play the song. He’d be such a sweet and supportive lover even with the little things… like this.

“You’re so talented! You can rap?! Wahh~ what can’t you do, hhm?”

Jung Hoseok

Much like Taehyung, this man would be w i l d. Dancing and screaming and flailing his arms in the air as he rapped along with you or sang along with your words. Loud and proud is his motto! You two would playfully glare at each other mentally agreeing to a rap battle. Hoseok would laugh knowing full well what all these glares meant and start the countdown once the song starts up in the background. The punishment? Attacked by kisses! Which, to be honest, really wasn’t a punishment at all. All fun and games as you rap together, each word sliding off your tongues perfectly.

“You really think you can beat me, jagiya? Alright, let’s see you try!”

Kim Namjoon

Joon is genuinely impressed. He’d stare at you for the longest time just admiring your cute little dances moves. His eyes bright with admiration towards his one true love and every once in a while, he’d pull his hand over his mouth to muffle his laughter at your odd gestures as you rap to the beat perfectly. It’s no surprise when he joins in with your inelegant ways of moving robotically (on purpose or not… the world may never know) to the beat while simultaneously screeching the lyrics to the legendary Eminem song. Two big losers in love are what the both of you are.

“I’m honestly amazed, baby. You really are— something special, huh?”

Min Yoongi

Being that Yoongi actually really admires Eminem, he’ll probably have his songs downloaded in his playlists. As the two of you share a pair of earphones, cuddled next to each other on the coach, the song would come on his shuffle and even though he knows you can rap everything perfectly he still smiles at his hardcore rapping lover as you get more and more into it. You even go as far as throwing up gestures and little dance moves. He’d tease you and laugh at your silly antics all with a gummy smile on his lips and all the love in his heart cause damn… he just can never get enough of you.

“You are such a loser… but at least you’re my loser.”

~College!au Pen Pal Hoseok~PART THIRTEEN

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You stared at the bruise forming on Mark’s face. “What the hell is going on?” You repeated, this time looking over to the boy Mark was glaring at. His eyes were still on Mark and his fists were clenched at his sides. His right fist was red, too.

“Do you want to tell her or should I?” The boy’s voice was cold toward your boyfriend.

“Y/N, don’t listen to this lunatic. He came at me! And you know the guy?” Mark looked at you with pleading eyes. Was this….Smiley? He seemed the opposite of smiley at the moment. 

“He probably had good reason,” You huffed, crossing your arms. “So what did you do?”

“I’m just gonna go,” You noticed Y/F/N slowly inching her way away from the pool table you were standing in front of. 

“Y/F/N? What’re you doing here? Did you see what happened?”

“Me? Oh–psh no,” She shook her head furiously before waving and turning to leave. 

“Not so fast,” The light brown haired, also very attractive may you add, boy tutted, motioning with his finger to come back. 

“Since you’re not going to tell her I will,” The boy turned to you and you stared back into his brown eyes with curiosity. “Gumdrop,” He began, a sad frown appearing on his face. Your eyes widened slightly at the nickname. So it was Smiley.

“The reason why your boyfriend, Mark, has been ignoring you and not giving you straight answers lately is because he’s cheating on you.”

It was a blunt statement. Had you heard it from anyone else, you would’ve laughed and waved it off, calling the person accusing Mark of such a thing crazy. 

But it wasn’t just anyone. It was the boy who’s always answered you, no matter the occasion. The boy who put your priorities over his own. The boy who chose you over anyone. 

“I–what?” You shook your head and whirled it toward Mark, who rolled his eyes. 

“It really isn’t what it looks like–”

“With who?” You cut him off, seething.

When Mark didn’t answer you, your eyes flicked toward–what’s his name?–Smiley who slyly pointed to Y/F/N.

“Huh,” You chuckled humorlessly. Y/F/N. You both gushed over Mark before you dated. You should’ve seen it coming. Y/F/N wouldn’t just give up a crush like that, even if he was taken.

Y/F/N stared at the ground in embarrassment, “Y/N, I was stupid and definitely don’t deserve anything from you but please believe me this once when I say: He called me first.” Y/F/N rushed out of lounge to who knows where and you slowly turned to Mark.


“Nuh–uh” You cut him off, “You don’t get to ‘Babe’ me! I fucking forgave you! And you were still a dick. And I have no idea why I didn’t just break up with you when you continued to be a dick. It’s my fault, really. If I broke up with you first, I wouldn’t’ve had to find out like this. And what’s even worse? You couldn’t even man up to tell me! I had to find out from–what’s your name?” You asked the last question in a lighter tone toward Smiley.

Hoseok, who was looking down, kicking his feet at the carpet below him, shot his head up. “Hoseok.”

“–Hoseok–nice to meet you, by the way. I wish it wasn’t this dramatic of a meeting,” You smiled sweetly at the boy. Then turning back toward Makr, you continued, “–that you were going around behind my back?”

“You don’t even know the guy!” Mark fired back.

“Exactly! And I trust him a hell lot more than you! Isn’t that saying something?” You scoffed, crossing your arms.

Rolling his eyes, Mark put his hands up in defense, “Whatever. I don’t have to deal with this. I was going to break up with you anyway so you didn’t hurt my ego if that’s what you think.” Mark jogged out of the room, assumably to chase Y/F/N and you stood dumbfounded.

He was going to break up with you? Then why the hell cheat on you first if he could’ve been free a while ago?

“I’m sorry Y/N. This wasn’t my plan. i just wanted to talk to him. And you know, ask why he’s been a bad boyfriend. I was just trying to protect you but I think I ended up hurting you. I’m really sorry Y/N. I got so angry when I realized I was witnessing him cheating on you without even knowing, so I punched him. Also, I’ve never punched anyone before so my fist really hurts so if you’re going to yell at me for meddling into your life please make it quick because–” You cut off the rambling boy with a tight embrace.

“Uh,” You felt the rumble against Hoseok’s chest as he hummed. Without bothering to let go, you sighed. “I’d still be with that jackass if it weren’t for you.”

“You know how to handle yourself, I can tell. I’m sure you could’ve handled that without my meddling,” Hoseok muttered, frowning at himself.

“It was better with you here. At least I has someone on my side through it all,” You looked up at him with a soft smile. He smiled back and you knew Smiley was the perfect code name for him. He was right about being a Sunshine™. His smile could light up your whole day.

“Gumdrop, you know I’m always on your side. We are besties, right?” Hoseok strained the word besties but smiled nevertheless.

“Right,” you grinned. “Where would I be without you?”

“Jamming to Hannah Montana alone,” Hoseok smirked as you both exited the lounge.

“You promised to never speak of it again!” You shouted, lightly pushing him off path. 

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  • Pidge: I made pie!
  • Shiro: I'm making caserole
  • Lance: Did somebody say cranberry sauce?
  • Keith: *smacks down the door* I BROUGHT THE MUTHERFUCKING TEQUILA!
  • Allura: Is this normal for humans?

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“did you think i wouldn’t notice you sneaking out of bed every night?”

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Everybody knows you as an Ice Queen. And a bunch of fuckboys made it their daily entertainment to come to the café and watch how you ditch yet another guy, trying to hit on you. But one day, they make a bet.