pissed off


T’Challa honestly deserves all the notes in this world

and yet mediocre shit with bucky gets notes. i’m so done. i’m done. i’m writing way more t’challa now and that’s that. and by mediocre shit i mean stuff i pulled out of my ass within five minutes with the name ‘bucky’ plastered on it and it getting 800 notes. 

meanwhile i pour my heart and soul into a T’Challa fic and it can’t even reach 500 goddamn notes.

i hate everything. 

I miss looking forward to new songs and getting snippets of music and a line or two of lyrics and everyone having fun trying to predict which song it’s from or who wrote it and what it could mean and I also miss tour and I miss songs being released DURING tour and everyone already knowing every word by the next night’s show and I miss them talking about their music and their process and how proud they are of their contributions!! I miss One Direction!!