request by anon: a texting one of the boys checking on you since you’ve been having a really hard time with your depression?

here you go! hope you enjoy! 💕💕

Does anybody know about Doctor Strange premiere and events for fans in Hong Kong? I’m seriously considering to go to Hong Kong and wondering if there’s any chance for me(non-Chinese) to apply for any events for fans to see Benedict. Even from far distance. I’ve been googling for ages but couldn’t find any reliable and specific information. Please please please anybody help me?? *teary eyes*

text - reagan & myles
  • Reagan:I've been trying to figure out all day why you did it, but maybe now I don't care to know. Either way, it never happens again, got it?
  • Reagan:Also, I know you're involved with Josie. You hurt her, and no one will /ever/ find your body.