WestAllen portion of the ET interview
  • Interviewer :And I’ve got to ask what does Flashpoint mean for WestAllen ? Can we have a kiss that isn't erased by time travel or some kind of giant thing happening?
  • Candice :I know, it seems like everytime we make it happen, we rip it away from you guys just to torture you
  • Grant :it's TV !
  • Interviewer :Angry fans !
  • Candice :Yeah no I think you can expect in season 3 that you know WestAllen will be a thing. We are gonna work through that. And yeah the kiss isn't erased for Barry. I'll just say that
  • Interviewer :So Barry is going to remember both timelines
  • Grant :Barry remembers everything

it’s honestly so tiring for me to always give an answer to everyone who ask me ‘’why do you listen to chinese music you don’t even understand it’’. first of all, china is not the only asian country to exist in this world. second of all, there is not a specific reason: if i like it, i like it. third of all: most of the people who tell me this can’t even speak english so i’m here like ‘’you can’t even understand english so why do you listen to english music?” open your fucking mind, if you have one. 


by HeyimFay

This is a collection of the boys texts to one another. The happy, the sad and the awkward… all through messaging. Read what they talk about day to day in Texts (it’s really quite interesting).
I do requests and shit, I have parties up in here (just kidding I’m a lame ass turtle), we’re all chill. Basically everyone get to know everyone esle and we’ll have an awesome time.
Most of the chaps will probably be short because they’re phone conversations.
Also I know Zayn’s in some of them, I wrote some of these a while ago so yeah.

Words: 229, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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  • [facetime call from Felton @10:30PM]
  • Felton:Hey! *talks too loud and covers mouth* Oh, shit, sorry. *giggles* Anyway *prolongs the last syllable and raises a bottle of Absolute* Free tonight? *jiggles the bottle and smirks*