Sleepy Saturday

I got home from the 5K this morning, had a little breakfast, and then fell asleep on the couch listening to podcasts. Which was hilarious because when I woke up I was SURE that I had just taken the morning off and HAD TO GET TO WORK, oh my god, it’s 1:20 in the afternoon, I’m so late – 

I was literally in the bedroom trying to pick out work clothes before I realized it was Saturday. WELL DONE ME.

Since recovering from that episode of self-induced panic, I’ve been basically doing not-much, though I’ve been reading a bit in Decisive, by Chip and Dan Heath, which is helping me get a handle on the Back East question. 

Part of the issue is that Mum really loves Chicago and doesn’t especially want me to leave, which I get. I like Chicago and I don’t especially want to leave either. But Back East is New England which means I’d be moving to Boston, and I love Boston, and I think I finally figured out how to get her on side: 

“Well, you know, Mum,” I said to her, “Boston…it’s a lot safer than Chicago.”

Which both is and is not true. Chicago’s frankly epic gun violence is restricted to very specific geographic areas that I really don’t get into much, and it mainly happens at times when I’m at home asleep. I’m also a white dude and thus not worried about running at four in the morning lest the cops decide summary execution is the best way of dealing with me. But Boston has a lower overall crime rate particularly in the Wow That’s So Much Murder department, and thus seems safer to my mother, who has started getting a little anxious about Holy Mother Of God All The Shooting.

In her last email to me she said, “I think you should definitely give Boston a chance.” So, we’ll see. 

A friend of mine from work just finished moving and I offered to buy her boxes from her, so tomorrow I’m going over to pick them up and bring them home. I’m going to be moving soon-ish regardless of whether it’s Chicago or Boston I end up in, so I might as well start packing up the non-vital kitchen stuff, the extra linens, and the delicate Home Decor Which Proves I Don’t Have Cats. 

I love packing. I’m kind of weirdly excited about getting started. 

Long Live Robin Hood - or, thoughts on the future of FYPOT

As most of you are likely well aware, Once Upon A Time returns to kick off season 6 this Sunday. If you’ve kept up with Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis’ interviews, meant to tease and promote the new episodes, you’re also familiar with the fact that Robin has joined an elite group of characters meant to remain dead, instead of being resurrected one way or another as seen before with regards to other series regulars or guest stars. With Maid Marian also dead, Will Scarlet and the Sheriff of Nottingham being… somewhere… that’s not Storybrooke, apparently, and the Merry Men (and Roland) returning to the Enchanted Forest, most of the major players tied to his origin story have also been removed from the show’s canvas. At this point, it seems unlikely that we will see Sean Maguire as Robin Hood on OUAT again.

However, this does not mean this blog is about to disappear. The writers of Once Upon A Time may be done with the character, but this only means one thing: He’s ours now. To cherish, based on past episodes, to explore, in terms of all the backstory the show never uncovered, and to breathe new life into. Hopefully FYPOT still be able to reblog new fanart, videos, fic, etc., etc. in the future. If you haven’t done so yet, please consider checking out the amazing Operation Outlaw Queen AU Project. A very different, Robin-focused attempt to boost fandom creativity is still in the works.

Some changes are inevitable, though.

  • Starting with a new blog design. I’ve been working on it behind the scenes and may finish it tomorrow.
  • Focus on Sean Maguire’s other projects and activities. Anyone else way beyond excited for Timeless already? ;-)
  • Personally, I won’t be watching OUAT anymore. If, in whatever form, any content relevant to FYPOT does make an appearance on the show, short of Sean guest-starring again, chances are it’ll take a bit longer than usual for it to appear on here.
  • I’m currently running this blog on my own. Give me a bit of time to sort a few things out, but if anyone’s interested I’d appreciate having 1-2 co-admins/moderators again. I’ll let you know in a seperate post once I’m ready to take new peeps on board. :)
  • Suggestions for new content are welcome. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see on FYPOT in the future.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the snark in the opening paragraphs. ;-) I honestly do hope everyone tuning in for season 6 will find it worth their time.


all i need in this life is to have somebody that i can hold on to when i need them the most, and i hold them when they need me.

all i need in this life is somebody that can make me happy, and i too make them happy.

all i want to be in this life is to be needed by somebody.

all i need in this life, is someone.