• the vamps:*breathe*
  • 5h fans:they're trash!!!!! they're relevant just bc of 5h!!! they're sexists!!! brad is obsessed with lauren!!! they're losers!!
  • 5sos fans:stop copying 5sos wt f?!??!? 5sos have sold out stadiums and they haven't!!!! they're just a disney band!!!
  • demi fans:they're only 'famous' bc of demi!!!!
  • 1d fans:can this guy stop being harry's wannabe?!?!!
  • me:lmao chill and buy wake up on itunes

guys okay i know there is a lot going on rn in the fandom and whatnot and i know it can be very stressful and upsetting so i wanna give y’all (aka my homies) a lil fyi:

if you are feeling stressed or upset about all the drama, PLEASE just shut off your phone, computer, etc and go take a nap, eat something, watch some netflix or youtube videos, take a shower or bubblebath, listen to calming music (probs not 1d lmao), pretty much anything that can help you relax and takes your mind off of 1d for a sec….

if none of this will/is helping, PLEASE come talk to me or someone else you trust. i will be happy to give you any contact info you need to be able to talk to me… i dont want any of y’all to hurt yourselves or to be anymore depressed/anxious than you may already be. PLEASE be kind to yourself and do what you know will make you happy and healthy.

i love y’all so much stay strong and talk to me if you need to ♡ ♡ ♡

what fucks me up the most about that pic of mikey with the rainbow waterfall thing coming out of his mouth is that this means he has a snapchat….. somewhere is snapchat land, michael gordon clifford is taking pictures and videos of himself and the other boys and posting them for his friends to see….. and i dont have access to that??????? i cant…… i cant even handle that….. it’s too much………