Please give me

-distressed Greg
-Greg making the gems find a damn way to go to homeworld to save Steven (and Lars)
-Peridot helping
-show us homeworld!!!
-Greg being the hero
-Steven being a child and not smarter than 5,000 year old characters???
-Lars development

During the ten years of darkness, an increasing number of black chocobos were spotted all over Duscae, some thought the black chocobos, who were supposed to be nearly extinct, were suddenly reappearing thanks to the daemon taint.

The truth, however, was that Ardyn Izunia took over Wiz’s farm, abandonned due to the remoteness of the outpost and the weakening of the lights around the outpost, and worked on finding the last few black chocobos and reviving the species, starting with the last baby black chocobo, accidentally named Fuck You Noctis Lucis Caelum, Fuck You.

I think Steven should have mastered his powers a lot later in the show? I think that could have been a good character development, more drawn out. Now he’s as strong as Amy??
Or maybe he has all his powers now, but he’s super reckless and can’t control them like the gems.
Just,,, please make him a child and let him make mistakes and LEARN. Not be some all-knowing???

I love comparing Star v The Forces of Evil to Steven Universe.
Like first the word evil is in the title. The bad guys are evil. But like not canon but going off of what I know the characters would do-
If Star found out her mom defeated an evil tyrant of the past she’d be like “wow go mom!!”
If Bismuth gave her the gem shattering tool she’d be like “let’s go kick some butts!!”
She’d unbubble all the gems she wants to fix. Not cause she knows it’s the right thing (it is) but because she’s clumsy and makes mistakes and there’d be chaos at first, but through the skill of plot device and fun scenes they could all be healed. She would do it in a messy way that was dangerous and the gems told her not to, but in the end they’re happy she did cause she learned a lesson (cause she’s not all-knowing cause she’s only 14 and can grow and learn through experiences) AND every corrupted gem is healed and the tyrant diamonds are gone and everyone is free from the terrible caste system of HomeWorld.

Anyway… Star Universe. Ultimate star child.
She’s already a magical-girl alien-child.

Just sayin’

I just thought, Simon is a quite touchy guy, so he has no problems grabbing Raphael’s arm or touching him to get his attention, and what if when he does it in front of the clan for the first time, everyone holds their breath, waiting for Raphael to make Simon fly through the room, but instead Raphael is all chill about it.

So the next day, another vampire from the clan tries to touch Raphael, and he’s sent flying, and two minutes later Simon arrives and slaps Raphael on the arm, all casual, and Raphael barely grunts.

And that’s how everyone figures out that Raphael has feelings for Simon, and they all give him shit about it after that.