crush him.png oikawa needs to be careful about what he puts on snap

this was inspired by a conversation i had with @notallballs abt kageyama’s killer thighs. 

Late replies here and there are acceptable because you know were humans we get busy sometimes, but when you give me late replies EVERY SINGLE DAY ALL DAY I start to think your not interested or you textn’ someone else

A text my friend sent me

Me and my friend were textning and i was like “imma go watch spn now, btw look at this” (a fanart just a chibi cass) and she Said “thats so lame and geeky” refering to the show and fanart. And i was just like “… U know that if u posted that on tumblr you would get a crapload of shit for that” (in a good way like omg it’s awesome u should try)
Am i right?