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“You’re saying that this thing that’s turning this lab to crystal is trying to do to the world like what happened in Phandalin?”
“You can save the world, Noelle.”
“Alright, then. Let’s fuck ‘em up." 

a playlist for Noelle from The Adventure Zone.  7 songs + 1 bonus.

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John’s theme in His Last Vow - Restarting His Heart

(Introduction to John’s theme)

Honestly, I’m pretty anxious to write about John’s theme in His Last Vow, because there is something in the tarmac scene that made me gasp when I realized it the first time. But let’s try to be patient and start at the beginning. After a lot of scenes with John’s theme in TEH and only one scene in TSoT we have three scenes in HLV. They are positioned very balanced in the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the episode.

At first we see John lying next to Mary, but dreaming about war and Sherlock. John shares the frame with Mary while he dreams about the war. But then the war noises vanish, John’s theme sounds and he shares the frame only with Sherlock. Then he wakes up abruptly. In my reading this scene is very important to show us one thing: John’s theme only plays for/with Sherlock. In the episodes before Mary was never in the scene when the theme sounded. But now we know: Even if she is present, John doesn’t share the same deep emotional connection with Mary he shares with Sherlock (or his feelings towards her aren’t the same as they are for Sherlock).

Mid0nz leaked about her upcoming interview with Michael Price that John’s theme is only once not played by piano (but by brass) in the piece “Redbeard”.

If you have trouble finding the theme, listen to the developpment from melody (piano), chords (piano) to “Redbeard” and chords.

Sherlock dies. In his (sub)conciousness he’s lying in a padded cell (often read as his heart). The chords of John’s theme enclose the moments when Sherlock manages to stand up again/to fight back to life. The music underlines and intensifies the text: Sherlock manages to fight death because of John/to save John.

But I’d like to lead your focus to something the text doesn’t tell us. If we go back to the first scene in HLV we can see that there’s a visual and musical parallel. John and Sherlock both are lying asleep/unconciously. They think of each other what makes them both arising. It’s seems to be for both of them a kind of awakening. And the music invites us to make this connection. (In my opinion of course, you’re welcome to share different thoughts! :) ).


Phew, the tarmac is coming nearer. Inhale, exhale, relaxe.

If you have the DVD I’d like to really invite you to rewatch this scene in whole right now and to look for the theme yourself. I think it won’t have the same enlightening effect if you only watch the snippet I can provide you. And remember: John’s theme is like a textmarker (okay, that’s not a really charming image, but I hope you’ll get the massage either way.) It’s important to watch out where it starts and ends exactly, what happens visually and what is said in between.

Oh my god! In the whole conversation John’s theme actually only underlines and frames these words of Sherlock: “John, there’s something … I should say; I’ve meant to say always and then never have. Since it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again, I might as well say it now.“

Before I noticed this, I tended to think that Sherlock had already decided to make a joke the moment he started talking. Now I see the hugh possibility that he hadn’t. I can think of four ways to read the scene.

1. The theme plays for Sherlock. He realizes that he’s loosing John which hurts even more since he realized what John’s means to him. So John’s theme would be a stand-in for John, again.

2. The theme plays for John. I embrace this read a lot because that way it isn’t important how Sherlock meant his words but how John understood them. If the music mirrors John’s emotions, I think that John totally expects Sherlock to some sort of emotional revelation. And that freaks him out. He knows he will break, if Sherlock pushes further. It’s like: I know that you have feelings for me, I can see this because I feel the same way. But don’t tell me now. Not now when it’s unlikely that we will ever meet again.

3. The theme plays for both of them as it was used for theme seperately, they now share this emotional expression. It would mean that they both know in this scene about their own and the other’s feelings. They share the love and the heartbreak. But as it stays unspoken there’s only the music left.

4. The theme plays for the viewer. I think it’s also plausible to say that the theme only tells the viewer the deep emotions of John and Sherlock. But they themselves assume nothing about the other person’s feelings.

Perhaps Season 4 will give us more hints.

For more about John’s theme and other stuff see my meta post.


Could it be that textmarker reflects the light of a scanner in a way that it doesn’t show up in the picture?
If yes, cool for documents where people went crazy with markers, but also uncool for glowing effects on warframes. I added the green glowing stuff in PS, because it vanished.

(And I was proud of that too, felt so clever…)

Anyway. My cinnamon fröst in a bowl of cinnamon icecream (and mint). Drawing this went kind of fast for the frost, and not so fast for the ice bowl, because I used actual guidelines to make it look good.

Then I fumbled around with the brush. Oh well.

German Vocabulary: Stationery

stationery - die Schreibwaren

pen - der Stift
ball-point pen - der Kugelschreiber
fountain pen - die Füllfeder
pencil - der Bleistift
colored pencil - der Buntstift/Farbstift
highlighter - der Textmarker/Leuchtstift
fineliner - der Fineliner
gel pen - der Gelstift
felt pen- der Filzstift
marker - der Marker

eraser/rubber - der/das Radiergummi/der Radierer
correction fluid - die Korrekturflüssigkeit
correction tape - der Korrekturroller
correction pen - der Korrekturstift

paper - das Papier
sheet of paper - ein Blatt Papier
sticky note/post-it - die Haftnotiz/das Post-it
page marker - der Haftstreifen
dividers - die Trennblätter/Registerblätter
sticker - der Aufkleber/der Sticker
bookmark - das Lesezeichen

binder - die Mappe/der Hefter
folder - der Ordner
notebook - das Heft/das Notizbuch
spiral-bound notepad - der Collegeblock/Spiralblock
clipboard - das Klemmbrett
envelope - das Kuvert/der Briefumschlag

planner/diary - der Terminplaner/Terminkalender

ruler - das Lineal
scissors - die Schere
stapler - der Hefter/Tacker
hole punch - der Locher
(adhesive) tape - das Klebeband/das Tixo
glue - der Kleber

paper clip - die Büroklammer
staple - die Heftklammer
drawing pin/pushpin - die Reißzwecke/der Reißnagel
pin - die Stecknadel

pencil case - das (Feder)Mäppchen/das Federpennal
backpack - der Rucksack

>>If you have any questions, feel free to ask anytime. I’ll be happy to help.

Happy birthday Reiner, you special blond bara!

You’re getting 7 gifts, domestic AU with 20+ years old baras to be exact, as Reibert week 2016 starts tomorrow. These two panels are from a comic that made me tear up a little.

Sakura Pigma Microns, Pigma Brush, Kuretake Zig Millenium, Textmark and white gel pen on A4 paper, some digital inking in Photoshop, screentones with Comicworks.

Klaas über Joko
—  “Joko Winterscheidt wird auf jeden Fall in seinem ganzen Leben nie von ‘nem Auto überfahren, da er in Signalfarben gekleidet ist, manchmal kommt er rein und ich denk’ "Huch so 'nen großen Textmarker hab ich noch nie gesehen” und dann ist das seine Hose! Er sieht wirklich sehr sehr gut aus und das ist letztendlich auch so ein bisschen seine Eintrittskarte in die große weite Welt des Entertainment, sein wirklich gutes Aussehen.“

06/07/2015 - My bullet journal equipment!

  • The journal itself. I just used a very basic notebook and stuck a cover on. It’s squared paper and A5.
  • Five rolls of Washi tape that I found in different stores - I use them for decoration and color coding.
  • A ballpoint pen in black, a Schneider Xtra 805 pen (my favourite pen of all times) and a mechanical pencil (Pilot Super Grip 0.5).
  • Two Stabilo point 88 0.4 fineliners in light green and light blue.
  • A Faber Castell Textliner 1546 in green (favourite highlighter) and a Pelikan Textmarker 490 in blue.
  • A Flexio shatterproof ruler. I love the color, it makes me feel happy!
  • Two sticky notes pads. Different sizes for different needs :)

I’ll probably post more about my bullet journal, I’m absolutely in love with it! 


i rearanged my room for more space at my desk and it looks pretty nice now. also i bought a new pencil case (its from CATWALK, 9;95 €) for my broken one. the stationery stuff next to it is what i keep in it everyday. it includes fineliners, a pen, stabilos, mini textmarkers by edding, neon flashcards, pencils, scissors, a glue stick and a ? (how do you even call these in english??)