Speaking of daydreaming on my side blog, it’s hard to believe that there was actually a time where I daydreamt of people actually talking to me in my streams and genuinely showing interest in my au’s, fandoms, and art. I can’t believe that was such a big deal to me. Thanks, everyone, for making one of my dreams come true. <3

wisteria1314  asked:

I love how you drew the scars on octopus mermaid Allen, the choice of what type of mer Allen is not only fits his character perfectly but its also a great callback to the octopus hat.

Ahhh, thank you so much! I didn’t want to just go the generic mermaid route, so I had to really think what I wanted him to be. I thought the Mimic Octopus was good for both his personality and similar to Crown Clown as well–so im glad you agree that it fits! :D Also, I DIDN’T THINK ABOUT THE OCTOPUS HAT, OMGG!

Here’s a poorly drawn doodle of octopus Allen

anonymous asked:

hey your blog is super cool!!!! and im glad you let people with cgl blogs follow you because thats my main but i also have my side which is slime/stimmy stuffs!!! so like having a person who allows it makes it much easier to have cool posts on my slime blog tbh!!! you are great pal keep on keeping on!!!!

thank u anon!!


got damn please pee on me.
OK BUT UR IIKE MY FAVE MUTUAL AND LIKE???SO FUNNY AND I LOVE U???? UR SO… GOOD???? I WANNA TALK TO U MORE BUT IM SO SCARED OF TEXTING PPL FIRST JFJJD IM TRYING THOU GH… ummm I LOVE UR ART like ok i spam reblogged it on my okd post limit blog before i remade and i was like Scared to follow u bc im justnlike tht but lik u were one of the Frste people i followed when i remade BC i ha to i was liiek “im makig this shite happen” and like i never thought we would b friend but FUNK IM SO HAPPY MAN????? ur rlly great ad im love u im so???glad hgkbjgnvok ill shute upe nowe