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Discourse Opinions

Ace Discourse: Ace and or Aro people are not inherently lgbt. If they are Ace and/or and also trans/sga, then they are. But being Ace/Aro is Not what makes them lgbt.

Reverse Racism: White people can’t experience racism. People can maybe discriminate based on whiteness, but A. white ppl deserve it and B. It’s nowhere near comparable to the institutionlised oppression that poc face.

Self Diagnosis: I am pro self dx. It in no way harms anyone that is professionally diagnosed and is in no way ableist.


  • anti-trump
  • anti-fascist
  • anti-nazi
  • Violence is acceptable when it’s like in the case of Richard Spencer, and actual nazi.
  • I am very liberal.
  • Pro gun control
  • I think the wall and travel ban are fucking horrible ideas. we are a nation of immigrants.

General LGBT Discourse:

  • Don’t headcanon actual sga characters as other sexualities (including ace/aro)
  • “did you just assume my gender” jokes are not funny, they are transphobic and if I see you make one, you will be blocked.
  • Trans people don’t need hormones or any confirmation surgeries in order to be “trans enough”
  • Trans people Do Not need to pass (also passing privilege is a thing)
  • Aphobia, Cisphobia, Heterophobia? All fake. Not real. Made up.
  • Queer-baiting is disgusting and needs to stop
  • Trans people don’t need dysphoria to be trans

Misc. Discourse:

  • I am pro-choice and fully support Planned Parenthood
  • You’re allowed to like things that are slightly problematic as long as you don’t defent the problematic actions (there is a point of no return though such as Lena Dunham, Jennifer Lawrence, Johnny Depp, etc.)
  • The true crime community is gross and idolising literal murderers is so nastie

****I am white, Able-bodied, and Cis passing (as my assigned gender not actual gender). If any of these opinions are racist or ableist, PLEASE tell me + why (respectfully) and my opinions will change****


Texts from Titanosaur

The Museum’s new titanosaur recently arrived at the American Museum of Natural History, and has been making many new friends, including the blue whale. Separated by 3 floors of the Museum, how do these pals stay in touch? They text, of course! Here are a few of their conversations:

In New York for the first time, the Titanosaur is eager to do some sightseeing.

The Titanosaur makes a startling discovery about the emoji keyboard.

Stay tuned for more Texts from Titanosaur, and learn more about this new gigantic Museum resident

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