texting party

Planning A Party With Draco
  • Blaise: You... want to invite Potter to our party?
  • Draco: Well yes, and uh, all the Gryffindors uh, to promote... house unity... So Gryffindors, including Potter.
  • Blaise:
  • Blaise: Okay Draco, be straight with me. You can be gay with Harry, but be straight with me.
  • me in grade school: math is useless I'll never use this shit ever in real life
  • me years later playing otome game: okay so we need just over 6k skill points to complete this mission and we have 7 pearls and half a heart of energy left over but also it's fever triple points for the next 8 hours so if I just-

Grown up birthday parties are so dull and boring like no I don’t wanna go to a bar late at night and drink and dance in a place full of strangers, I want to spend an afternoon having a nice picnic in your garden with our other friends, I want to pick flowers while we tell each other small secrets, I want to go on swings and roll in the grass, I want to eat candies and watch the sunset sitting somewhere quiet. That’s my kind of party.

lemme put that all together

“I know where we’re going because I read the script. I’ll try to avoid the question.” - bob about possibility of bellarke (x)

“Someone asked him if he thought Bellamy is in love with Clarke and he tried to avoid the question but he said Bellamy cares more about her and Octavia than any other of their people. He also said that he feels that they’re pushing the audience to feel that way, like Bellamy is in love with Clarke. “ (x)

"I definitely think they’re pushing the audience to think that way” Bob about Bellamy having feelings for Clarke (x)

“ They just asked about bellarke and he said that he thinks that bellamy cares more about Clarke than others and he is laughing he says that he is avoiding the question and he was like “i know what you’re doing” srsly when they asked about bellarke he was laughing and he said that he thinks about clarke more than about other characters. “ (x)