texting my baby

“He’s so tiny.” She said softly, peering at the infant cradled snugly in her arms, looking tiny in comparison to her size and just tiny in general.

“Newborns usually are.”

She took a moment to just look at the tiny half human. He looked…alien, which was an outrageous thought coming from her but true all the same. He was chubby in the face, cheeks looking soft and a gentle touch confirming. His hands were so tiny and long fingers even more so, flexing in the air like he was trying to grab onto something. Curiosity made her hold out her knuckle, careful to keep her claws tucked into her curled finger well away from doing the small child any harm. Her small child.

A soft gasp left her when he grabbed onto her knuckle in a fierce grip, something she wasn’t expecting from a cub so small. Her eyes flitted from his hand to his face, going back and forth and just looking over his features: soft hair in a fluffy mass, looking just as unkempt as his father’s and as dark as hers and maybe even more so. A few more minutes passed in silence with just her watching, only broken when the small thing yawned, mouth opening wide before closing, a small pink tongue sitting in between his lips when he was done, probably too tired to even put it back in his mouth if she were to guess.

The other in the room watched them both, brows furrowing in concern when he saw a few tears slip from her eyes.

“Hey what’s wrong? Don’t you like him?”

She lifted her head to face him, face streaked with tears.

“He’s so soft I love him. If anyone were to lay a hand on him I would have to kill them. Is that normal???“

He let out a breath of relief, laughing softly at her. “Yeah, it kind of is.”

Keith’s mom is a total sweetheart that would have killed anyone for even looking at her boy wrong. Dreamworks can try all they might but like hippos and sharks they cannot and will not take this away from me, I refuse.

  • Leo: Hey man what's up?
  • Jason: just converting oxygen into carbon dioxide. You know,the usual
  • Leo: WTF man?? School's out,why you still doing science??
  • Jason: Breathing Leo..
  • Jason: i'm breathing
  • Everyone: Oh, I just got promoted! We're engaged for five months now! I've bought a little apartament in the center of the city! My grades are just superb! What about you?
  • Me: well... one of my OTPs just became canon...