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There is an Expedia (an American travel company) commercial playing on TV that features a Maiko! Here is a link to the commercial, do you know who she is? The commercial says Tokyo but I’m pretty positive it wasn’t shot there.

She’s maiko Komomo (now a retired geiko) of Miyagawacho! Indeed, it must have been shot in Kyoto. Komomo is also an author of a book named “My Life as a Kyoto Apprentice” which I highly recommend to read! ^_^


I have no idea what I just watched but I think it’s Canadian 

What do you all think of the notion of "empowerment?"

Nowadays the word is applied so liberally (usually as a synonym for “confidence”) that it almost loses its meaning. All types of products and advertisements promise “empowerment” to women; if we buy this or use that, we can become “empowered.” To me, the term reeks of commercialism and Choice Feminism (where everything a woman does is “feminist”/”empowering”).

So I’m interested in hearing what empowerment means to you. Also, what makes you feel empowered?

All I See Theory

Okay listen, I know I’m reading too much into this, but the All I See music video has got me thinking (and trying to explain it because watching it the first time was confusing as H*CK). I’m trying to put the pieces into place and I think I have a good idea at this point. Now this whole theory is just relating to the music video, no metaphorical stuff here and I stretch a lot of points, but it’s all just for fun. (As a side note sorry for no pictures, I do my stuff on mobile and sorry for all spelling/grammar mistakes)

This video seems to follow a Nate who may have created the Immersion Tube. As seen by the company that made it, Sharper Industries(which is very clever in my mind, good job Nate), which was introduced in the commercial. I find it to be very possible that Nate named this company after himself. Also in the commercial, a text-to-speech voice narrated it, which is something he would totally do. We then see a lot of a train throughout the video and the one scene where we can see inside of it, we see Nate alone in the car, happily playing a Jerry’s Game knock-off. This could be just him alone on public transport, or it could be him in his own private train car. Then around the two minute mark we see his bed(ish)room. It’s cool as af and very technological. There are screens basically covering the room, some weird stereo looking things, and a personal Immersion Tube in the corner. Now I understand Blok City is very futuristic, but this piece of technology still seems advanced for the time. The commercial treats it like something very new and the ads on the sides of the buildings in the video don’t show anything like it (there is one for getting a new brain though, I just thought I’d add it in now). The Immersion Tube feels like a rich person thing.

So next thing that’s kinda confusing is who this girl, Jessica, is. I think it’s leaning to Jessica being a past love interest. The lyrics are really the big giveaway here. From Nate calling her babe to “A ghost of you tangled up in my sheets”. He also set Jessica as his computer screen background, a boyfriend-girlfriend thing to do. There’s also the way she dresses throughout the video, the cute and short dresses that look like, what I consider, date clothes. Her locations all seem like date spots too. It’s spots like the beach, a forest, Titan, and an airplane (maybe??? I’m not sure there it just says flying so I’m assuming they’re on a plane), the usual date spots. By these points Jessica seems to be the dating sim of the Immersion Tube. I could be possible that this Nate based Jessica off of a past lover or an ideal one at best (it would be weird and uncomfortable if this was like a sister or family member).

Looking into it even more, she might be dead. This is definitely a stretch, but by Nate’s passion to go into the tube over and over again, going to a point where he might die himself. The memories shown in the video also lead to him just wanting to be happy with Jessica. The tagline of the Immersion Tube is “Experience the life you deserve”. Maybe he believes he deserves a happy life with Jessica? He could have lost her and this is the only way to see Jessica again.

Another point I want to make is that Nate possibly dies in the end of the video. The weird glitch trip at the end of the video seems to be the main contender of this point. It could be his brain breaking down from going into the tube too many times. According to the simulations we’ve seen, this should NOT be happening and the only explanation we’re given is from the commercial: “Excessive exposure to HPMG (Hallucina-Puff Memory Gas) may damage some to all brain function”. I think what we see is the damage to all brain functions. At the 3:36 point there’s a shot of the computer screen which has a warning: Frequency Separation, disconnect immediately. This could mean the gas is spitting the brain in some way. The more literal evidence comes from more glitching at the end. At 3:47/8 we’re in Nate’s train car and the camera is facing his phone, which has a prominent game over screen. This is Nate’s game over… his death.

Let me just backpedal a bit and throw an idea out there: what if StopRewind and All I See are connected? Now this is completely thrown out there and has next to no proof, but it’s a fun idea. At the end of StopRewind, there’s the wall of screens, showing Nate’s music videos. One of those screens could have shown All I See and Nate see it and is like “That seems like fun”. Then there’s some magic and boom, StopRewind Nate is All I See Nate.

The entire music video could also be a hallucination. At the end where everything is glitching we see Nate sitting in that train car from before, inside the tube, and Blok City glitching along with the song. If so then this theory is for nothing… whoops. Anyway that’s what I think happened in this video. I might write a fanfic based off of this, I really like the premise. I like the idea of Morgan finding Nate dead in the Immersion Tube and Hunter, Andy, Mat, and Brett all trying to find out why he died in there.