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How to make SHAME USA not lame...
  • Make Julie Andem write and direct it.
  • Make Mari Magnus in charge of the social media and text updates.
  • Make a non-commercial production company produce it – May I recommend NRK.
  • Make something we haven’t seen before – Like maybe start where the original SKAM ended?
  • Make the actors’ age match the character’s.
  • Make sure to add Robyn to the playlist alongside The Weeknd and small Norwegian artists.
  • Make the dialogs not sound like High School Musical (noah fence). It really helps with the realness, if the characters speak Norwegian… But you could like add English subtitles?
  • The same goes for the text updates. William’s text was a classic example how bad it can go, if you start writing in English.
  • Make sure the actors have a natural connection – May I recommend Tarjei and Henrik? They know what’s up.
  • Make the filming location a chill environment with non-problematic extras – May I recommend Hartvig Nissen in Oslo.

… That’s it. This will for sure make it a success!


There is an Expedia (an American travel company) commercial playing on TV that features a Maiko! Here is a link to the commercial, do you know who she is? The commercial says Tokyo but I’m pretty positive it wasn’t shot there.

She’s maiko Komomo (now a retired geiko) of Miyagawacho! Indeed, it must have been shot in Kyoto. Komomo is also an author of a book named “My Life as a Kyoto Apprentice” which I highly recommend to read! ^_^


I have no idea what I just watched but I think it’s Canadian 

Anyone remember those Confused.com insurance commercials from 2010-2012, where they animated their logo in a really cute art style, with amazing musical numbers and fluid animation,

Then as time passed, the commercials became progressively more risque and suggestive with little explanation, including bouncing breasts and even potential catering to fetishes,

Those were good times.

What do you all think of the notion of "empowerment?"

Nowadays the word is applied so liberally (usually as a synonym for “confidence”) that it almost loses its meaning. All types of products and advertisements promise “empowerment” to women; if we buy this or use that, we can become “empowered.” To me, the term reeks of commercialism and Choice Feminism (where everything a woman does is “feminist”/”empowering”).

So I’m interested in hearing what empowerment means to you. Also, what makes you feel empowered?