This dress was inspired by rust and the the layers of time. I started off by aging cotton fabric, I pinned it to my garden fence for 6 months. I then wrapped the fabric in rusty nails for a couple of weeks. This formed the skirt of the dress. the bodice and top layer of the skirt was made by hand dyeing different fabrics which I then cut up into very small pieces and stitched them to form a ‘new fabric’.


A couple of hand bound books that I made today. Really pleased with them. Plan on having another session tomorrow, kind of hooked on the process! Hope to put together a book binding tutorial, when I have the time! In the mean time check out this guy, there are many bookbinding tutorials online, this is the best tutorial I have come across for Coptic stitch book binding.

Some more felt that I have made for book covers. This is ‘Nuno’ felt, it is different from the normal method of feltmaking because you add a fine layer of wool fibre to a piece of woven fabric. Here I have used Merino wool fibres and cotton muslin but you can use any open weave fabric, silk gauze works beautifully and gives a nice soft drape. I just love the texture of 'Nuno’ felt. have a look at the links below for tutorials on 'Nuno’ feltmaking. There is loads of information online and also some great books.




A great book for the beginner is ;  Feltmaking by Deborah McGavock and Christine Lewis ISBN 1_-86126-308-2

This book gives you step-by-step instructions to make projects that will take you from beginner to masterclass. A truly inspiring book.


Felt I have made for book covers. I just love the process of making felt, you can let your creativity run wild. I mostly use merino wool fibres because it felts well, I like to add silk fibres to give it lustre. There are many good online tutorials for felt making, here are a couple to get you going. Happy felting!