so we went to the textile exhibit in the National Museum the other week and lemme tell you those people knew what they were doing

so here are Muslim Mindanao and Lumad-inspired pieces (probably also a bit of Alexander McQueen and D&G aesthetic inspirations here and there)


Cairn Series, mixed media, 2017

Created for the two person exhibition, Unfixed Presences, with Ben Hawkins this past July at Island Mountain Arts in Wells, BC. 

These drawings were on full sheets of watercolour paper I was very happy with how they turned out asides from the fact I couldn’t scan them and had to photograph them instead! Below is my artist statement from the program/pamphlet!

Cairns, or man-made piles of rocks, are a universal symbol of navigation and way finding. Their name and history is constantly shifting and changing based on aspects such as region, people and the environment. Their form is added and subtracted to while simultaneously creating a subjective experience by each individual that passes, similar to that of a trail. In this sense I have found that textiles and patterns exhibit similar functions to cairns. Each pattern contains multiple histories, whether it’s a deeply rooted cultural significance, a contemporary shift in meaning or a personal relationship to the textile.

Through combining cairns and textiles through collaged works, the Cairns series attempts to serve as a means to find a sense of direction based on current and past experiences. Walking and hiking serve as a personal mode of self reflection and always collide with other aspects of my life. Through creating these cairn like formations using hand drawn and painted pieces of paper, I attempt to explore the relationship between nostalgia, memory and the subjective experiences of navigation.

Historic Vogue Cover:

120 years ago today: November 14, 1895

Caption: Marlborough-Vanderbilt (Illustration of the bridesmaid’s gowns for the wedding of the Duke of Marlborough to Consuelo Vanderbilt

Editor: Josephine Redding (1892-1901)

Volume 6 Issue 20

Price: ¢10

Fashion and Textile Exhibitions Currently on View


“Weeping Cherry Tree” Kimono created by Takayuki Sugawara.  Association Award.  33rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese textile artist Exhibition award work.  Japan