Here is the hand-drawn illustration just for you from the Bangkok scarf!!!!! :)

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Inspiring Blogs: Christelle Lardenois

@christellelardenois is a talented French illustrator and textile designer who has filled her Tumblr with really lovely illustrations and drawings of cute characters and animals. Each watercolor is perfectly formed and her feed is bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

We especially love how she sometimes gives us a shot of her work environment - it’s really interesting to see what she has on her desk when she’s illustrating!

Christelle made a smart choice filling her Tumblr with such amazing illustrations, but she also made a pretty savvy decision when she picked our Simplist theme to style her blog. We think it looks fantastic!

London illustration, all hand-drawn with care of the details. 🔛To see more go on the website: wanderlust-story.fr

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