Vibrant, wax-printed cotton fabrics like the one pictured above have been displayed and sold in the markets of West and Central Africa for generations. Highly sought-after as luxury goods, the textiles may seem quintessentially African to Western eyes, but in fact these dizzyingly intricate double-sided patterns reflect a complex history of cultural, colonial, and commercial interactions.

The market for these spectacular fabrics got its start in the 19th century, when beautifully patterned Javanese batik textiles made their way to Africa, brought first through Christian missionaries and later by West African soldiers who carried batik home as gifts from the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia.

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You could be…..PAVORAZZI FOR A DAY

You know what we love, selfies.

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Happy because i’m seeing mum and dad later today, annoyed because of crazy fringe behaviour. I’m in the library updating my textiles blog this morning, just handed in my weave work. Feeling quite content.