Hello, everyone! I’m selling this absolutely gorgeous floral diamond quilt that my mother made!

FOR SOME BACKGROUND: My mom is a super talented quilter who has been making quilts as a hobby for 20+ years. She has always done it just for herself and for family & friends, but lately she’s been yearning to stretch out of her comfort zone a little bit. She bought her own quilting machine–a monster machine that cost thousands of dollars!–so that she can not only design and put together her own quilts but she can take place in the final process of quilting & binding everything together in a unique pattern of her own creation.

It would mean SO much for her self-esteem to sell one of these beauties! She has a ton at home that aren’t being used and it would make her feel wonderful to know that someone out there values her work and wants to use it to enrich their own home. (Plus, each quilt easily costs over $150 dollars to make, so I think it’s reasonable for her to at least try to make some of that money back or break even!)

All of her quilts are super soft, super warm & lovely, and created in a home without smoke & away from pets. Guaranteed that each and every one is made with tons of love and care. Please check ‘em out and maybe give some of them a favorite on Etsy if you have an account! Thank you!!


Museum of Byzantine Culture, Thessaloniki:

Gold-embroidered liturgical cloth (epitaphios), 1647

Speaking of Epitaphios, this is a fine example of what it looks like. The rites of the Passion Week are meant as a “reenactment“ of Christ’s passion. Through them the faithful connect with the “historical past” of their faith, and the past becomes contemporary. This symbolic dissolution of the linear time, a cycle that repeats itself every year makes faith relevant and emphasizes its ecumenical character.


You could be…..PAVORAZZI FOR A DAY

You know what we love, selfies.

You know what else we love, babywearing pictures.

Oh and there’s this other thing we really love, talking about wraps.

You too?

Did we just become best friends?????

So bestie… How would you like to play Pavorazzi for a day?

It’s really simple. Just reblog this post and you will be entered for a chance to receive a Pavo Textiles, size 7, Galax Aster to selfie it up and get geeky with it. No need for a technical term review, just tell us what you think, how it feels in hand, what carries you used it in, and anything else you want to add.

*High Five*

Your photos and review will be posted on the official Pavorazzi page and could even be posted on the official Pavo Textiles page or blog. *More details will be provided to the winner.*

You have until midnight EST Saturday, August 6th to enter.

Don’t have a Tumblr page? Enter on Instagram by posting a babywearing photo and using #pavorazziforaday to get our attention.

Do you have both? Enter both places to double your chances at winning!


Happy because i’m seeing mum and dad later today, annoyed because of crazy fringe behaviour. I’m in the library updating my textiles blog this morning, just handed in my weave work. Feeling quite content.