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Fluffy Maedhros Headcanons

Because much as I love angst, I need more of him being a fluffy goofball. 

He can’t get enough of comfy beds and fluffy blankets. After Angband, the novelty really never goes away, and boy does he ever indulge. He sprawls like there’s no tomorrow, and sleeps under like six fluffy blankets even in summer, because why the hell would he waste an opportunity to enjoy something so wonderful? Fingon and some of his brothers know this, and with their help, he’s sort of amassed a collection of fluffy blankets representing textile techniques from all over Beleriand (“I was in Ossiriand I picked this up for you at a market. Stay warm, xx). And of course, this is his joking excuse for living somewhere as but-fucking freezing as Himring – where would the fun be in living somewhere where all you need is a thin sheet? Up on Himring, there’s no such thing as too many woolly blankets.

When Tyelpe is born, Maedhros actually becomes super-involved and takes care of him a fair bit. It hurts because the memories of Valinor and of before are still raw, but this new world is sufficiently new and strange that he can distance himself. It’s also especially cathartic because it was only recently he was being cared for like an infant himself, and as someone used to defining themselves as a pseudo-parental figure, constantly needing the sort of help he was used to giving others felt enormously shameful. Tyelpe gives him a taste of being a figure of control and responsibility again when it’s still early days in his recovery. And he can take advantage of his ludicrously erratic sleeping schedule to give Curufin a break and bottlefeed Tyelpe when he wakes up, and rock him back and forth and sing him the lullabies he’s only just past needing himself.

At some point early on, he realised he couldn’t applaud Maglor’s performances anymore, and he decided to make up for it by becoming the most enthusiastic patron ever. He commissioned pieces on Noldorin history and financed his brother’s journeys to perform all over Beleriand, invited renowned artists to stay at Himring when Maglor was so they could study together. And when Thingol’s Quenya ban threatened to destroy his brother’s life’s work, he became super involved in the network of underground Quenya resistance societies, sheltering persecuted artists at Himring, funding secret initiatives to keep Quenya alive and hosting illegal poetry battles in his fortress.

Curufin worries about his son not knowing enough about his ancestry, and Maedhros suggests that he come to Himring and the Gap for a summer and take advantage of all the Noldorin artists and historians there to learn about his past. Anyway, Maglor ends up coming out for the summer too and he teaches Celebrimbor about music and lore and introduces him to all his subterfuge activities, and Maedhros teaches him swordfighting and strategy, and the two of them spend the summer just generally being super-indulgent uncles and teachers and having fun, and take their nephew on camping trips and tell him about all the stupid things they got up to in their youth.


Baphomet! https://www.etsy.com/listing/274818020/ooak-handmade-faux-taxidermy-baphomet REBLOG !

This faux taxidermy Baphomet head mount is all hand made and original!

Baphomet’s base is round and measures 7"X7" . It extends about 13" from the base to the tip
Of it’s nose. The horns measure 24" apart from tip to tip. The polymer clay torch is topped with mirror shards and measures 8" long. Baphomet measures 18" From the bottom of the base to the tip of the horns.

Baphomet is ready to hang and has a wire armature construction with several different textiles and techniques over top of that.

It’s face , ears , and torch are all hand sculpted using polymer clay. Baphomet is hand painted using mostly acrylic paints. The pelt is a mixture of faux fur and feathers.