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In the 70s: The Sari

In my opinion the sari is elegant in a very easy way in this decade. Very no fuss, hardly any pinning, tucking of loose ends etc and just a drape that flows well. The brief blouses hark back to the choli but the matching blouse and light fabric make it of the time and an unobtrusive complement to the sari.

Rather obviously the decade loved prints and textile brands seem to have offered every hue and design.  As Femina copy of the time says, “It’s print that makes a colour come alive, that stamps a character on a fabric.”  Plenty of voiles - which contribute to the easy-breezy, low maintenance look of the time - but also polyesters and cottons.

In 2016, a public school in Gardendale, Alabama stamped the words “I Need Lunch Money” on a child’s arm because of an unpaid bill – adding a smiley face, because the words alone didn’t convey the “Fuck you” well enough. It’s only a matter of time before the school starts weighing the cost-effectiveness of making these children wear shirts saying “I am a poor, hate me” as a uniform.

Gardendale is far from the only school district to turn lunch into a Philip K. Dickian nightmare, however. Plenty of states, like Pennsylvania and Utah, will take hot food from children unable to pay and throw it in the trash. They could feed another child with it, but it was served to a commie freeloader, so that food has lost all of its capitalist nutrients. Other children get threatened with “The Sandwich,” which sounds like a humiliating frat initiation but is in fact two pieces of cold bread with maybe something cheap in between, easily marking out these hungry unfortunates for efficient bullying. Administrators do assure that The Sandwich meets the minimum federal requirements – because when it comes to human decency, some schools gladly settle for being D students.

The Department of Agriculture is trying to get states to cut these practices out, on the basis of America still pretending it isn’t a dystopia, but they’re ultimately leaving the burden up to the states. So far, only New Mexico has tried to ban lunch money shaming entirely, reducing the amount of school-based shaming statewide by a full 6 percent. For everyone else, though, we can do nothing but hope that The Sandwich doesn’t eventually devolve into The Bowl of Gruel, which students have to work off in the textile mill after class.

5 Absurd Things American Schools Do To Completely Ruin Lunch

So Jacob and queenie are cute. Really, they are! Love em, sincerely. But wouldn’t it be neat to break free of the not-conventionally-attractive-guy-lands-bombshell-girl trope for just a sec?
What about newt’s sidekick as a sweet, chubby, sorta bumbling and certainly golden hearted little brick house of a woman? Maybe, instead of a baker, let’s make her a shoemaker. Something worthy and productive to do with her hands that isn’t the drudgery of her job at the textile mill? Idk. Saved up her whole life to petition for a loan, hard working, probably navigating the politics of being a single bluecollar woman in her 30s at that time and doing great alone thankyouverymuch–

But then, see, Tina Goldstein has a brother.

and oh, man. This brother. A stunning younger brother with a head of golden curls, seraphim, so good looking that if woman-Jacob didn’t think she was dreaming before she knows beyond a doubt that she is now. He’s every inch a legilimense. You know the drill: gorgeous, floaty-breezy sweet-as-you-please, got Tina griping at him go put a shirt on when they get back to the apartment cause his bare chest is making their houseguests-cum-conspirators sweat under their collars. “You hungry, honey?” sweet and low, the brush of his one hand so grounding on the shoulder of this poor no-maj woman; the fact that his touch makes more sense than the last sweaty 24 hours put together should worry her but it doesn’t. He’s– he just– he’s lovely, and she has no idea why he’s leaning so close to her across the dinner table. He dabs his mouth with a napkin and her heart skips??? Doesn’t make sense.

“I’ve never met a no-maj like you before,” he says, eyes open, heart open, cradled in the fragrant-fresh steam of the strudel he whipped up right then and there, which also happens to be the best strudel she has ever fucking eaten and she’s a sensible woman but mercy Lewis

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Why would we have need of money, all Petrograd is in the hands of the workers; all the apartments, all the clothes stores, all the factories and workshops, all the textile mills, the food shops, all are in the hands of the social organisations. The working class has no need of money.
—  Iosif Bleikhman, one of the leading Petrograd anarchist communists
His Human Mate - Part 2

You and Loki spend the entire night talking quietly on the couch. You talk about what life on Asgard was like, what being Tony’s sister is like, what his favorite magic spells are. It’s almost like a first date, but Tony is constantly glaring from the corner.

Loki leans closer, his lips brushing against your ear causing a shudder to run through you, “I believe, that Antony is displeased with your choice of company tonight, dove”

You let out a breathy chuckle, “He doesn’t control who I let court me”

Loki lets out an amused chuckle, “I wonder who the true Alpha of your little pack is”

Clint snorts and bursts into laughter, “Y/N’s obviously the one who runs the tower. Tony can’t deny her anything”

“It’s not nice to eavesdrop, Clint. I’m trying to have a conversation” You toss a pillow at him, but it’s easily caught and sent sailing back. Yelping when it hits you in the face you glare at the archer. “Meanie”

Loki chuckles, “Will you go out to dinner with me two days from now? Is that an acceptable first date?”

“I’d really like that, just let me know where you want to go tomorrow so I’ll know what to wear. I mean,” You look up at him through your lashes, making your voice breathy, “I’ve never been courted by a prince before”

His eyes dilate and he inhales, taking in your alluring scent, and the provocative brushes of your consciousness against his. “It is not something you will regret, dove”

“I hope not” You glance up when you hear a soft whine, Tony’s watching you, His shoulders are slumped and he looks tired, but be also looks like he will refuse to leave unless you do. Turning back to Loki, you whisper, “I have to go now, but I’ll see you tomorrow”

Loki brings you hand up to his mouth, giving you the barest brush of his fangs against the thin skin on the back of your hand, then pressing a kiss there before letting you go. “Good night, dove. I will see you on the morrow”

Standing up you hesitate for just a second before darting in and pressing a kiss to Loki’s cheek, “Dream of me, my prince” you breathe, making him shudder when your breath brushes against his ear.

When you pull back you smirk at his slightly dazed look, before turning and making your way to Tony.

“Y/N …” he whines, reaching out for you. The man looks exhausted, he hasn’t slept in 49 hours, and it was past time for some sibling snuggles.

“Come on, big brother, time for bed.” Tony lets out another whine, but he follows you to the elevator.

“When we get back to the penthouse you can shift and we’ll curl up in your room together”

As soon as the elevator doors open Tony starts to shift, easily flowing from his human form into his wolf form. Now in front of you is a brown wolf about the size of a small car. Tony lets out a soft chuff and nudges you further into the penthouse.

“I need to change into PJ’s first, Tones. Go get settled, I’ll be in there in a minute”

After you get dressed you head to Tony’s room. He’s already made a nest out of various blankets and pillows, and before you even get the chance to climb into bed Tony gently grabs you and pull you in.

“You impatient mutt!”

Tony just lets out another growl, shoving his cold nose against your neck. His body is practically covering your, making it so you can’t move. “Move over! You’re gonna smother me!”

Tony just lets out another whine and refuses to move. His mind brushes against yours, and while the wolf can’t use real words he can sent over feelings and images. Right now he’s sending over fear, “Why are you scared Tones? Neither of us are in any danger!”

A flash of you and Loki, and then another feeling, loneliness. “Do you think I’ll abandon you just because Loki’s courting me?” He lets out a soft growl in confirmation, “What did you think would happen? Did you think I would train you for Loki? That I would just forget about you? I’d never do that! You’re my brother! I’d never abandon family”

A feeling of relief flow through you, “You’re so stupid Tony, you really are lucky that I love you”

With a soft huff Tony settles down for the night. You’re glad that you and Tony managed to get your problems settled. Hopefully now he’ll be a little nicer to Loki.

Two days later finds you getting ready for your date when the alarm to assemble goes off. Both Tony and Steve are with you, helping you get ready. Steve was doing your hair, and Tony was looking through your closet, yelling about going shopping soon.

Sir, Captain Rogers, you are needed.

“Talk to me, J. What’s going on?”

HYDRA seems to have deployed a weapon. Sensors are unsure what type of weapon; however, SHIELD has called the Avengers to assemble, Sir.

“Thanks, J. Let the team know we’re on our way, and prepare the suit for me”

Of course, Sir.

Tony walks over and presses a kiss to your forehead, “You gonna be on the comms?”

“Yeah, I’ll head there now, can’t have you out there without some sort of conscience to keep you in line”

Steve chuckles, “I’m glad someone has a leash on him”

“Y/N! Have the sensors managed to find the HYDRA weapon yet?”

You quickly start scanning the cameras, “It looks like the earth quakes are being generated in the warehouse district. I don’t have an exact location, but I’m working on it”

“Well, can you work any faster?! It’s a little difficult to fire these support arrows when the buildings don’t stay still” Clint shouts as he once again has to relocate.

“I’m doing my best, just give me …”

Tower breach

Tony immediately starts swearing, “Shit, J. Can you tell who’s in the tower?”

Hostiles have entered through the roof; they are making their way through the tower. Sensors are reading 45 heat signatures

“Y/N you need to get out of there. Get into the Hulk-Out room”

“I can’t leave yet, Tony. I’m so close to finding the weapon! Just give me a few more minutes!”

“Please, dove! Get to safety!” Loki begged.

“If I don’t find this weapon more people will die! JARVIS I need some more time! Can you start locking doors? And set the Bots free to cause some trouble”

Of course, Y/N. We shall make it difficult to get to you, however I fear that we will not be enough to stop all of the hostiles

“This was nothing but I diversion! Y/N I’m coming back to the tower” Loki growls

“Diversion of not there are still civilians that need help!! Everyone just keep doing what you’re doing!”

Tony lets out an angry shout over the comm, “Knew I should have made you a suit! After this shit, I’m making you one, I don’t really care how much you bitch”

“Fine, after we stop the earthquakes, you can make me a suit. I won’t even stop you from making the suits that can move on their own! Now shut up so I can get to work”

JARVIS informs you every time a hostile gets to a new floor. They are quickly working their way through the tower, and you are franticly trying to find where the weapon is before you try to escape.

“I found it!” You shout, “It’s in the sewers! There’s an opening right underneath the old textile mill!”

“Thanks Y/N, now get to safety! Iron Man and I will make sure that the weapon is destroyed.”

“I’m going, Cap! Don’t get your panties in a twist”

Suddenly there was the click of a gun behind you, “Get up. Show me your hands, and get up slowly”

“Alright settle down, no need to use guns” You put your hands up and quietly stand. Everyone is shouting over the comms, asking what was going on.

“Take out the comm unit, and place it on the table. Can’t have Mr. Stark following us.”

“Alright. Guys I gotta go, have fun finishing up.“ You quickly put the comm down on the table. “So what do you plan to gain from this? I’m not the engineering genius, if you want a weapon built for you, then your kidnapping the wrong sibling”

The guy grins, “HYDRA has plans for you. Come quietly or we will have to use force.”

You smirk, “If you think I’ll go quietly, then you definitely have the wrong sibling”

Before you can even try to fight back, his gun guns go off. Pain tears through your stomach, and you look down in shock.

“You should have listened, Ms. Stark”

You hit the floor, “If I die” you rasp, “you’ll get nothing”

He crouches down in front of where you’ve collapse, “You won’t die, you don’t have to worry about that” Then he raises his fist and slams it down on the side of your face, knocking you out cold.

Tony lets out a shout when he hears the gunshot. “J! What happened?!?”

Unfortunately, the HYDRA agents have disconnected my cameras, I cannot see what is happening. However, my sensors indicate that Y/N has been injured and is currently being carried out of the tower and put in a black van.

“Follow the van, hack into every camera you have to and follow them as far as you can” Tony snaps. He should have gone back to the tower, he should have left the others to take care of the earthquakes, he should have protected his little sister.

“Anthony! Where is she?!?” Loki shouts. He looks frantic, “I heard the gunshot, do you know if she is alright?!”

“JARVIS was compromised, Y/n was hurt, and the HYDRA agents have her”


Steve is the one who steps forward to help, “If any of us go after her right now, they’ll kill her. They’ve already shot her once, if we try to get to her now, they won’t hesitate to kill her”

Loki snarls, “We shouldn’t have left her alone. I should have gone as soon as this breached the tower”

Steve sighs, “She would never have forgiven you if you had let civilians die for her”

“I know, but as we speak she gets further away. We do not know what they want with her, we do not know anything!”

Finally looking up, Tony makes eye contact with Loki, “We’ll find her. We’ll find her and we’ll make them pay”

Loki nods, “Failure is not an option. I will begin a tracking spell as soon as we get back to the tower”

Tony nods and claps his hand on Loki’s shoulder, “HYDRA will regret taking her”

Loki smirks, “I look forward to making them suffer. No one harms a Prince’s mate without consequence”

The rest of the Avengers all nod. They may have only known Y/N for a short time but she has managed to wriggle her way into all their hearts. HYRDA will rue the day they decide to mess with the Avengers family.


Part 3


Scottish mainland explores. (10 picture set)

1. Colliery offices (Central)
2. Baronial Mansion (Highland)
3. Stables house (Central)
4. School admin block (Inverclyde)
5. Textile mill offices (Borders)
6. Tram power station offices (Fife)
7. Baronial mansion (Highland)
8. Byre (Highland)
9. Stables house (Central)
10. Hospital Adolescent Unit (Fife)

In January 1912, textile mill owners refused to adjust wage rates to maintain workers’ take home pay after the legislature cut the work week from 56 to 54 hours. Over ten thousand textile workers, mostly women and immigrants, walked off their jobs in Lawrence, MA. Strikers were clubbed, beaten, murdered, and had children taken from them. Congress intervened, and hearings were held where President Taft’s wife attended to listen to striker testimony. Because of the national reaction to the brutality, and public sympathy, the strike was eventually won. The 1912 “Bread and Roses” strike is remembered as the first major labor protest lead by women, and as one where workers overcame ethnic differences. It set the stage for gains in the struggles against child labor, subsistence-only wages, workplace safety, and the right to organize – important markers in labor’s long fight for justice.


Site of the Confederate Powderworks/Augusta Powderworks now the site of the closed down Sibley textile mill and future site of the CapeAugusta Digital Properties’s “Digital Fortress”
Augusta, Georgia

Towering 150 feet tall the chimney is the only original standing remnant of the Confederate Powderworks that once stretched along the Augusta Canal for two miles. Construction began in September of 1861 under the guidance of Colonel George Rains, West Point graduate and chemistry teacher, by March 1862 work had been completed on the powderworks the second largest such facility at the time and was producing 3.5 tons of powder a day and over the course of the war produced 2,750,000 pounds of powder. The facility produced the majority of the powder used by the Confederate Armies and it is claimed that because of this the Confederacy never lost a battle for want of powder.

By 1872 the facility was dismantled all that was left were piles of bricks and the chimney, as requested by Colonel Rains to stand as a reminder the chimney bears an inscription on the marble tablet reading,

“ This Obelisk Chimney — sole remnant of the extensive Powder Works here erected under the auspices of the Confederate Government — is by the Confederate Survivors’ Association of Augusta, with the consent of the City Council, conserved in Honor of a fallen Nation, and inscribed to the memory of those who died in the Southern Armies during the War Between the States”.

Between 1880 and 1882 the Sibley Textile Mill was built in its place using around 13,000 bricks from the original Powderworks the mill operated for 124 years and operations finishing denim ended in 2006 when the mill was shut down and the looms sold.

Starting in 2015 planning was put in place to refurbish the Mill for use by CapeAugusta Digital Properties a cyber security firm and will see the site initial deployment of a 7MW facility which will be expanded to 20MW in the future. The site runs on hydroelectric power from the mill’s turbines and plans are in place to use the water to cool the facility.

From war fought with lead and blackpowder to the war for data security fought with fiber optics and silicon the site is steeped in regional and even national history.


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You've often said that Mill is an unlikely keyword because grinding grain has little to do with putting library cards into the graveyard. As a Ph.D. in rhetoric who's taught grad courses in both the History of English and Linguistics, I'd like to emphasize that the English verb mill means *a lot* more. There are, after all, paper mills and textile mills still humming. And either way, grinding one's knowledge or memories and turning them into dust is pretty evocative. Millstone aside, why baulk?

There isn’t a great need to keyword the ability because it’s not used in a place where we need the conservation of words. We’re only going to keyword it if we find a word that naturally helps players understand what it means. Testing has shown “mill” is not that word.


Nuestras Raices in Holyoke, Massachusetts does powerful work through farming, community gardening, education, cultural preservation, and food justice in the Puerto Rican community in a New England textile mill city divided by race and class (much like my hometown, but much larger). I visited while on tour last week, and my friend Mendal and I were welcomed with a delicious meal with the staff, conversations about the amazing history of this organization and what an increased focus on racial justice looks like in this work, and a tour led by Neftalí and Margot. I am very excited to be collaborating with them on their seed keeping project to save seeds from Gandules (first photo - Cajanus cajan) and Ají Dulce (Capsicum chinense) - two important Puerto Rican food crops that they will offer in the seed catalog I’ll be launching in the fall/winter! #nuestrasraices #gandules #cajanuscajan #ajidulce #capsicumchinense #seedkeeping #lafinca @ Nuestras Raices


Christopher Payne has spent much of the past few years photographing more than 20 of the mills that make up what’s left of America’s textile industry. Three appeared to have closed midproduction, looking like soft, bright Pompeiis, the colorful yarns still piled on the factories’ floors after the doors were permanently closed; others continue to function, often with machinery and techniques valued precisely because they are decades or even centuries old. For more click here

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i don't understand how a bee connects to the manchester bombing. can you explain?

Of course love 🙂
In the 1800s Manchester was filled with textile mills (manufacturing facilities where textiles, or types of cloth, are produced or processed into finished products, such as clothing) that were commonly described as hives of activity, with the workers inside them compared to bees. The bee that represents manchester is a worker bee and is a symbol of the city’s hard-working past, during the Industrial Revolution.

After the manchester bombing, The symbol has appeared all over the city, with slogans like ‘Unity is Strength’ or #WeStandTogether. It became a symbol of Manchester’s unity. The tattoo “trend” was started at Stalybridge tattoo by an artist named Sam Barber. A lot of artists, victims that survived and friends/ family members of those lost got bee tattoos. the artists donated all profits to the families of the victims.

(If my history on this is wrong please correct me.)