textile fibres


TA DAHHHHH! s’cuse the weird lighting (stupid weather). i finished this little beetle so here it is in all it’s gorgeous green glory. 

this one already has a home but if you want your own embroidered beetle, you can have one custom made via my etsy shop


okay tumblr peoples, i need your opinions. i’m contemplating making prints of some of my embroideries, specifically these three although i’d consider others too if there was enough interest… i need to know if anyone wants them before i go spending any monies on shiny fancy prints SO!

is this something you’d be interested in?

which (if any) would you be interested in seeing in print?


I dug this project out the other day.  It was almost finished and I had forgotten all about it.  Finished the rest of it in one day–just in time for First Fruits.

My second Persephone inspired piece. I based my design on a mixture of traditional pomegranate cross stitch and neolithic and Mycenaean motifs from Leslie Graham McCallum’s Pattern Motifs: A source book.

Each one of these tiny little pomegranates has 132 cross stitches in it.

Another beaded and embroidered poppy field. This little piece of fabric art measures just over 2 inches square. The background is stitched from strips of different fabrics and fancy yarns. The foreground is a field of french knots with lots of small red beads stitched by hand. Tiny stitches create the effect of flowers disappearing into the distance. This is one of my favourite colour combinations. I love how the blue, green and red look together.



I was inspired by the Greek myth of Persephone’s abduction.

This costume is made up of four pieces: Bodice, cloak, skirt and boot (not pictured). All nuno felted. On the back of the cloak I felted the Japanese character for ‘spring’.

Materials used: Hand dyed silk organza, silk gauze and silk chiffon. Commercially dyed corridale fibre, natural alpaca, silk fibre, rayon yarn and jade beads.