BLOOD PACT, like DREAM SUMMER, is a collaborative Google Doc project. We will accept writing between October 10, 2015 until December 1st, 2015. Please read the rules before posting. Tell your friends and have fun!


  1. Be respectful
  2. Contribute one piece
  3. Don’t delete or otherwise modify anyone else’s text
  4. If someone deletes or modifies your text please let me know
  5. If you’d like, sign your writing with your name/pen name/initials and tumblr url
  6. If you do not indicate your name and tumblr url, clearly indicate where your piece begins and ends
  7. Members and I reserve the right to exclude anything that is racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or anything that makes people feel unsafe in the final version of this chapbook

A HUGE thank you to Liah @campwannaweep​ for the wonderful poster! She’s been a wonderful and dedicated member since Nosebleed Club’s first year 😍 A true angel!

also like I’m sorry, but some fics come with a minimum reading comprehension requirement

some fics rely on you already knowing some background information that is not explicitly imparted in the text

if you don’t understand the concept of an unreliable narrator, fics with unreliable narrators are not for you

if you have not had adequate sex ed, mpreg and magical pregnancy fic are not for you, and hell, neither are fics where they don’t use condoms or enough lube

if you don’t already understand the premise and purpose of a rape fantasy, dubcon and noncon are definitely not for you

there is absolutely no guarantee that everything in a fandom is for you, or is accessible to you

people are allowed to write what they want, there is no price tag of “and then you have to explain in the author’s notes why pirates kidnapping people is, in fact, wrong and why hardtack is not a well rounded breakfast”

Growing up in New York City, I was exposed to the visual clash of graffiti, decaying walls, torn-up ads and the effect that time and the elements have on surfaces. My surroundings and a fascination with the abstract expressionism movement played a major role in me becoming an artist. Bright colors are an essential element in my work. The colors in my paintings are bold with raw textures on their surface. Most recently I’ve been working in various mediums such as, painting, photography and digital mixed media. I combine some of these images in collage work, also incorporating sketches, drawings, journal pages and scribbles on pieces of scrap paper.  I enjoy fusing concepts, processes and experimenting with new mediums and materials. I choose to work this way in order to continually change the process and create newpossibilities for experimentation.