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Me: I’m gonna play a few rounds of osu, just for fun. It’s okay if I miss fruit, it’s just for fun

Me 2 minutes later: F̶̺̙͙̌̎̊́͌͗U̦͓ͧ̏ͮḺ͓̝͇͖̠ͤ̎̓͑͊͌ͥ͡ͅL̢̜͕̣̮̠͑̍̀ ̧̥̱͈̲̥ͭ͐͗͋͐̉C̛ͥ̿̈́O̹̳͚͉͕̿̔ͭ̊̂͊M̠͔͚̳͕̘̒͋B̴͊ͫ̈́̔O̰͖̗͐ ̭̻ͣ͌̚O̸̯̘̝̹̟R͕̪͎̖͆̆ͮ ̟͚̗̅͐͑͋̐N̺̻̰̘̗̽̊̅ͯO͓̐̊̋͑Ṭ̜̙͙͊͛ͯH̩̰͍͘ͅI̦̟̙͚̓ͯ́͆͋Ṅ̘̭͍̹̱̌̌̾ͥ̑G̞̗̯̭̩͛͋̑ͪ̓

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You always have such great fic recs! I have a looong cross-country flight coming up and am looking for some multi-chapter fics to wile away the hours in the flying tin can. Preferences in order of priority: *very* in-character (anything OOC kills it for me), slow burn/first time, not AU (ACD is good tho!) Any rating. Have read all the fandom classics so looking for less-known or newish. For reference two of my favorite ever fics are Quiet Man, & Safe Distance. Thank you Steph! You are the best!!

AHHH Nonny!! Sorry I just saw this, so I hope I’m not too late for your cross-country flight! All I saw was “multi-chapter long” and I put it aside to attach to 2 other asks of similar requests. BUT because this is time-sensitive, I’ll give you a few to tide you over! I’m actually working on a TONNE of fic rec lists:

(essentially I create a new textedit document every time I get a “different” request from others I have) and was going to add this ask to my “long fics” request I received a month or so ago. Okay, so instead, I’ll pull some long fics from my “Fave Fics Ever” List for you that I have so far (I still have 15 more pages of bookmarks to go through, plus all 1000 fics on my FFNet account, so, WHEE. Being meticulous is ridiculous). 

It’s hard to choose, so I limited it to my go-to long fics for you that I have ALREADY sorted on my lists you see in that window above there :D I’ve put them in word count order for you :D

TOP 20 FAVE 40K+ w. FICS || APRIL 2017

Goodness Gives Extras by mydwynter (E, 39,629 w. || Fluff & Angst, Case Fic, Oral / Anal, Humour, First Time, Miscommunication, Snark, Christmas) – Christmas time. ‘Tis the season to settle down with a drink, some food and a present or two, and to enjoy the quiet relaxation of the holiday. Instead, there’s a case that drags them all over, missing presents, disappointed kids, angry parents, and a freak snowfall. On top of that John has to deal with Sherlock, who is being even more of a prat than usual. He really shouldn’t have expected anything different. (okay I’m cheating with the word count on this one but it’s so good!! One of my ALL TIME FAVES)

Right Hand Man by SilentAuror (E, 42,031 w. ||  H/C, Injury, Slow Burn, Infidelity, Mary is Not Nice) – When John’s left arm becomes paralysed after a car accident, Mary asks Sherlock to take him back to Baker Street to recuperate, as she’s about to give birth. Despite the fact that the search for Moriarty is ongoing, Sherlock takes John in and takes responsibility for overseeing his rehabilitation as he adjusts to the loss of his arm. (FAVE FAVE FAVE)

Guidelines by WithLoweredVoices (M, 43,018 w. || Winglock || Angels, Fantasy, Angst, BAMF! John, War) – The Good Soldier, one of the oldest and strongest of the fallen, is offered a bargain: to live as John Watson and to Guide a fledgling archangel so that he will stay on the path of good. Of course, Sherlock Holmes has different ideas about his destiny. Fantasy AU. Warnings for violence, occasional gore, and a whole load of hurt and angst.

The Case of the Vanishing Pants by SwissMiss (E, 44,025 w. || Post-TRF, Case Fic, UST, Homophobia, Friends to Lovers) – Five times John and Sherlock lost their pants in the course of a case.

Left by lifeonmars (M, 45,153 w. || Magical Realism) – John Watson is left-handed. He’s tried not to let it affect his life, but as any Lefty knows, that’s almost impossible.

The Norwood Love Builders by flawedamythyst (T, 47,798 w. || Fake Relationship, Slow Burn, Post TRF Angst) – Sherlock and John go undercover to solve the murder of Joanna Oldacre, but things are complicated by the many feelings John has been repressing in the wake of Sherlock’s faked death and return.

Triage by scullyseviltwin (E, 51,612 w. || Character Injury, Introspection) – Sherlock’s mind goes exceedingly, devastatingly quiet and gray-blank. When he speaks it’s through a thick haze, it’s through molasses, he’s so disconnected from the words that it may as well be the unconscious shooter speaking.

Coventry by standbygo (E, 52,020 w. || Dollhouse AU, First Time/Kiss, BAMF John, Slow Burn, Falling in Love, Case Fic) – “Let me get this straight,” John said, wondering when his life had become a science fiction film. “Some guy orders up a personality, a person, to his specifications, and they program this into a real live person, who has consented to do this, and she goes to this person and acts as his wife, or lawyer, or Royal Marine, or Navy Seal or what have you, and she has all the skills, all the knowledge, everything? Then you say the magic words, and she follows you back to The House, and they erase it all until her next appointment?”

Guilty Secrets by Ellipsical (E, 55,055 w. || Drumsticks, First Time, Love Confession, Self-Sexual-Discovery) – John has a prostate exam and discovers something surprising about himself. Experimentation follows. Sherlock wants to help. They’re in love. You know the drill.

Wars We Fought, Things We’re Not by blueink3 (M, 55,204 w. || Parentlock, Fluff & Angst, Kidnapping, Whump, Post-TAB, UST, Slow Burn, Couple for a Case) –  Five months after John’s world has fallen apart, Mycroft sends the consulting detective and his doctor on a case that neither is prepared for.

The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by ivyblossom (E, 62,006 w || Sherlock POV, Pining, Angst, Slow Burn, Infidelity, Sherlock Learns About Himself, Happy Ending) – Sherlock struggles with his feelings for John, makes a mistake, and learns just how important he and John are to each other. Non-BBC Mary / John, but it’s a *complicated* relationship.

Perdition’s Flames by i_ship_an_armada (E, 63,435 w., || Treklock AU, Est. Rel, Genetic Engineering, Angst & Fluff, BAMF!John) – Sherlock would do anything to save him. Risk anything. Give anything. His money, his life. His soul. What he does, though, is change both of their destinies forever. Genetic re-engineering is the only option left. It turns out researchers underestimated the life expectancy and potential abilities of genetically re-engineered subjects. The British government and what would eventually become the United Federation of Planets, however, had not. Part 1 of PF Universe

The Green Blade by verityburns (T, 72,929 w. || Casefic, Bromance) – As a serial killer hits the headlines, the police are out of their depth and the next victim is out of time. With faith in Sherlock Holmes at an all time low, this is a case which will push loyalties to the limit…

The Moonlight and the Frost by CaitlinFairchild (E, 77,289 w. || Case Fic, Post-HLV, Self Harm, Virgin Sherlock, First Time, Oral/Anal/Rimming, Romance, Angst, Mary is Not Nice) – John has to somehow rebuild his life in the wake of Mary’s betrayal and Sherlock’s deceptions.

A Case of Identity by jkay1980 (T, 91,009 w. || Fake Relationship, Post-TRF, Case Fic) – John and Sherlock have succeeded in rebuilding their friendship after Sherlock’s fake suicide, but an unusual case puts their relationship to the test. They pretend to be engaged and attend a marriage counseling workshop. Under the pretext of the case, Sherlock turns out to be a master of seduction, and John finally learns he might like Sherlock more than he thought. Slowly, John discovers that he loves Sherlock not only in a friendly, brotherly way, but both men have to fight their own demons before they can think of taking their relationship to a new level… [[I love this fic SO MUCH]]

Shatter the Darkness (Let the Light In) by MojoFlower (E, 109,683 w. || GenieLock, Torture, H/C, Magical Realism) Fairy tales are for those who remember how to dream; not John Watson, broken and hiding from his bleak future in a beige bedsit. But then he discovers a lamp and finds himself in the dangerous riptide of an enigmatic man whose very existence is unbelievable, murder charges against his sister, and the growing pains of feeling alive once more. {{This is a REALLY great story, which tears at your heart consistently}}.

Breakable by MissDavis (E, 117,627 w. || Established, Fluff/Angst, Depression, Paralysis, Happy-ish Ending) – After John is seriously injured, Sherlock struggles to figure out how to help him, keep himself sane, and maybe, just maybe, get their life back to the way it’s supposed to be. Part 1 of Breakable Not Broken

Midnight Blue Serenity by BeautifulFiction (E, 151,907 w. || Friends to Lovers, Gay Bar / For a Case, Drugs, Pining, Case Fic, UST) – When Sherlock infiltrates a club in order to track down a serial killer, his altered appearance is enough to make John question his assumption that Sherlock is beyond his reach. However, is he the only one who appreciates his flatmate’s charms, or is Sherlock at risk of becoming the next victim?

A Fold in the Universe by darkest_bird (E, 152,857 w. || O-John, A-Sherlock || Body Swap, Crossing Universes, DubCon, H/C, Angst, Happy Ending) – Alpha Sherlock and Omega John are in a relationship. Prime Sherlock and Prime John are not. So what happens when a freak fold in the universe switches one John for the other?

Performance In a Leading Role by Mad_Lori  (E, 156,714 w. || Hollywood AU, Coming Out, Show Business) – Sherlock Holmes is an Oscar winner in the midst of a career slump. John Watson is an Everyman actor trapped in the rom-com ghetto. When they are cast as a gay couple in a new independent drama, will they surprise each other? Will their on-screen romance make its way into the real world?

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i just love isle of flightless birds by twenty one pilots. do you love it? like c’mon! it’s just so perfect and deep and more people should listen to it and appreciate it as the perfect song it is. tyler’s voice in this song? man! it gives chills to the whole damn universe. the lyrics? so perfect and important. it changed my whole life and soul. how can someone not love this song? how can someone not see the amazing meaning that lies behind this masterpiece? isle of flightless birds is just something too big for this sad and awful world. it makes the day brighter and weightless. i just love this song.

Just try to focus on the fact that you are still here, fighting and breathing. After everything you’ve been through, you are still alive. You survived all these awful days and nights. Just think about that. You are so strong and brave! I couldn’t be more proud of you.

Maybe these fears and insecurities will not leave you right now, but one day everything will get better. One day you will see the light and everything will be clearer.

I know you can fight this. You can get through this. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, I believe in you. I believe in you enough for both of us and one day, you will believe in yourself, you will love yourself. You will see that you are enough! Until there I don’t want you to feel alone. I want you to know that I am here. Maybe you’ll think that I’m pretending that I care, but I’m not. I do care. I do love you and I want you to be alive.

When your nights are darker than ever and you can’t see a thing, I’ll try my best to bring a light. One day you will be able to hold this light by yourself. But until there, don’t worry… I’ll be there with you. I’ll keep the lights on until you feel that you are enough to keep them on by yourself. I’ll hold you hands if you want to. I will try to say some good words. If you don’t want any of these things, I’ll be there by your side in silence. Anything that make you feel confortable and safe, I’ll do it. And one day, one amazing day, all the lights will be on and you will learn how to fight the dark. You’ll learn how to be alone and feel safe in being alone. You’ll love to be with yourself just like I love being with you.

I just want you guys to be safe, okay? Hope you have a great day and if you don’t, I know that a better day is coming. You will get there. You will make it because you already made it this far. Nothing will stop you because you are so important and so capable. 

You are not a waste of space, you are what make this space something. You are the reason it exists and I want you to feel proud about this. Even if you believe that is a messy space, it’s yours! You can make it better. You can clean it up and I can help you. We can make it a better place. And one day, you’ll be able to keep it clean by yourself. Sometimes everything will get messy again. Some storms and hurricanes can happen and everything will seen lost again. But you can start over each day! You can clean it again and redecorate it sometimes. I will help you. I’ve got you.

Life is not easy. Death seems the easier answer sometimes I know… I believed in this once. I almost made something that I would never be able to undone. I was almost gone, but I can say that I’m proud of being here today. I should be, right? I’m a fighter and so are you. I am real. YOU are real! I know you can fight this! I love you so much and I can’t actually put into words how much I want you to be okay. I will always look after you.

So that’s it. Drink some water. Eat something. Take a deep breath. Stay safe. Stay alive.