he says his sunday prayers into your skin;
takes his communion in the hollow of your bones,
in the sharp lines of your hips. you are
all three: his altar; his holy water;
his two knees, bent.
you drink the hymns from his lips.
this makes you holy, makes you sacred,
makes you a god.
how does it feel to be divine?
forget church. your body is a fucking temple,
and he’s on his knees again,
and you’re laughing.
—  deities | m.c.p

Me: Holy shit RWBY Volume Four’s coming October 22nd and there’s awesome concept art of post-timeskip Team RWBY out and we’ve got a badass trailer coming I’m so hyped.

Me: Hmm… I should go see what I’ve got prepared for the V4 Recaps!

Me: Perfect. No wait, cut that Pyrrha joke. No need to beat that dead Pyrrha anymore. She’s free now. Scattered to the winds… Wait, just thought of a new Pyrrha joke. Now it’s perfect.