thanx for the notes i made that song with audacity and textEdit

thats the twocubes trademark: using really the wrong tools to do whatever

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hi! i just wanted to ask where you write your stories? like what application? thank you!

Hi there! ^^ I actually use 3 different programs depending on my mood! First off, to recommend a beautiful and aesthetic text processor for mac, I use something called OmmWriter, which is so lovely and minimalistic and really helps calm my mind so I don’t get distracted when I’m writing! It gives you little tones to choose from if you want your typing keys to have clicking noises, and they also give you a selection of relaxing background music to write to, text styles and sizes to choose from, word count display, and I think backgrounds to choose from? And when you don’t move your cursor for awhile, the options/settings disappears so that it’s just your text that shows up!

The other two are the standard text processors, like Pages 

and TextEdit!

“I spent a big part

of the last few years

trying to be less radical

for lack of interlocutors

by loneliness

by fear

by fear of loneliness

But in fact

it never worked

I just managed to adopt

a way of speaking

more diplomatic

or more educational

which only surprise more


when I talk really

I feel like a pirate

a spy

dreaming of the time of the avant-gardes

advancing masked

with an angelic face

What’s silly in there

is that doesn’t make me happier

or more surrounded

There must be people


I mean :

real people, off the books

living the same


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Clearly people aren't understanding that you write in an actual word processor. Rolls eyes. Not to be all whatever (but to be absolutely all whatever), I think one of the reasons your writing/structure is better than most wattpad fics is because you aren't composing this inside a phone app or a web browser. This isn't to say people can't write great stuff on their phones, but as a professional writer, I find nothing beats actually taking the time to use the proper tool.

I actually didn’t even consider that people write using Wattpad or their phone alone…… to all writers: love yourself and use Microsoft. Even TextEdit. Google Docs. Idk man just something…